TI Vol 18 Chapter 8-2

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“Nice shot!” Zheng shouted.

He blinked to the figures with the speed of Instant Destruction. His Qi, Blood Energy and refined Qi were all ready for an attack. He would shred Freddy into pieces the moment Freddy came into sight.

However, the scene that came before his eyes after he approached shocked him. Freddy’s corpse was nowhere to be found. Lying on the ground were the two girls’ bodies. The sniper bullet pierced both their bodies. They weren’t walking on a line. It shouldn’t have been possible that the shot went through both of them!

Zheng held up the two bodies then turned his head around in an impulse. He saw Zero staring at his direction with terror and agony. Zero was standing by a second floor window with the Gauss sniper rifle in hand. The previous shot indeed came from him but how was he able to shoot through the girls at once? Why was his expression… looked in such despair?

Zheng opened his mouth but before any sound came out, a hand wearing scissor like gloves reached out from behind Zero and dragged him into the house. The scene behind the window turned black. There was nothing left.

“Ah!” Zheng panicked and maddened. He activated Destruction instantaneously and entered the fourth stage. He rushed over to the second floor, smashed the wall with a kick then headed into the darkness.

Zero was planning to sleep when the clock struck twelve. He always remained alert, so when Zheng jumped up and rushed toward the toilet, he immediately got back up. Following Zheng’s order, he went into position on the second floor. He didn’t know what was happening. His experience led him to set up the rifle and waited.

Time slowly passed. The feeling that he experienced felt distorted. It was as though he had been waiting here for so long, yet at the same time, it felt like an instant. This feeling was similar to the teleportation that happened when leaving and entering God’s dimension, though weaker. Zero frowned. A sniper needed to be calm as a rock. He couldn’t let his mind waver.

The feeling dissipated and Zero finally saw something came into view. Two girls followed a man’s figure. He could make out the attire of the man despite not having a clear look of him. The black hat and striped shirt all pointed this man to a certain person. The Gauss sniper rifle was loaded with a spirit type bullet and Zero aimed it at the man.

His finger lightly pulled the trigger. Suddenly, image on the scope blurred for an instant. It was less than the blink of an eye when the image changed to that of a woman who pulled a girl to her front to block the shot. The shot pierced through both of them and sent the two bodies flying. Zero felt his soul began to freeze.

The woman was his mother… the mother who had died. The girl… was his brother!

The two bodies lay on the follow after being shot, waiting for death to take them away. The Gauss sniper rifle was powerful enough that even a graze on the chest would crush the heart. There was no way for the two to survive from a direct hit!

Zero looked down, seemingly defeated. He could see through the darkness outside with his eyes. The death of his mother and his… broke apart his inner defense, even though he knew it couldn’t be real.

Zero was trying to pull himself together. He recognized he had entered the despair dream, and that Freddy had targeted him. Any gap in his heart could lead to his disappearance from the team. No one would remember him anymore. Humans might not fear death, but nearly everyone feared to be forgotten by those close to them.

“Tell mother… Have you fallen in love with your little brother? Did you kill your little brother? Did you create a doll of him with the body of a girl? Have you fallen in love with your little brother? Did you kill your little brother? Did you create a doll of him with the body of a girl?”

A woman’s voice resonated by his ears. The woman’s body through the scope stood up. She picked up the girl’s body and manipulated it to various postures like a puppet. The girl felt soulless. The woman’s laughter sounded piercing to Zero’s ears. His mind was falling apart. And then a hand reached out from behind and dragged him into an eternal darkness.

Lan came out from the toilet at the time Zheng and Zero saw Freddy. Her face was red from the blush. She was embarrassed from what happened. It was normal when a man kicked open the door while the woman was doing her business. She wanted to dig a hole and hide herself. The worse part was, the man who saw her in this embarrassment was the one she secretly liked.

“Damn it. How could he just break in? Does he have no sense of respect for a woman? And it’s to chase after those two girls too… Eh? Who are the two girls?”

Lan clapped his face. She muttered while she walked toward the living room. Just two steps in and a familiar voice came from behind.

“Do you love him so much?”

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    1. I’d say it’d be for Zheng to kill himself. That’s usually how you wake up from a dream, isn’t it?
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