TI Vol 14: Chapter 18-3

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Vol 14 Chapter 18-3

A thought suddenly struck Zheng’s mind. He created his own abilities, two of them. He wondered if this man created a similarly powerful ability or one even stronger?

“You will see after a fight. You also said that there was no need to say much. When your team attacked us with the intention to wipe us, the word mercy was thrown out of this battle. Imagine that if we were the ones who lost, would you spare the innocent people in our team? Everyone who entered this realm has their stories. No one is completely innocent. Can you say that this girl never participated in our battle?” Zheng stared at the man and said calmly.

“Since you attempted to obtain a lucrative reward, you have to bear risks of similar level. You failed right now so don’t wish for unfair mercy. Defeat me and use me to threaten the others in my team. It can protect your team. Or you can accept your fate of failure.”

Richard hadn’t shown a response. The Caucasian screamed and charged at Zheng. His physical stats were about three to five times that of normal people. As he approached Zheng, he gradually calmed down. His eyes defocused and he entered the unlocked mode completely when he was ten meters away. Electricity and the sound of thunder enveloped his hands at the same time, sending off a shocking aura.

Zheng’s gaze felt cold as he watched the man move closer. He suddenly pulled out Tiger’s Soul from his ring. Such an attention drawing weapon made Richard and the Caucasian’s hearts skipped a beat. They heard Neos’s analysis on the weapons available in God’s dimension. The magical weapons were especially powerful, which this sword looks like from every direction. The Caucasian felt terrified before he even attacked. Fortunately, he was still in the unlocked mode. He jumped backward at once and dodged the slash by a hair.

His face was turning paler by the second and he asked in a rush. “What is this weapon? My sense of danger tells me if I get close to it…”

He heard the sound of flesh and bone separating. He watched in a daze as his arm was slashed off with a clean cut. The slash also cut two inches into the bottom of his chest, almost injuring his lungs.

The man grabbed his arm and screamed in pain. “Why? I didn’t get hit! Is this a weapon that controls the wind like how I control electricity? F*ck. Richard, you wont live for much longer if I die. We need to attack together!”

Richard was watching Zheng’s movements closely the whole time. He said. “It wasn’t wind. He channeled energy into the sword just then. It was an invisible energy. Hawfor! Drain the flagship’s energy. We won’t have a chance if you don’t do it now. He’s horrifying. His strength way surpasses the both of us combined. We can’t afford to consider too much. Let us give it one last fight!”

A double bladed axe appeared in Richard hand. This axe was over twice the size of Tiger’s Soul, approaching that of a grown man. It looked like he was holding a man in his hand.

Hawfor covered the wound on his bleeding arm and screamed. “My Goro Goro no Mi hasn’t reached the final AA rank yet. I won’t be able to turn more energy into electricity no matter how much I drain. And draining more than I can take will make my body explode. Are you trying to kill me? F*ck, my arm hurts.”

Richard sighed and didn’t say anything. He gave a shout. A golden light emerged from his body and enveloped him. He suddenly looked like a golden statue. The double bladed axe also glowed in gold. As time passed, this light was slowly absorbed into his body. His muscles were wriggling visibly and he started groaning in pain.

Zheng watched with curiosity. He didn’t know if this was the self created ability. His Explosion and Destruction had immense after effects but their usage wasn’t so painful. Or did the man made a mistake while using his ability?

Hawfor yelled with a sense of being terrified. “F*ck. Don’t use Berserker without saying a word! I don’t want to die yet. I get it, drain the flagship’s energy right? Team China’s leader, just you wait. I will show you the terror of the Goro Goro no Mi. Hahaha.” He laughed out as he charged toward the exit of the room.

Zheng watched Hawfor ran out of the room quietly. His attention was focused on Richard. As Richard’s muscle stopped wriggling, a peculiar pressure formed between him and Zheng. This prevented Zheng from attacking the Caucasian. He was staying cautious and was prepared to use Explosion at any moment.

Richard raised his head to look at Zheng again. What Zheng saw was a pair of bloody eyes. The only emotion left in those eyes was an insane thirst for blood. Richard’s conscious and self restrain were completely gone. He kicked the floor to jump forward. It created a small pit on the alloy floor. Zheng could feel the trembling from the floor. The ten meters of distance in between them was closed in an instant. The axe was hacking down at him realized it.

(Can’t back! This speed is almost on par with my speed in Explosion. His strength even surpasses it. Isn’t this a mutation to Explosion?)

This thought flashed across his mind then he raised Tiger’s Soul at the double bladed axe.

Zheng thought to himself that the axe was probably a magical item but the sharpness from the light blade should cut it in half. However, the result wasn’t what he had expected. Richard’s movements seemed crazy but it wasn’t actually so. His movements were much more acute. He rotated the axe slightly right before the two weapons came in contact. The axe hit the side of Tiger’s Soul, pushing it off path. Then it slid along the blade of Tiger’s Soul into Zheng’s arm and cut a long opening.

Zheng had entered the second stage. He saw Richard waving the axe toward his head after the cut and jumped up. He gave a kick at Richard’s chest before the axe hit him and sent Richard back several meters. He also used the momentum to back off, increasing the distance between them.

A stream of blood gushed out from his chest. Tiger’s Soul was pushed to the side just then but the light blade still cut an opening on Richard’s chest. It didn’t cut him in two but it damaged his organs. There should be a large cut on his lungs.

Richard didn’t even take a look at the wound. It seemed like he didn’t even feel it. He raised the axe and charged at Zheng again. His speed and strength became stronger with the injury and loss of blood. Zheng could keep up with his previous speed in the unlocked mode but the speed now surpassed him. He only had the chance hold Tiger’s Soul in front to block the axe. A hit from the axe knocked him into the wall. Richard continued hacking at him before he could act. Dozens of hits in just a few seconds. The force broke the alloy wall and blasted Zheng through.

Zheng was still holding Tiger’s Soul but the webbing between his thumb and index finger cracked. The axe also had ice attribute. A thick layer of ice formed on the cut on his arm and inhibited his flexibility. Tiger’s Soul was also covered with ice from the impact.

Seeing that Richard charged at him again, Zheng gave a shout and activated Explosion.

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    1. that guy learn Goro Goro no Mi?
      hes 1,000,000,000…. years too early to copy enel move

      maybe the electricity he is using is the same power as stun gun 🙂

    1. I doubt that his version has the standard drawback of Devil Fruit users. Just like Zheng doesn’t have the sunlight and silver weaknesses of the Vampire Bloodline.

    1. there a downside.
      berserker attacks both friend and foe. hawfor immediately run away after richard goes beserk.
      but the ice attribute axe looks good. if zheng can steal that axe…

  1. Zheng cant catch up to his clone if he is always like this. He should have attacked with no mercy right from the start. If this continue on, clone zheng will unlock the final stage while he is still on the fourth.

    1. Well, this is just a guess, but i thing that his “humane” qualities
      are going to be the deal breaker at the end though.

      At the beginning, being like clone zheng is faster to unlock stages.
      But most likely feelings like love, togetherness, and stuff like that
      provide the final push. Even if both zheng reach the final stage,
      real zheng will push true with those feelings or be more

      Even if it doesn’t feel real, those kinds of endings are the most
      satisfying anyway.
      This novel can’t be that tyranical with cruelty wins at the end.

    2. If he had simply attacked at the start without thinking than the battle would have just been swiftly won. Killing other, acquiring points, and gaining better enhancements has no connection to the Genetic Constraint. Clone Zheng reached the third state before being given the leader position that pushed him to the Fourth Stage by overcoming danger and not taking a easy way out. Putting aside discussion Zheng choosing to wait for the enemy shows he was more interested in the battle than the killing which will help him reach the next level. Also, Zheng’s still on the Third Stage.

    1. The Side B fanfic is written by a fan of the translation. But it was written alongside the translation instead of the original chinese version so the fan doesn’t know any of the details that weren’t translated. Eventually they had to go their own way or just stop writing. So they’re will be many differences like the Devil’s Fruit.

  2. So I can’t belive i just watched Lucy, i’m like super late but wouldn’t it be cool if the sequel was series like TI. Every 3-5 episode one movie with Lucy like first being to evolve and GOD her new computer!!!
    I mean it would be awesome if this novel could become TV serie.
    Oh, and if you haven’t watched the movie yet i sugest you do it now it’s amazing

    1. Except it’s hard to swallow the retarded claim of “we only use 10% of our brains”. So stupid. What do these people think a brain is? 100% pure processing power? No, most of it is bodily function regulation and processes unrelated to ‘thinking’. Wanna know what ~100% of your brain being active looks like? Walk into a hospital. Find a patient suffering from seizure. viola.

      1. Then with the same reason you will say alien movie is stupid because they re just sci-fi myth,,
        And every horror movie is a joke because ghost is didn’t exist,,

        What a dark life you have

  3. I see you all say: why don’t you just kill 2 of them?
    Because before Xuan said, a person is too strong is not conducive to the development of the team, he asked Zheng to leave the living allocated to the players to share.

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