TMW: Chapter 936

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Chapter 936: Purple Spirit vs Xi Ye

Luo Huo’er wanted to battle Xi Ye?

Everyone held their breaths. They never expected that the battles would be this intense right from the very beginning.

They believed that the best of the best face would face each other in battle only at the end. They never expected that the Luo clan would directly go against the Eternal Eventide Sea!

First, Yi Yun had defeated Ye Yi, and now, Luo Huo’er wanted to battle the goddess, Xi Ye!

The pangs of fury suppressed by the members of the Luo clan, which had been ignited by the arrogant words declared by the Eternal Eventide Sea, finally felt as though they had been vented clean.

“Princess Purple Spirit!”

“Princess Purple Spirit!”

“Princess Purple Spirit!”

The members of the Luo clan were shouting loudly. After all, Luo Huo’er’s popularity in the Luo clan exceeded Yi Yun’s.

In the stands where the seats of honor were, goddess Xi Ye snorted coldly and flew off from her seat!

Suddenly, Luo Huo’er and Xi Ye, two daughters that were the pride of the heavens stood mid-air, facing each other thousands of feet apart above the battle arena!

Luo Huo’er was dressed in red, and she resembled a burning flame. As for Xi Ye, her black hair and dress made her seem like a source of darkness.

“You are treating it as though you, the Luo clan, has surpassed my Eternal Eventide clan just by defeating Ye Yi?”

Xi Ye’s voice was like a cold rain that splashed across the faces of everyone.

“It doesn’t matter if the Luo clan surpasses the Eternal Eventide clan or not. It’s just that I’ll beat up whoever I find unpleasing to my eyes, and as it happens, you belong to one of the types of people that I detest.” Luo Huo’er was very casual in her speech, and this undoubtedly infuriated Xi Ye.

At this moment, a sword appeared in Luo Huo’er’s hand in a very abrupt manner. Very few members of the several million strong audience to discern how it had appeared in Luo Huo’er’s hand, it was like she had been holding the sword from the very beginning.

The sword was slightly longer than five feet and it was very narrow. The blade was pale red, and when it was unsheathed, the sword was bent due to its thinness. From the main blade to its tip, it formed a curve, making it resemble a red ribbon.

A soft sword?

Xi Ye’s eyebrows pricked up slightly. She had seen her fair share of soft swords, but this was the first time that she had seen a sword so soft that it curved naturally. How was such a sword used?

Although Xi Ye was arrogant, she did not belittle Luo Huo’er. A large and completely black snake appeared behind Xi Ye. As it slithered towards Xi Ye’s shoulders, it slowly coiled its body. The snake’s scales were like metal, exuding a cold sheen, and on its head, there was a single horn. It was a snake that was on it way to evolve into a dragon. Legends had it that ancient snakes could produce single horns and four claws after surviving numerous heavenly tribulations, eventually evolving into a dragon.

“Contract Beast?”

People were slightly taken aback.

“It’s not a Contract Beast, it’s an Aspect Totem. The members of the Eternal Eventide clan are humans. Their cultivation system allows them to refine an Aspect Totem,” said a mighty figure in the crowd.

“An Aspect Totem that looks so lifelike? It’s like a real wyrm!”

Typically, Aspect Totems looked like phantom images, but Xi Ye’s Aspect Totem looked no different to an actual living creature.

At that moment, the black snake merged into Xi Ye’s body, and a black beam of energy gathered on one of her palms. It spread out and formed a long black whip.

Black snake! Black whip!

It could not stop people from making the connection that the whip in Xi Ye’s hand was a refinement of the black snake.

At this moment, Xi Ye moved. She lashed out with her whip, and a series of cracking sounds of a whip accompanied thousands of whip shadows that began to envelop Luo Huo’er!

“I’ve reigned supreme in the Eternal Eventide Sea. Whoever fails to keep up with me in terms of speed has no right to fight me!”

With whip and body as one, Xi Ye transformed into a black stream of light. People could only see black beams of light dancing throughout the sky, but there was no sight of Xi Ye herself!

“How can this be dodged?”

“There are no blind spots at all!” The members of the Luo clan exclaimed.


Under the envelopment of the whip shadows, the ground was diced into countless fragments, exploding in the process!

Despite the terrifying bombardment of the scourge, Luo Huo’er’s figure suddenly blasted out like a plume of fire, flashing away.

The endless whip shadows looked like there was not a single blind spot, but in fact, Xi Ye’s lashes were done one after another. There was definitely an order, and as black smoke flared under Luo Huo’er’s feet, she accurately pinpointed what was needed of her. Using a nearly impossible speed and mastery of her bodily actions, she dodged the whip shadows while darting through them while advancing!

“There are too many phantom images from Her Highness!”

The members of the Luo clan watched Luo Huo’er shuttle through the whip shadows with bated breaths. Countless whip shadows hit Luo Huo’er’s body, but strangely, the whips went straight through her body without the slightest bit of resistance, leaving Luo Huo’er unharmed!

“It’s too fast. It has exceeded the limits of our visual acuity. Her Highness isn’t forcefully blocking the lashing of the whips, she’s only dodging!”

Blocking the bombardment of such rapid attacks was much easier than dodging. Although there was an order in which the whip shadows appeared, the gap in between successive lashes was a thousandth of an instant. It was easier said than done to dodge every one of them!

Not only so, people already realized that Luo Huo’er was getting closer to Xi Ye while dodging the whip shadows!

Luo Huo’er had swept through a hundred feet across the void, closing in on Xi Ye!

She was about to catch up!

Luo Huo’er flicked her hand as the red ribbon-like sword slashed out!

Due to the oddness of the soft sword, at the instant of moving, the sword tip lagged behind due to its softness, but with the force of the blade reaching its limits, the sword tip whipped out at an even faster speed, shooting straight at Xi Ye.


Like a fire python sticking its tongue out, the strike thrust straight at Xi Ye’s chest with roaring fire-elemental Yuan Qi at an odd angle.

“Shield of Darkness!”

Xi Ye waved her hand as the power of darkness condensed in front of her. The black vortex formed was Xi Ye’s Shield of Darkness.

Luo Huo’er’s strike hit the center of the Shield of Darkness.


The Shield of Darkness shattered immediately! Luo Huo’er’s attack was just too powerful!

Immediately following that, overwhelming fire-elemental energies flared with light.

Dao Domain of fire!

With Luo Huo’er’s nomological insight, it was only natural for her to have gained insights into her own Dao Domain, and it was excellent grade.

The moment that the Dao Domain appeared, tongues of fire deluged the surroundings, like a volcano had erupted beneath Luo Huo’er’s sword. The desolate plains were engulfed by the flames, as stones turned to lava!

“Back! Move back immediately!” People exclaimed.

The suppressive pressure of the flame coming from Luo Huo’er’s strike was just too powerful! Standing beyond the battle arena, it was like they were immersed in a prison of fire. They felt like their vitality was being consumed by the fire.

As people retreated, the flames churning in the battle arena culminated into a climax, as it blasted in one crazy explosion!

Firestorms swept the area, engulfing everything!


Suddenly, a black snake shot towards the sky amid the turbulent flames, as it gave out a painful hiss.

“It’s Xi Ye’s Aspect Totem!” Someone shouted, but they could hardly keep their eyes open in the fierce firestorm.

This battle was too intense! The battle between two extremely talented women was a clash like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. It far exceeded the battle involving Yi Yun and Ye Yi.

Even though they were watching the battle from afar, it left them out of breath.

“What is the outcome?”

People stared at the battle arena with widened eyes, afraid of missing any scene. However, the firestorm completely blocked everyone’s sight.

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