TI Vol 13: Chapter 6-2

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Vol 13: Chapter 6-2.

The Sky Stick wavered several times as Zheng’s mind wandered off. The people hanging below thought it was due to carrying too many people, and the image did seem quite weird with the Sky Stick being so little. Fortunately, it was a sci-fi item after all and had no actual problem carrying all of them aside from slowing down.

“We have to prepare a few items to cross the Atlantic Ocean. First is another Sky Stick. The current speed is too slow when carrying six people. Its energy will also deplete too fast. This will require a rank D reward from Zheng. Second is some consumable items. Lan also needs to keep a constant scan around us for storms and islands suitable for rests.”

As Zheng listened to that emotionless voice, he wondered how someone without feelings liked fishing. Did he really want to fish a whale?

They arrived at Cairo before long. Everyone got off and decided to stay in the same inn. Zheng still had a large sum in the bank of this world so they didn’t have to worry about money. Once he withdrew some money, they booked the whole inn.

Nothing special happened in the night. They had dinner together, talked about random stuff and their future, then went to bed.

Everyone gathered in the lobby the next morning then headed toward the Cairo port after a quick breakfast. They bought the fishing rods along the way and to their surprise, Zero actually knew quite a lot. He picked the baits and rods for everyone. Zheng was left with no words.

(Zero. You don’t know his true power. Why did you choose such equipments for him?) Zheng thought with a bitter laugh.

They soon reached the port. Zheng was prepared. He went to the largest yacht in the other’s confusion and paid twice the normal price to rent it. The owner of this yacht was a young Caucasian. He counted the pounds happily then let them board.

Trips like this made them relax. A lot of times, thoughts of fights and deaths filled their minds when struggling to live in the movies. An occasional relaxing trip was beneficial for them to take on upcoming battles. For a while, everyone felt lazy.

Aside from Xuan who had been sitting by the rail alone. He slowly put on the bait then cast the hook into the Nile River.

Zero laughed. “Xuan, you enjoy fishing too? You probably didn’t know that my skills are on expert level. We went fishing with a few partners that was on a job before and they called me the prince of fishing.”

Just as he finished talking, Xuan pulled an African carp onto the deck. He quietly took off the hook before turning to Zero. “Did you say something?”

Zero was still laughing. “Not bad. But don’t worry. I am definitely stronger than you. Why don’t we have a competition?” He went over to the rail and began assembling the tackle. Xuan had already cast the hook into the river again.

Zheng looked out from the cabin and smiled bitterly at Zero and Xuan. As the size of fish grew bigger every time Xuan pulled back, the nightmare repeated itself. Though the bearer changed to Zero this time. Whether he was the prince of fishing or not, that title was now gone.

“What are you thinking?” It was Lan.

Zheng turned around to see her standing not far behind. She was carrying a tray with two cups of coffee. They each took a cup. Lan gave off an expression that it was bitter after taking a sip.

“Hoho. Don’t you know to add milk and sugar?” Zheng also tasted that bitterness. That was the taste of pure coffee.

Lan smiled. “No. That can of sugar had bugs in them. I don’t know when was the last time this yacht’s owner drank coffee. The coffee beans were sealed though so there was no problem with it. So what were you thinking just now?”

Zheng gave her a smile then turned back around. “Nothing special. Just that it feels calm. Every time I came back from battle, my mind and heart would feel tense. As if one more little thing will make them snap. Thankfully there’s a time like this to rest before the next movie. Where is Kampa and WangXia?”

Lan closed her eyes for several seconds. “WangXia is hiding in a cabin reading a novel. Kampa is bathing sunlight on the top. He’s sleeping on one of the lying chairs. Why don’t you go fishing or do something you like?”

Zheng shook his head. “I am feeling calm right now. I just want to stand here and not move around. Hoho.”

Lan blinked the giggled. “Why don’t you chat with me if you have nothing else to do. Hm. Talk about what happened after we died. What did you do afterward? How did you revive Xuan and the others? I am curious.” She dragged Zheng to the chairs.

Zheng sat down along with her. Then Lan just stared at him. The attention coming from her gaze was filled with feelings. Zheng subconsciously turned his head to the side.

“Uh. What should I say? All of you died back there. I returned to God’s dimension miraculously. I was lucky to have killed two unlocked members from team Devil so my points didn’t go negative. It was also thanks to my clone who gave me the hints to revive you. After I returned, I exchanged three months in this world to excavate the collapsed Hamunaptra and search for the Book of Amun-Ra.”

“After that, I kept looking for bonus missions since it costs a rank B reward and 8000 points to revive a veteran. I was alone and had no one to split the cost. Then I revived Xuan for his intelligence to look for more bonus missions.”

As Zheng was muttering to himself, Lan began crying softly. But a smile arose with her tears. “It’s wonderful that you are still alive. When I was dying I thought I had nothing to fear anymore, but I was scared that I couldn’t see you again, couldn’t hear your voice again, couldn’t connect with your mind again. I was scared…”

As she was talking, Zheng suddenly walked over to her and embraced her. Then he turned around and walked out to the deck. Lan was crying with delight this time because she felt a kiss on her lips. Yet she was uncertain if it was real because her mind was dazed on the sudden embrace.

The sunlight outside depicted Zheng’s feeling at the moment.


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      1. Really? It was only a few chapters ago that the MC was praising WangXia for being a real man because he chose to remain faithful.
        And now, you’re hoping the MC turns into a hypocrite by NOT being faithful to Lori?

        1. To play devil’s advocate, he already loves Lori. And he’s had feelings for Lan for some time. Whereas WangXia didnt’ only had one person in his heart. So I feel it’s isn’t quite the same situation for comparison.

          1. True, he gained feelings and Lan giving him that cross did revive him, so in a way she is a support for him while WangXia’s support is his mom’s life in the real world

        2. I don’t see why the two things would be related, besides, i feel his praise was mostly toward his unyielding determination instead of his choice… I can’t even think about how many people I praised for something throughout my life for many various reasons, yet I can’t see a reason why praising someone would mean that I want to be like them, or that I consider myself alike.

    1. Yeah… not too thrilled about it. Personally, I feel that harems detract from the story. Not that there aren’t good stories with harem tags, but those are very rare.
      In fact, most of the really good stories do not have a harem. Take for example, Coiling dragon or Duoluo dalu. No harems there.

      1. Yeah harems are a cop-out used by authors to get high ratings for a short period of time. every time the mc attracts some influential girl (bonus points if violent and tsundre) the fans gooo willlddd. so dumb.

      2. but this is a little different, right? zheng is actually developing emotionally and struggling with the decision… the common harem just includes the integration of new members… for me this is quite a pleasent surprise and if lori is fine with it, then i would prefer the harem route, since, even though lan is annoying sometimes, she is still a great character…. and i kind of don’t want her to be hurt again^^

        1. It’s just silly beyond belief for the author to spawn Lori into the story, and shoving such a random sob story upon the MC, and then retcon Lori by introducing Lan’s affection for Zheng. What’s the point of this love-triangle, when Lori does not even exist 80% of the time in the story? It’s just there for needless drama. Absolutely pointless, and redundant drama.

          Lori better eventually be part of the movies as a Dragon Knight or something, seeing as how Fugly is spending most of its time with her, now.

  1. O’ii O’ii, ZHENG MY MAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! What do you mean “I’m taking a vacation!” — are you insane!? You berated that mentality the moment you came back after the wipout mission! And after actually having a few good training sessions, you revert right back to where you started!? For f*ck’s sake, man. I don’t want this story to go back to the staleness of the previous volumes.

  2. Even though i dont favor lori, its obvious that zheng is not going to choose lan, so i dont understand all the confusion and ambiguity.

    it was really confusing to me how lan was so head over heels for zheng without even trying to revive her late bf or at least spend more time reminiscing him… it makes her love for someone rather cheap this way.

    Especially when she claimed to be sp attracted to zheng because he resembles her late bfs good nature character… oh whatever i should just keep reading.

    I like her more when she is not too bothered by her affection towards zheng, its a survival game afterall.

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