~WDQK Chapter 613~

~Chapter 613~

TLed by YZ
Edited and TLCed by Law

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4 thoughts on “~WDQK Chapter 613~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Guys I’m a little lost here, on the manga it has chapter 50 which is where ling Don is searching for the two powers in the great desolate monument, which is right after a time skip. So can you guys tell me roughly where this is in the LN doesn’t have to be exact chapter. I think its around 450? Not to sure, please help I really wanna continue from where it is in the manga. Thanks in advance. ;-;

  1. Those who rated this above 3,5stars are either really dumb/naive/dumber/dumbest or hired user/TL friends/connections/relative/author frnds.
    For example @eians, @apocalypse , @nordic.
    Their review is the most illogical among reviews, which means they fall to 2nd category. They smart but forced to said good stupid illogical review that indicating to 2nd category.

    Are you really enjoying a full cycle every 30-50CH? Every fcking cycle is the same.

    Meet enemy stronger than before+disdains the MC+get beaten+escape+level up with treasure+meet again+kill enemy+get treasures then back to first again.
    This is the dumbest dumb of the dumbest cycle i have never seen.

    Also this is a mistake for TL, why you uses THE LATTER THE FORMER thing ? That what it makes Worst!
    The boring irritating infuriating explodes, because your WORDING.
    Im asking you IF U READ A REPEATS CYCLE WITH LATTER FORMER THING, what is your feeling?? Do you Think we are FCKING STUPID? dont understand textual context in story? You need to explain us with elementary wording repeateadly for EACH FCKING CHAPTER??!? Latter former??

    Did u enjoy it ? FUN? Comedy?
    Lmao seriously. You need to check your brain and mentalilty.

    Comedy have its standard, if u consider this is funny,then your taste really LOW also lonely wanderer in lives.

    You know this novel is the early works of author, so this is a failure. But u guys seriously saying this is GOOD?FUNNY?
    Even author ADMITTED THIS NOVEL is a failure! Why u stupid dumb sht said this isnt failure????

    Fot TL i suggest u drop this sht and pick another good one. I promise will donate or be your patreon. Just DROP IT.
    You waste your time and talent!!

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