TMW: Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: Luo Huo’er’s Turn

That one strike from Yi Yun’s brick had condensed the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence’s nomological rune. With his Yuan Qi infused in it, even a handful of mud would be augmented into something as hard as divine metal! Although the Heaven Upheaval Seal was a weapon that was refined in the lower realm, its inferior quality material did not affect Yi Yun’s attack in any way.

With the brick smashing down and hitting him right on the forehead, Ye Yi’s protective Yuan Qi had shattered. His body could not even withstand the attack.

The Eternal Eventide clan were humans after all. Like humans, their physical bodies were their weakness. If it wasn’t for Yi Yun holding some of the power back at the final moment, Ye Yi would be more heavily injured.

“It… ended just like that!?”

Not only were the Eternal Eventide Sea’s disciples dumbfounded, even the Luo clan disciples, who were supporting Yi Yun, were in the same state of shock.

The scene before in front of them was something that was totally beyond their imagination. They were both the second strongest person from factions of equal strength, but the gap in strength was too great!

A single strike clinched victory?

An insta-defeat?

The entire southern desolate mountain plains was covered with millions of warriors. Most of them were Luo clan residents. After a few moments of silence, they suddenly erupted into cheers that were like a roaring landslide or tsunami.

“Yi Yun!”

“Yi Yun!”

“Yi Yun!”

Thundering cheers roared across the wilderness in a deafening manner!

Over the past few days, citizens of the Luo clan had been eating humble pie. In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, strength was everything. With strength, one would obtain honor, status and dignity, regardless if it was an individual or a large faction.

And a few days ago, Chi Zhuiyun had declared to sweep through the Luo clan, and he had even leapfrogged Chu Yunjian in battle, defeating him. Luo Huo’er was the only person in the entire Luo clan that could possibly match Chi Zhuiyun, but that was only a possibility.

Even members of the Luo clan or admirers of Luo Huo’er did not dare to determine who would win in a fight between Luo Huo’er and Chi Zhuiyun.

And the situation had developed in such a way under this backdrop with the Eternal Eventide Sea, World Margin Sect coming here. They came to the Luo clan to bathe in the limelight with their minds set on Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment. The members of the Eternal Eventide Sea were extremely arrogant, so in the past few days, there were several conflicts between the Luo clan’s citizens and the Eternal Eventide Sea disciples in the southern desolate mountain plains. Many of the Eternal Eventide Sea’s disciples had declared that the Luo clan would not be able to deal with Chi Zhuiyun, who would be finished by them.

The citizens of the Luo clan naturally felt aggrieved.

But today, Yi Yun’s victory against Ye Yi in a battle of ease and verve had finally vindicated the Luo clan!

The cheers for Yi Yun continued on, and they even seemed like they were increasing

“Brothers, shout as loud as you can! Let’s see those bastards of the Eternal Eventide clan continue to be arrogant, we’ll smack their faces till they turn swollen!”

Amongst the crowd, there was an extraordinarily powerful warrior shouting. This person’s cultivation realm had surpassed the Dao Manifestation realm, and he was considered a warrior from the older generation. But faced with such a delightful event, he was as excited as the young ones.

“What madness… ” Yi Yun said from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, he had already left the battle arena.

In front of him, Ye Yi was being carried off the stage by members of the Eternal Eventide clan. His forehead was covered in blood, and the way he looked at Yi Yun was already very weak.

This battle had given a huge setback to Ye Yi. It would have been fine if he had been defeated, but he had been defeated by an ordinary human, and his opponent’s weapon was a brick!

Having been defeated, and being smacked down by a brick, Ye Yi already began to question life.

“Of course there’s madness!” Luo Huo’er responded, “In a warrior’s world, we may have the power to cause great destruction, have long lifespans, and are able to lead extravagant lives, but the pressure is intense. Be it life-and-death trials or breakthroughs that require great risks, or the sense of urgency of being killed by someone else at any moment in time, it forces us to continuously forge ahead.”

“The accumulation of all these pressure naturally need an opportunity for it to be released. For example, with Chi Zhuiyun setting the battle area now, everyone comes here to watch the battle for that delightful entertainment. Although they are unable to engage in the battle themselves, victory is no different from them fighting themselves as it sends boiling blood pulsing through their veins. Especially with the Eternal Eventide clan being suppressed, there is a sudden feeling of exaltation, naturally a strong sense jubilance!”

As Luo Huo’er spoke, she gave Yi Yun a thumbs up. Her jade like fingers looked exquisite and beautiful.

“That’s right… ”

Yi Yun nodded. Ignoring the warrior’s world, even in the world of mortals, there were all sorts of sports that attracted people, such as baseball, soccer, etc. An unprecedented soccer tournament would attract large numbers of spectators and fans. These people would push the atmosphere of the competition to its limits. And this was in a situation with many people not even knowing how to play soccer. In contrast, in a martial world, with everyone knowing martial arts, it made it even more different.

“Little Yun, your fight sure is liberating. I long found that Ye Yi unpleasing to the eyes. Let him be arrogant, but finish him with a brick!”

Luo Huo’er was still reveling in her excitement.

And at this moment, in the seats of honor, Prince Crimson Firmament, Bai Yueqing, Tianya Haoyue, goddess Xi Ye and others were also looking at Yi Yun.

Goddess Xi Ye’s face was dark and gloomy. She had spoken with such great certainty, but with the outcome of the match, describing it as a face smacking was insufficient.

Despite knowing that goddess Xi Ye was feeling embarrassed, Prince Crimson Firmament did not have any thoughts of kicking her while she was down. He was actually feeling mixed emotions. On one hand, the Luo clan had smacked the Eternal Eventide clan in the face, making him feel delighted, but on the other hand, Yi Yun was in Luo Huo’er’s camp. From a certain point of view, he was his enemy.

The stronger his enemy was, the more threatening he was to his throne, so how could he be happy?

“Your Highness, it appears that I’ve underestimated Yi Yun. His talent far exceeds mine. Eleven years ago, it appears that it was not as simple as Yi Yun relying on a mystic technique to defeat the fifth Ancient Fey at the Luo Divine Hall trials… ” Beside Prince Crimson Firmament, Chu Yunjian sighed.

Yi Yun, Luo Huo’er, and Princess White Fox were people who made one feel inferior for existing in the same era. Despite being extraordinarily talented, he was repressed by them, without being able to lift his head up.

By defeating Ye Yi, Yi Yun was undoubtedly one of the strongest of the eight.

Following that, the World Margin Sect, the White Fox clan, and the Oracle Fey Kingdom had to choose two people out of three.

To the Luo clan citizens, such a battle was of lesser importance when compared to Yi Yun’s. In the eyes of the people, in the three substitutes, the other three were only there to make the numbers. Regardless of who fought, nothing mattered.

What they were eager to watch was the matchups amongst the strongest.

However, no one expected that before the three people got on to the stage to fight, Luo Huo’er was first to step onto the stage.

“It was really lively in the previous fight, so let me have a hand at it too!” Luo Huo’er was dressed in a red fighting costume as she casually said.


Everyone was surprised. Luo Huo’er was going on-stage?

The battle had only just begun, and there was no assignment of opponents, but Luo Huo’er had already gone on stage.

“Goddess Xi Ye, is it?” Luo Huo’er looked far into the distance at the seats of honor, “Do you want to come over and have a fight!?”

Luo Huo’er did not care if there had not been an assignment of opponents. Amongst the eight people, she just needed to call out the person’s name to fight anyone she wanted!

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        before being absorbed by the paradise’s ground. It did not drop onto normal ground.
        Seeing this divine paradise soil, the hearts of the Shen Tu family clan Elders tightened.
        This single island immortal paradise was the Shepherd Boy’s domain.

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