TI Vol 14: Chapter 14-1

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Vol 14: Chapter 14-1.

The wound on Zheng’s shank wasn’t deep, less than an inch in. The attack was blocked when it reached his muscles. However, it was too sudden. His current strength allowed him to sense any normal person coming within ten meters of him. A kind of sense beyond seeing and hearing and the unlocked mode. It was a mysterious sensation as depicted in wuxia fictions. He could sense killing intent even if the person was standing behind him as long as that person was not further than ten meters away. This was probably a sign of evolution.

He didn’t sense any killing intent just then, or at least not within ten meters. Which meant the enemy was further away. At this range, the enemy could only use abilities or long range weapons. Most long range weapons were ineffective against him so this had to be either an ability or a throw by someone with immense strength. Both possibilities could be a threat to him.

As someone who had been through numerous life and death battles in this realm and witnessed all kinds of ordeals, he didn’t panic despite the ambush. He encountered situations much more dangerous. This little wound had no effect on him continuing the fight.

Zheng’s jumps were fast during the unlocked mode. A few jumps later, he made a turn then immediately reached for the wound. It had stopped bleeding but the wound was still there. He could touch the shape of it with his fingers.

Zheng slowly adjusted his conditions, qi, blood energy, and the unlocked mode. Since the other team’s attack began, there was no guarantee they wouldn’t go after the other members. He’d rather do as Xuan said and give them a surprise beyond their imagination, paint team China as the strongest team that could eliminate their courage to do any provocative actions!

A black young man standing seventy meters away. He held a twisted oak staff on one hand and a communication device on the other. He said to the device. “Hawfor, I casted air blade at him. The air blade formed at a meter behind him. Normal people would have been cut in half by now but he jumped up so the air blade only got his shank. The strangest thing is his shank didn’t get cut off. This is too strange.”

“I can see it through the device. He probably has some defensive item. Let’s do this, cast a fireball then leave. The fire will scare him into hiding. Team China is nothing impressive. He could only stop the damage. Ok, you can come back then we will…”

Before he finished talking, a figure rushed out from the hall. He was so fast that neither the black young man nor Hawfor could see his face. They could only judge by his clothing and height that this was Zheng.

The black young man’s mind went into a daze. They were a hundred meters apart a second ago but only ten meters now. All he could do was raise the staff to cast an air barrier right in between them. However, Zheng’s reaction completely shocked him.

Zheng punched right at the air barrier. He had entered Explosion. Each step he took printed a footprint into this alloy floor. This immense strength and speed reached that of a super human.

Merely the pressure coming from this punch obstructed the young man’s breathing. Then he heard a glass shattering sound. The punch crushed the air barrier. It was beyond imaginable to him. The next moment, he felt a sharp pain on his chest as he flew back. He only flew for a meter before Zheng stepped forward, grabbed his chest and pushed him into the floor.

This series of attack knocked the young man unconscious. His physical stats were only two times that of normal people. Zheng could easily beat him even without Explosion. Two attacks in Explosion gave him fatal internal injuries. Blood was bleeding out from his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. He looked like he wasn’t going to make it.

The whole process was less than three seconds from Zheng rushing out from the hall and knocking him down. Zheng showed his unstoppable strength. He picked up the communication device from the floor. No sound came from the other end but he could see on the display that the other team was still watching through the device.

Zheng pointed at his eyes and said. “You know what this means. Not going to say much. You are at negative 2000 points.” He gripped his hand and crushed the device.

Zheng exited from Explosion and the unlocked mode. He looked at the black young man on the floor that could barely breathe. Then punched at his heart. Zheng received the notification from God at the same time. “Killed one member from opposing team. Team score, one.” And the points from killing a member. This young man wasn’t unlocked.

(I probably don’t need to use Destruction if it’s just giving a shock to the other team. That strength is too powerful and I don’t know what it will do to this starship. Explosion should be enough. Now then how should I solve the problem with Gando?) Zheng fell into his thoughts as he walked back into the hall.

A Caucasian and a black man were trembling on another starship. They looked at each other’s pale face. After some silence, the black man said. “Haw, Hawfor, we ran into a scary team. Team China is so much stronger than us. Are they one of team Celestial or team Devil? We are going to die if we fight them. No, I don’t want to fight!”

The Caucasian man slapped him on the face and shouted. “Calm down! F*ck! Calm the f*ck down! Don’t panic. Just think, how can everyone in the team be this strong. We accidentally picked their leader. Yes, this is definitely their leader and strongest member. He’s too powerful. I don’t think our whole team can take him in an encounter. He can only reach this level by chance.”

After a while, the black man said. “What about the other members of team China? They can’t be too much weaker than this person since they are in the same team. Out of the four people we know, the other three don’t look easy either. Don’t fight them, Hawfor. Team China is just stronger than us, we can’t take this risk!”

The Caucasian gave him another slap and continued shouting. “Calm! You calm down a bit! I know we don’t want anything to do with them. I never wanted to. But I don’t have the authority to make decisions for the team. Even though I am the leader, Neos is the one who can command the other three, then there’s the couple who don’t listen to anyone! Right, Neos can analyze his strength. Let’s go find him.”

It was as though the black man didn’t feel the slap. He grabbed the Caucasian man and said. “Didn’t Neos said not to look for him after you leave? He said any contact can expose his identity. Are you really sure?”

Another slap. The Caucasian man shouted right next to the black man’s ear. “F*ck! Calm! I am only going to ask him some questions. I admit he’s smarter than us but we are a team right? Nothing’s wrong with asking him questions when there’s a problem. And he said he wants to wipe out team China. We merely started what he wants to do. Even though we lost a person but we have good intentions. Anyway, let’s go find him!”


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