[UTS] No Chapters Until Sunday at the Earliest

(Kidyeon) Sean has fallen sick with the flu, and alongside his regular schoolwork, won’t have time to translate until he’s better. As such, the chapter count  for this week and the next will be lowered to 5 (we haven’t forgotten about the 1 owed chapter!).

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week, and look forward to more chapters this (hopefully) Sunday!

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  1. Trash, garbage, litter, waste.
    Good story but the translation is inconsistent to put it mildly. 7 days off equates owing 1 chapter? Then another break less than 2 weeks later.
    I made this account just to say that.

    1. Feel free to go elsewhere if you’re not happy about it. They’re humans and as humans, they can be sick… There’s no problem about that as long as there’s a bit of communication and they don’t resign from the project.

  2. I love this novel, but I agree with Truejazz34, the translators are bringing it down.

    My thoughts,
    1. The chapters should be split into not more than two parts – debateable, i understand both sides of the arguement, but it just feels like the translators are just doing it to increase their “total translated chapter count” especially in conjunction with point 3.

    2. Translation is by far, one of the most inconsistent on Wuxiaworld – translators need to either commit and actually produce what he/they promise / don’t promise so much in the first place / pass the novel to an actually capable translation team.

    3. Translator also needs to be more professional, it is clear you guys are teenagers, very childish overall – from posts to patreon – theres a difference between being a jovial, happy, outgoing individual and being childish/immature.

    4. If you read through the patreon community posts, it is clear there isn’t a structure to their translations and they are always consistently late to produce promised earlybird chapters to their patreons. There has also been complaints of patreon tiers being changed to suit their wallets.

    I respect translators who are taking the time to do it as a hobby.
    I respect translators who are making this a living and are working hard – deathblade/goodguyperson/alyschu/thyaeria & ofc Ren.
    But i just dislike it when translators think that it is okay to accept a responsibility and proceed to dismiss it whenever they want because they believe they are just doing it as charity.

    P.S. the chapter owed has been dragging on for 2-3 weeks now.

    I too just made this account to give my 2 cents.

    Feel free to hate on me, you wont get a response, but these are genuine points that are relateable since UTS kick started on Wuxiaworld. This team was reliable for 2-3 months, before everything started dropping exponentially quicky.

    I look forward to Sean’s next break/accidental skipping of a chapter in 2 weeks.

    1. Whew. That’s a long comment. I’ll take the time to respond to it now, but thanks for the feedback anyway.

      1) As stated repeatedly, the selection of chapter splitting was done by the author. The author writes 9500 word long chapters, then split it into 3 in the original writing of it. That’s >3000 words per chapter. To put this in perspective, MGA has 2000 words; SOTR+ATG and the other novels tend to have 3000 as well. You’re getting a chapter which is as long as the other novels on WW. Sure, I can release whole chapters at a time. I don’t mind. But you’ll only be getting 2 chapters a week then. Do you want that?

      2) I’ve been relatively consistent, but my studies have been acting up. I’ll just make this clear right here and right now. I’m a student at one of the best sixth form colleges in the world, and my studies are *intense*. To put it in perspective, normal UK schools have around 6 hours of school(including free periods) a day. I have 10. This limits my free time severely, especially since I’ve just finished my university applications, and even more when I just came down with the cold+fever+sore throat. I physically cannot speak at all. I’ve already stated that these few months will be a very busy period for me, especially since I just had my mid-terms, uni apps, and the fact that I’ll have Cambridge interview+mocks in a week or two. Once December comes, I’ll be freer. As for passing it on to a more capable translation team, I’ll direct you to the various articles Ren and Etvo have written.

      3) Answer for 2 fits as well.

      4) When I pause chapters on WW, I pause it on Patreon too. I don’t just stop translations to add to the Patreon stockpile. That’s ridiculous. As for the changing of the Patreon structure, that was done to reflect the changing in the author’s word counts(2000->3300)

      As a conclusion to this, I just want to say this. I’m gonna give you a rundown of my life right now, so just understand why I did what I did. I started UTS at WW in January. The only problems started cropping up in April-May, when I started studying for my AS Level examinations, which, IMO, are the most important exams in my Pre-U life, because they determine my UMS scores, which universities look at. After that, I started translating again around July->September with no problems. October was when my UCAS applications(university) had to go. I’m applying to the very best universities in the world, and I need to make sure my personal statement is good. My mid-terns were mid-November, and I took around 3 days off the prep for it. Is that too much to ask for? Now that I’m sick, what do you want me to do? Say ‘fuck the cold, I’m just gonna translate anyway’? Are you seriously asking me to forsake my health just for a few extra chapters? For god’s sake, come on. My mocks are coming up next week, and I’m sure that you’ll be pissed if I drop the entire week to study. Fine, I won’t. I’ll probably do 5/week even when I have my mocks. I have my Cambridge interview during the second week of December, and that is the singular most important event of my life right now. Preparation for that is ABSOLUTELY crucial, and definitely more so than 5 extra chapters.

      You have to understand that I’m in a very sour mood right now due to my sore throat, and I’m just writing this after I woke up. I’m really sorry if i do sound harsh, but I need to point out that my uni applications are more important than a few extra chapters. DB and Ren may do this for a living, but I take my studies VERY seriously.


      1. Want to start out here saying I made this account specifically to leave this comment. I’m usually on the same page as the rest of the complainers because I love these novels and it pains me to have to wait and be led on by false promises of releases, however, thank you for the insight into your life. It really does help to know what you’re going through and it makes it understandable, relatable, and more inclined to wait patiently for the next release. Too many translators have a tough luck attitude when not releasing chapters and will give a halfhearted reason as to why they keep their follows waiting. I just wanted to say that you obviously should take your time to get the chapters out at your pace particularly when you have real world life changing events to work and prepare for. It is greatly appreciated that you take the time to even translate during such an important time of life. So thank you, take your time, get better, and I look forward to having you back for a more relaxed and regular schedule of fantastic releases.

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