TMW: Chapter 915

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Chapter 915: Blood Dragon’s Blood Marrow

Two days after the Fey Refining Rock trial was over, Yi Yun suddenly received a voice transmission from Elder Duanmu.

The Luo Divine Hall was extremely palatial, and one of its many levels was the Astral Palace where the Luo clan disciples cultivated.

And the summoning led Yi Yun to the seventh level.

The seventh level of the Luo Divine Hall was very different to the Astral Palace.

It looked extremely extensive, as though the place was boundless. Floating in the air were countless golden dots of light which were constantly in motion. Yi Yun saw a dot of light stop in front of him and he was surprised to discover that the dots of light were actually tiny golden birds. Each one was wrapped in a layer of golden light as they flew around.

“I wonder if the birds are living creatures… Fascinating.” Yi Yun stood in the main hall and he watched them while reflecting over the sight.

“This seventh level is an independent space, named Treasure Pavilion.”

Yi Yun suddenly saw phantom figures flash in front of him as two people appeared. He hurriedly saluted them, “Greetings to Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi.”

“There’s no need for such decorum. Oh?” Elder Duanmu’s vision swept across Yi Yun’s body and he said, “You have already recovered completely. Your cultivation realm has increased slightly as well?”

“Yes,” Yi Yun responded.

Although he wasn’t injured when he slew the fifth Ancient Fey, he had used all of his power to release a weak 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. All of his Yuan Qi was consumed, which meant that Yi Yun could not even move.

Elder Duanmu had previously witnessed Yi Yun’s recovery rate, so he laughed. “Although you are a human, your recovery rate is still pretty good. The only problem is that your physique is slightly lacking. I know that you have absorbed the Heaven Devouring Wyrm’s Fey bone in the past, but the quality of that Fey bone was terrible.”

Elder Duanmu spoke frankly, while Yi Yun revealed a trace of helplessness. Not only was his physique bad, his cultivation realm was low as well. He could barely conjure a weakened 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. Furthermore, using it once would drain all of his strength.

“The reward this time is an Ancient Fey with blood marrow. After giving it to you, quickly absorb it and strive to perform well in the remaining trials.” Elder Duanmu now thought very highly of Yi Yun as well. The reasons that the Elders remained in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven to man the Luo Divine Hall was firstly to gain nomological insights while being in reclusion, and secondly, to nurture more talents for the Luo clan. Years ago, they too had gone through the same path.

“Thank you, Elders. However, I plan to enter reclusive cultivation in the Primordial Space immediately following that.” Yi Yun said.

Elder Duanmu faltered slightly, “Reclusive cultivation? For how long?”

“I don’t know.” Yi Yun shook his head. If he entered reclusion in the Primordial Space, years might pass without him even knowing. If he was disturbed during this period, it would greatly affect the outcome.

“I see… The Luo Divine Hall does has the Primordial Space as its core. The value gained from cultivating in there is the highest. There will be some losses incurred if you do not participate in the trials after this, but… it’s still alright!”

Elder Shi gave it a thought and he said with a nod, “So what if you don’t participate in them!? You are extremely talented, and the path of martial arts is full of vicissitudes. You have to know that there were even more geniuses in the past that possessed exceptional talent, and they were aided by great fate, but they eventually perished. This path is a very difficult one.”

Yi Yun drew a gasp and said, “I understand.”

He looked calm and determined. Back then, he was just an unimportant youth. From his climb upwards that began from the Cloud Wilderness, he already recognized the difficulty of the martial path.

Regardless of how difficult this path was, Yi Yun chose to continue forging ahead.

Within the Purple Crystal, the long-haired man and the red lotus woman who later appeared, they stood at a vantage point that was so much higher than where he was.

Was he able to use his own feet and hard work to reach where they stood and see what they saw?

“Since you want to enter reclusion, then you will not be given a blood marrow Ancient Fey bone.” Elder Shi said.

Yi Yun was stunned. Not giving it to him?

At this moment, Elder Shi followed up, “Yes, the rewards were meant to be given to you progressively along the way, but since you aren’t participating in those trials, you will miss those rewards. If that’s the case, I might as well give you the best one in one fell swoop. In the history of the Luo Divine Hall trials, such an item has only been handed out a few times. This is the highest reward in the Luo Divine Hall trials.”

“Senior Brother… ” Elder Duanmu glanced at Elder Shi, but he eventually did not speak another word.

“Here!” Elder Shi beckoned with a stretched out hand.

A blood-red bird tore through the sky like lightning as it suddenly stood on Elder Shi’s palm.

It was crimson red in color… Yi Yun had failed to discover the crimson bird out of the numerous golden birds here.

The bird emanated an extremely peculiar aura. As Yi Yun looked at it, he had the feeling that his heartbeat, blood flow, and Yuan Qi circulation were being induced by the bird, as though his entire being was in an extremely sublime rhythm.

At this moment, the bird suddenly chirped and it transformed into a blood-red crystal.

In the middle of the crystal, there was a line of blood that was constantly in flux, as though it possessed life.

“That is… ” Yi Yun’s eyes stared intently at the crystal. He could sense the extremely unusual value of the crystal.

“This is the blood marrow of a degenerated Blood Dragon,” Elder Shi said. “You have previously been to Mt. Azure Billow’s Black Wind Valley during the collective training? This is the blood marrow left behind by that degenerated Blood Dragon, a blood marrow that was in the dragon bone’s vertebral keel.”

The degenerated Blood Dragon’s blood marrow!?

Yi Yun drew a cold gasp.

After the degenerated Blood Dragon died, its flesh and blood’s decomposition caused the place to become a forbidden ground where it nourished and produced blood specters. The power of its blood marrow was unimaginable!

Yi Yun had previously absorbed a Heaven Devouring Wyrm Fey bone, and although a Heaven Devouring Wyrm was a grade higher than a degenerated Blood Dragon, the value of its Fey bone was incomparable to a degenerated Blood Dragon’s blood marrow!

“This blood marrow is one of the treasures of the Luo Divine Hall. Each one we give out depletes the limited stock we have. This wisp of blood marrow is of the highest quality. Its energy was preserved the best. But it would be even more difficult for you to absorb it with your poor physique. Take it and enter reclusion. How much you can absorb will depend on your destiny.” Elder Shi threw the crystal at Yi Yun. He had chosen to give it to Yi Yun, but it would depend on Yi Yun himself as to whether he could rise up as a dragon.

When Yi Yun caught the crystal, he felt as though the blood marrow in the crystal was alive. It was constantly in motion as though it would fly out of his hands at any time.

The best wisp of blood marrow — its value was probably unimaginable.

“The both of us are old. We do not know how many more years the Luo Divine Hall can be manned by us. Seeing how talent has been dwindling after the Luo clan’s war… ” Elder Duanmu spoke midway before shaking his head and stopping.

As Yi Yun looked at them, he felt that there was something between the lines of what Elder Duanmu had said.

Their strength and cultivation realm were like the clouds to him. It was something that numerous warriors yearned to reach.

However, Yi Yun saw something different from their expressions.

“Thank you Elder Shi, thank you Elder Duanmu!” Yi Yun gave them a solemn salute.

Having come to the Luo clan, his feelings for the Luo clan was mostly due to Luo Huo’er as he had a friendship with her. Furthermore, Yi Yun was also in need to join a faction, so he had naturally chosen the Luo clan. Having received the goodwill of a faction, he obviously had to contribute back to them. And today, the feelings that the two Elders had for the Luo clan, as well as the expectations that they had for the Luo clan geniuses, had moved Yi Yun.

He gripped the crystal tightly. The hopes of the two Elders were embodied in the crystal.

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