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I -think- Varnish has now been configured correctly, as roughly 60%+ of hits are going through Varnish now, which should help the server a good amount.  I’m not 100% on the mobile detection though, so if any of you encounter the problem where you get the desktop theme on mobile, or vice versa, please let me know!!!!


Still going on.  I’ve ‘unstickied’ the post, but I’ll definitely let y’all know when it’s over >.<


Forums have been reactivated, along with user uploaded avatars!  Disabled again.  However, the ‘black style’ still has to be off, as it’s still not playing completely nice.  Not sure why.

Anyhow, again, Varnish is currently on and it seems to be working.  If you encounter any oddities with the site, please let me know here!

42 thoughts on “Admin Updates” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Also I was curious if there was any correlation between the Cloudflare blocking the DDOS attack also blocking update notifications. I am following threw email notifications as well as wordpress and noticed haven’t been recieving notifications of posts/chapters since it started.

      1. well, i would recommend yea to read it in
        instead since Rylain are already translating chapter 48 right now… he´s quite a bit ahead of Aequitas and I think the quality is perfect or simply amazing would suit .. anyway.. if yea wanna keep reading Aequitas translations then that´s kewl for yea

    1. just noticed that too

      “The project Coiling Dragon has been removed from baka-tsuki due to all linked translations being in voilation of baka-tsuki’s policy against linking to sites engaged in commercial activity.”


          1. Isn’t it for the ads? Donations can’t be counted as commercial activity… Well either way, they’re crazy.

  1. thank you ren! for your hardwork. normally sites closed down after this sort of attack for maintenance but you kept it on and even gave us new releases regularly,it must have been headache with all these nuisance DDOS attack!
    I really don’t know if I can thank you enough. really THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!

    *mumble* whew now I can go delete my avatar *mumble*

  2. I have some problems when i navigate on the site with my phone, i am always redirect on SafeBullshit antivirus and it make me download a antibullshitvirus so i can’t access the site since 2week

    1. I had the same problem, but I am not sure if its a problem from the website or from my phone. What helped me was that I stopped loading the site as soon as I saw the chapter I wanted to read and not let it fully load.

      1. This is a common mobile virus that stores itself in browser caches. If you clear your browser cache, the virus should be gone! I even put it in the FAQ, hehe.

  3. Mobile version keeps on displaying “just a moment”…. hoping this would be fixed after the DDOS attack >:<
    Anyways, thanks for the info~
    Good Day~

      1. Tried it. I used the ctrl + f5 flush and a complete flush using the methode above. Didn’t work out, and I am still being redirected to the same page.

        I have (almost) no trouble getting to the front page with my desktop computer on the same network.

          1. found the problem. Chrome tries to delete only the date from the last hour instead of everything. after changing that it worked like it should.
            on a side note, I really hope those DDOS stop.

  4. A short while ago I saw for about 10 min this message as i tried to reload the page:

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed
    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 14549541

    Varnish cache server

  5. I’m on iPad and when I tried to scroll downwards on a page, everything disappears and I cannot carry on reading. But when I requested the desktop version it started working again 🙁

  6. Hello again!
    Clicking on the link for book 8 cap. 16 directly from , even though it appears to be correctly linked at , it actually redirects towards book 8 cap. 16 of the Coiling Dragon novel at
    Check it out, I don’t know if I am too sleepy at 05:20 in the morning and I manage to magically screw up a link-click but still it is weird at least~~! =P

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