TI Vol 14: Chapter 19-3

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Vol 14 Chapter 19-3

In contrast to the negotiation happening between Xuan and team Africa, the fight was still going on in the flagship. Both sides used their self-created abilities. Their combat prowess went from normal humans to super humans.

The appearance of the mithril rings changed Zheng’s Explosion dramatically. The time limit was extended by a lot and he could save part of his energies to use Destruction in emergencies. As soon as he found out that the enemy’s self-created ability was similar to his Explosion, he used his own.

Side effects and after effects aside, Berserker was obviously a near flawless ability in terms of its strength. Richard’s physical stats were several times lower than Zheng but the ability pushed his combat power to slightly above Zheng in Explosion. Richard had entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. Not only strength and speed but his reaction and instinctive techniques were on par with Zheng’s second stage.

Zheng’s eyes were defocused as he slashed at Richard with Tiger’s Soul. This was his only advantage in the current situation. His weapon was much better. The light blade created from channeling Qi in Tiger’s Soul almost got Richard but he dodged it by a hair each time. However, the power of the light blade couldn’t be dodged so simply. After several times, wounds had accumulated on his body. Half his palm and two fingers were cut off. Drops of blood splattered all over the floor.

What confused Zheng was Richard seemed to be getting stronger the more he got wounded. His strength and speed were growing with the injuries. His movements were extremely agile and refined. He left several wounds on Zheng’s body with the double bladed axe. In under a minute of fighting, both their bodies were covered in wounds.

Zheng circulated his blood energy for a second. The ice clinging to his body and Tiger’s Soul melted. He then leaped forward and slashed horizontally at Richard. The light blade extended to almost ten meters. The corridor would be cut open along with Richard’s body if it hits. The light blade’s power was unstoppable after all.

They fought out of the conference room. Their strengths and speed during their abilities were so massive that they broke several alloy walls in just ten seconds. They fought to the middle of the corridor and deformed the path on the way. Their foot prints were embedded all over the floor.

Richard was decisive when he saw the slash coming. He hacked the axe into the wall then used it as support to flip himself over right before the light blade hit. As soon as he dodged the attack, he stepped heavily and charged forward. He raised his axe and aimed at Zheng’s head.

Zheng was also slightly losing his mind at this point. He pulled Tiger’s Soul back to black axe. Clank! They both got knocked back ten meters and hit the walls. Both coughed out a mouthful of blood. Richard got back up faster as if he wasn’t hurt. His hands held on the edge of the pit to get out. He gave a shout, used the wall behind to leap at Zheng.

Zheng still remembered Xuan’s advice that his strength surpassed the rest of the team too much, that he should try to capture the enemies alive if possible. This was why he held back in the fight. Another reason was that he worried about Gando. If team Africa were notified of too many deaths, the remaining members might panic. There was no guarantee of anything so he tried not to kill the enemies.

These thoughts crossed his mind in an instant. He saw Richard closing in. He had no choice but to block with Tiger’s Soul. When the sword met the axe, he gave a kick at the side of Tiger’s Soul. The force of impact and his kick knocked Richard back several meters. He wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity. He activated his movement technique and charged up to Richard before he could turn the axe around.

Zheng was much more adept at with punches and kicks than big weapons. He used a large variety of weapons before he exchanged Tiger’s Soul and he mostly used his fists. When Richard threw a punch at him, he went at it with his own punch. But he didn’t use much force. As the two fists were going to collide, Zheng’s other arm moved up from beneath. He changed his fist to a claw and grabbed Richard’s arm. The elbow of his other arm hit a joint on Richards arm.

Joints were always the weakest part no matter how strong one’s body was. Explosion also increased his strength several folds, so this elbow snapped Richard arm in the opposite direction. But before Zheng could follow up, Richard’s knee struck his chest and sent him back several meters.

Both sides were injured in this exchange. Zheng’s injury was much lighter in comparison. The injury on the joint had disabled Richard’s arm. Zheng just needed to be careful from now on. The fight was basically decided. Richard couldn’t last ten more seconds.

Before Zheng’s next attack, he saw Richard gave a shout. He grabbed his arm and twisted it back to its normal position with force. The abnormal twist and bulging on the muscles were signs that the muscles were injured in addition to the bones. Richard continued to act as though he was wounded despite the pain that would have knocked out any normal person. He breathed more intensely. The redness in his eyes grew to a deeper color. His strength and speed also increased further.

Zheng rolled to the side and dodged an axe. The axe struck a one-meter pit on the floor at where he was standing. Richard’s strength had completely surpassed his with the wounds. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier. Blood slowly flowed out from his eyes and nose. Zheng finally decided to use Destruction. Richard was going to become a dead man in any second. Zheng wanted to test his luck to see if he could knock Richard out. If would capture Ricard if he succeeds or kill him if he fails instead of not getting anything.


A man enveloped in electricity came out from the corner laughing before Zheng could activate Destruction. His hair was spiked up and he left a burned trail on the floor that he walked past. He seemed like an incarnation of lightning.

The Caucasian laughed out. “Team China’s leader, I…”

“F*ck off!” Zheng couldn’t afford to waste any time. He raised Tiger’s Soul and slashed across. Hawfor’s legs separated from his body before he knew it and he fell to the floor. A fist landed on his face before he could utter a sound. He was knocked out at once.

Zheng turned around to see an axe hacking across. He immediately rolled to the side and without hesitation, his blood energy and Qi collided violently.


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