TI Vol 14 Chapter 21-2

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Vol 14 Chapter 21-2

Human starships could move inside the atmosphere unlike the space bugs. The advanced motor system and streamline design allowed the starships to fly three hundred meters above the ground without any difficulty. However, the radars detected numerous plasma bugs in the distant plain. These bugs shot mucus covered plasma balls that worked inside the atmosphere and could damage the starships.

The pilots reported this possibility back to the flagship where Xuan and several advisors were planning the formations of the army. Such as the distribution of veterans, officers, and necessary heavy firearms. The backup that came from Earth also brought armored vehicles which manufacturers just rushed out. These were experimental versions so there were only a hundred. The vehicles were equipped with only a Gatling cannon. Though the federation at least made some adjustment. Now, the lieutenants of each platoon were fighting for these vehicles.

“That’s expected. The Arachnids aren’t without intelligence. Air space between the outer atmosphere and the ground would become our free reign without their plasma bugs. They won’t simply take the beating without countering. Don’t go bother these plasma bugs. Hurry up and head toward Blizzard fortress.” Xuan replied.

Since the decision to head toward Blizzard fortressed had been made, the fleet only had to move at their fastest speed. Over a hundred starships flew across the sky. Those gigantic bodies were astonishing. They were the height of human technology in this era, the biggest reliance against the Arachnid.

Two hours later. The fleet of over a hundred arrived on top of the fortress. It was built with metal and encompassed a huge area. The troopers in the fortress didn’t know of the fleet’s arrival before hand due to the bugs disrupting the signals. When the fleet arrived, several hundred troopers ran over and more coming out from the inside.

“Uh. This is on a plain. The fortress is approximately fifty meters tall but this height can’t defend against the bugs’ attacks.” Xuan muttered as he observed the area around the fortress.

The advisors next to him all came with the backups. Their chief asked. “But the whole fortress including its groundwork is built using the toughest alloy that exist on Earth. This alloy can withstand tactical nukes. How could they not defend against the bugs?”

Before Xuan answered, Zheng said. “Because the bugs won’t break through the alloy from the front. They will pile fifty meters of dead bodies then walk over the fortress. Once they get in close range of us, we have to focus fire on them or get swarmed by the sea of bugs. You can go ask the veterans who survived. Rookie.”

The chief of advisors’ face turned red but he was convinced and saluted to Zheng then looked down at the fortress with the others.

The final decision was to leave forty-seven starships behind and surround the fortress in multiple layers. The troopers would shoot from the middle deck of the starships. Once the bugs drowned the starships, they would leave through the transports ships on the top floor and move into the next layer. The defense of this fortress would be incredible.

The fleet descended. The advisors led the remaining starships to assist other fortresses. Xuan and several advisors entered Blizzard fortress to use its communication system to contact the federation on Earth. Once all the troopers started following the plan, Xuan finally found the opportunity to talk with Zheng.

“Have you decided?” Xuan had a red apple in his hand. He walked over to Zheng who was leaning on the wall and smoking.

Zheng frowned slightly. “Can’t you eat something else? It’s always red apples every time I see you.”

Xuan also frowned and pondered for a moment. “Tomatoes next time then. The color looks pretty good also. Back to our topic. What do you think of my suggestions? One safe choice and one risky choice and they determine what you should do and what you want to do in the future. Tell me. What is your choice?”

Zheng took a puff and smiled bitterly. “The choice of my future? What choice in the future? We might have been wiped if it wasn’t for your wits in this movie. Give me an advice. What does the choice determine the future?”

Xuan said. “With the safe choice we will defend in these three days. Since God gave a time limit of three days, there will definitely be a large amount of bugs, perhaps even more than what we encountered in Klendathu. However, with our defense plan and your Explosion and Destruction to kill the powerful bugs like the tanker bug, these three days shouldn’t be difficult. It will allow us to live through this movie safely and protect your dear team members. We have a 70% chance of going back without casualty.”

Zheng was silent for a moment. “And the second choice?”

“We must stay here for two days and two nights. In the last twelve hours, we will strike out and annihilate team South America. There’s also a chance of killing or capturing the brain bug. In summary, the second choice is filled with danger. There’s also a chance of getting wiped. Uh, aside from you. However, the second choice is also filled with points and rewards. If we can make it through, your wish of reviving team members and closing the gap from team Devil are possible.”

Zheng closed his eyes and pondered quietly. The faces of previous team members flashed across his mind. Everyone died in that battle against team Devil. He was the only one who survived. He had recovered part of team China’s strength by now and began reviving the members. He suddenly felt lost.

“Make your choice. Either everyone returns to the real world safely in the future or walk a road of hardships, lead the team to grow strong, death to those who get eliminated, and the remaining fight with you in the revenge against team Devil.”

Zheng threw the cigarette butt onto the ground and stepped on it. “I have decided on the second road. We have gotten this far already. There’s no going back to the safe road. Even if we can be safe this time, the future is likely going to present new dangers. Tell me the details of your plan.”

“Oh?” Xuan asked with a slight surprise. “I am curious. I think your personality will make you take the first choice. Why? Aren’t you aware that the second choice will put us all in danger?”

“Because of the feeling of impotence.” Zheng leaned on the wall and watched the troopers transporting weapons and ammunition. He muttered. “Ever since entering this realm, I have felt a feeling of impotence many times. Struggling to survive against the monsters. No power to choose the next movie. Inability to save my comrades. And I could hardly protect the one I love. It wasn’t until I met my clone that he told me with his past what true helplessness feels like. He must be weeping blood from within. I felt as though I can hear his inner cries to ‘kill him’. Even though I didn’t experience that event but just imagining it and being unable to do anything, I don’t ever want it to happen! And as my comrades, you need to grow strong with me until we can protect ourselves and the people around us. We have to obtain this power! You said that the greater the danger, the higher the reward. It’s the time we head straight for this danger!”

Xuan took a bite off the apple and said. “Understood. Then leave everything to me.”

The Arachnid’s attack began before dusk of the same day.

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  1. Yeah someone is going to die. There is facing danger and then there’s being stupid. The current Team Japan strengthened their weapons so they could break through the bugs to reach the Brain Bug, but they lack actual enhancements. Also, I think the robot was heavily damaged. Anyone aside from Zheng can be killed by the weakest enemy team members long as they use element of surprise. Even Zheng kinds almost lost his leg in a surprise attack from a normal member with magic spells and if it was anyone else, even Xuan they would have died. I can only imagine Zheng killing the other team with Destruction the moment he sees them.

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