Turning on DDOS Protection

Hey guys, I’m not 100%, but I think we MIGHT be getting DDOS’d ; Cloudflare is hitting us with hundreds of requests in seconds, all of which are generating new PHP scripts which is choking the server. When I change the ‘security’ setting on Cloudflare to “I’m Under Attack”, the problem seems to be resolved; as soon as I take it off, the problem comes back. So that’s why I think it might be an actual DDOS attack, so I’m going to leave it under max security for now. It should have nothing at all to do with having the Varnish server being turned off. Thanks for your patience.

Also, because I’ve been dealing with this for the past two hours, I haven’t finished the chapter yet. Fingers crossed, I’ll try and get it done for you in another hour.

EDIT: Yep, I’m almost 100% sure it’s a DDOS attack now. I turned off the DDOS “I’m Under Attack” protection for literally a few seconds, and server load instantly increased from a load of 2 to a load of 10. We’re under a ‘Denial of Service’ attack, folks. Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Hmm, if only it were a new chapter.. i would have gotten first.. damm it.. now anyway.. Could explain whats going on with words thats easier to understand like…

    `The server is overloaded and its gonna get slower`

    Something like that for those who didn’t understand anything from what yea just said about DDOS

    1. that wouldn’t explain why the IP address would keep changing and attacking the site or why the attacks would stop when security is put on highest.

  2. it took a few seconds, but it seems to be working fine here. Hopefully the scan is one time, though if it’s just a couple of seconds that’s cool.

  3. No, traffic is actually lower than normal. Not F5’ers. Something else. Either someone is trying to attack the website, or else a bug in Cloudflare is causing it to create massive problems. Not sure which one.

    1. what im most worried about is if someone decided to be a dick and set up a DDOS on a dedicated box for a infinite duration…. had that happen once for a server i managed … still kinda sad i cant access the website with my commodo icedragon [firefox but more secure] internet browser atm with the site but…. you gotta do what you gotta do

      1. Hey, just saw that you just registered. Sorry for the hassle, but right now, this ‘I’m Under Attack’ is the only thing keeping the website on. 🙁

          1. Yep, I’m almost 100% sure it’s a DDOS attack now. I turned off DDOS protection for literally a few seconds, and server load instantly increased from a load of 2 to a load of 10. We’re under attack, folks.

  4. I’d say that it’s the F5 army rather than DDOS, but a heap of other sites also seem to have experienced similar issues (mangacow and webtoons reader, like in the comment above. Also a few aggregator sites like Mangafox and Mangahere have recently been having extreme slowdowns which this would explain).

    1. Nah, it’s 100% a DDOS, not the F5 army. Good thing I’ve been using Cloudflare this entire time…turning on I’m Under Attack mode resolves the issue. As soon as I disable it, within 5 seconds, the requests start to spike the server to crashy levels.

      1. lol, shouldn´t it be a YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS instead?
        Yorai-sama will be continuing to translate so we kinda lose nothing

  5. DDOS aside… has anyone noticed that some of the ads seems to be really bad? I usually leave this website among others open through out the day, and after a while, sometimes youtube slows to a crawl, where it’ll buffer but the video stutters really bad. i thought it was something else, until I got rid of this website being up, that it stopped the stuttering.

    1. It’s a memory leak caused by the video player’s for the ads.

      When I have 3 videos running, my Flash Plugin starts to clock up ridiculous RAM usage within just a few minutes (it hits 3.5GB used memory, the limit for an x86 process) and the only solution is to kill the process/restart my browser.

      Upgrading the flash player doesn’t fix the problem, but I still can’t be sure exactly what is making it happen.

    1. I hope so but at the same time I hope not as in i hope Ren already went to bed.

      he just stopped doing 3 chapters and day because it wore him out to much and made him get little sleep BUT THEN THIS *%&%&$)(#% CAME! and Ren is working hard to fix it -.-

      so while I really want a second chapter I hope ren already went to sleep at the same time

  6. I hate to be a conspiricy theorist, but maybe its a DDOS security seller? You see groups with military or weapons interests pushing useless wars and groups with financial interests controlling the economy, maybe ddos protection is the thing most people only buy when they have a problem, like virus protection. Plus the only add that loads is for a ddos protection site and thats kinda shetch. Anyhoo, sorry to hear bout all the trouble and hope it goes away real soon!

    1. Excuse… for what?

      Ren could literally just say “hey guys, sorry no second chapter tonight” or “hey guys, sorry going to be a little late” without any reason and the vast majority of readers would be a little disappointed but understand. There’s really no need for him to make up excuses… Wouldn’t make sense at all to fake it.

      Try to reason through it next time before you insinuate things.

  7. If you need help protecting yourself against DDOS at really low costs then I might be able to help. But this often depends on which host you use and what they support.
    basically it’s getting multiple IPs connected to your webserver and adding multiple A records in cloudflare with “wuxiaworld.com” pointing to those IPs. it will pick a random IP from the list.
    DDoS often only attacks a single IP at a time. (I used to host a MC server that was under near constant DDoS attacks. So I speak from experience.)

    Anyway, if you need any help I’m available.

    what it looks like in my cloudflare configuration http://i.imgur.com/TrPhujd.png

    also, there is a better solution available through amazon’s cloud services. But that requires getting a second domain as well.

    1. Welcome to the community, kukelekuuk00! Yes, this is something I’m going to look into immediately, but it’ll have to wait for the weekend. Full time job and all.

  8. I thought it was Opera web browser discrimination. Because this protect thingie doesn’t let me acces the website in opera… Now using Chrome…

        1. No point, flamaryu. It’ll stop sooner or later, and/or I’ll just pay for the upgrade (which is something I should do anyhow eventually, I guess). No point in starting a war, that wouldn’t improve things much for the readers, as much as it feels like it would be nice 🙂 Thanks for caring though!

  9. Hi ren

    The ddos attack could be from some website script which continously searching for update from your web. It could be some script from those website just accidently grab something and cause a crash to your server and looks alike with ddos attack. Some half bake script could be the devil of this problem. Btw it only my predictions. But some website like aho updates cannot updating your website if you turn on protection too tightly, but its not a problem. The real problem is when the server is crash and we cannot open your website. Thats truly a problem. Btw sorry for my bad english, my mother language is not english and my english level is so far only good to read a novel.

    1. Or my other predictions is the f5 squad doesnt use a keyboard anymore, they use a script to continously refreshing your web and crashing the server. Anyway congrats you got a crazy fan out there lol.

  10. probably bot based ddos scripts that scan and target random sites that was deemed as “weak and vulnerable”… a toy for noob beginner and script kiddies that doesnt know what they are doing… sighs…

  11. I would’ave gladly helped if there was any chance I could.
    This is unforgivable!
    These bots are testing my patience, I am a real addicts, if anyone gets in the way of my addiction, I WILL EXTERMINATE THEM!

  12. Not sure if its my browser or the problems you were talking about, but i keep having to restore this website. I even went back to spcnet for ST which i hate.

  13. Since the Forum isn’t working, so I’ll put the link here instead (Credits all to RWX and the awesome people behind CD translations, I only just made an offline copy of books 1-12 for those that want a copy or something. I’m afraid it is not in EPUB since i don’t know how to make epubs). When Forum comes back; please moves this to some where more appropriate :), I don’t want to clutter up this areas. Here it is: EDITED – Hi thunderhill, please see the FAQ, Q10; I prefer not to have an offline/mobile version. Thanks for understanding! -RWX

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