TI Vol 18 Chapter 3-1

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Team China spent the remaining days in the dimension training. Everyone practiced their abilities. One of the most important attack they valued was activating YinKong’s Excalibur with the Air Waves because its power was immense. Skilled use of this attack could rival the effects of Explosion and Destruction. It was a skill that could turn the tide of battle at key moments.

ChengXiao also surprised Zheng with his strength. Zheng never thought ChengXiao’s kungfu was actually impressive in a fight. Every one of his attacks struck toward Zheng’s weaknesses in their unarmed spar. Normally Zheng only had to enter the second stage and combined with his physical attributes, he could dodge all of ChengXiao’s attacks. This was true for several hits. However, as Zheng confirmed the speed and form of the attacks, ChengXiao’s eyes glimmered. His speed and strength suddenly took a leap just like when Zheng activated Explosion. Several punches struck Zheng before he realized. ChengXiao also had an attack that hit around a point in a circle, much like Taiji. Except that the punches carried heavy forces. Nearly a hundred punches landed on Zheng’s body but these heavy hits did not knock him away because ChengXiao’s steps circled around him. Zheng had to activate Explosion and brute forced his way out from the circle.

“Amazing!” The even punches slightly impacted his organs. That was under the fact his body had very high stats. A normal person would probably splatter after this flurry of attacks. ChengXiao was wearing the gloves and the burst of speed and strength was on par with Explosion. Zheng was not prepared for this surprise.

The numerous near death experiences had made him strong. The fourth stage created a gap that could not be crossed by anyone in the third stage and under. So despite receiving the hits, he almost immediately disperse the force throughout his body then out into the air. That was how he managed to suffer only minor damage.

He was still in God’s dimension anyway. Any injuries could be healed with a sentence. After the heal, he went to ask ChengXiao about the sudden burst of speed and strength. There, he witness ChengXiao looking worse than he did when he used Explosion for the first time. He lay on the floor. His eyes looked all white, and he was breathing heavily with his tongue stuck out.

“This power?” ChengXiao did not look prideful as people expected. A miserable expression took over his face. A few moments of silence later, he cried in anger, “Fuck! Are you thinking having this power is a good thing? When I was still very young, they put a golden earthworm thing into my body and told me it was a parasite that would settle, grow, and reproduce inside me. The more powerful this worm grows, the more powerful my strength becomes. They said it was a Life Bonded Gu. Fucking liars. That was obviously a rare gold color earthworm!

“The power was obtained from this worm. It lives in my navel area. My intestines would suffer twisting pain every time I use its power. Can you imagine a thick, long, yellow thing wriggling inside a man? I am a man…”

Pah! A chair flew toward him. He was still lying on the floor so the chair smashed onto his face. Blood bled out from his nose but he wiped it off and continued, “I want to die every time. Having such a thing wriggling inside the body as a man…”

Pah! Another chair flew at him. Lan took the initiative over YinKong this time.

The team acknowledged ChengXiao’s strength. His source of power came from the Life Bonded Gu. Gu were mythical creatures to a lot of people. ChengXiao explained that it was merely a genetically mutated insect raised by certain clans. These insects were either poisonous to the human body or possessed other effects. Very few of them had no negative effects but instead made a person stronger. Those were the Life Bonded Gu.

“I also know of a special technique that increases combat ability.” Once the pain passed, he said in a smug tone, “I can inhibit certain pressure points on my body with needles to increase my strength, speed, reaction speed, and toughness by multiple folds. However, this technique is quite damaging to the body. I have to use a breathing technique along with it to lessen the damage. Though that isn’t a long lasting solution.”

Zheng was wordless. He had always treated ChengXiao as the medic. Never did he know this medic was strong. Thinking back, ChengXiao almost hadn’t exchanged any enhancements. So his strength was brought from the real world. Speaking of a killer doctor, Zheng recalled an enemy he encountered when team China was still weak, the werewolf doctor from team India. That person was also a powerful doctor.

Zheng put ChengXiao under serious training after verifying his strength. The pervert cried of complains as his plan to near YinKong became so distant. Yet, he had to gather his concentration for the training when Zheng demanded with force… He still didn’t look too high spirited.

“Do you not fear losing what’s down there? I remember you said you healed that area when you came back. Are you not scared of becoming the last eunuch on Earth?” Zheng privately asked in a low voice.

ChengXiao responded in a righteous tone, “What are you talking about? Do I look like the type of person who concerns over small matters? Do you know this slightly metrosexual appearance with big breasts and baby face do not exist in the real world? They can only come up in manga or novels. Of course, there’s also Hentai… Ahem. My goal is to never stop striving so that I will never regret!”

“I think you look like you want to jump at her before she castrated you.” Zheng said. But he seemed to understand what ChengXiao had said. Keep striving in the current moment so he would never regret.

“Well then… tomorrow is the day we enter A Nightmare on Elm Street. Everyone take a good rest starting in the afternoon. Get a good night of sleep. And tomorrow… we will embark on a new journey!” Zheng said to his team, less Xuan and HongLu. Those two went to Xuan’s room without informing the others. No one knew what they were planning to do. Whatever it might be, the whole team would meet the next morning.

Everyone had their own idea of leisure. Zheng calmed down then watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 several times. Yet, he had a bad premonition without rhyme or reason. He felt this movie world was not as simple as the movie portrayed. Perhaps this movie… was going to be an extremely difficult one.

Xuan and HongLu appeared in front of the others the next day. Zheng learned from HongLu that Xuan had completed the Magic Cannon. Xuan also added a secondary mode that used energy stones instead of his energy. This mode was slightly weaker but…

“That power should be on par with a normal nuclear weapon.” HongLu said with excitement.

Zheng’s heart shivered. Somehow, he felt that Xuan would never say anything he couldn’t do. Was he really going to wipe the town from the face of the Earth?

“Enter the beams in thirty seconds. Target locked: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Teleportation beings.”

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  1. And again, a Necromancer would’ve been worth his/her weight in gold, platinum or diamond here… *sigh* And they didn’t even get minor flame powers or flamethrowers or something to scare Freddy. Meh. They got that advantage with knowing the next movie but do basically nothing with it. I mean, why didn’t they buy a few extra powerful EMP-bombs for the Transformers world? Or some kind of magical hacking tool?

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