TI Vol 13: Chapter 6-1

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Vol 13: Chapter 6-1.

“Basically, we all died in the battle against team Devil, including me. That revival cross was from you, right?” Zheng was sitting inside a tent.

Zero and Lan looked absent minded. Though no one would feel perfectly normal after learning of their death. Zero was tougher and soon got a hold of himself while Lan seemed absorbed in herself. Xuan called for her several times before she replied. “Uh? What’s it?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “Try and use your psyche scan and soul link abilities. Link with my mind and show me the largest area you can scan.”

She recognized Xuan a while ago. He left her with a strong impression in Alien. It was surprising that Zheng chose to revive this ruthless man. She was curious at the request but still did so.

Xuan frowned a bit as he was thinking. It took some time before he said. “Pretty good. The combination of these two skills provide impressive scouting in the battlefield. They can sway a team’s survival.”

Lan smiled at him but remained quiet. Zheng quickly changed the topic and said. “Xuan, what were you saying before about the golden mask? What is that fact?”

Xuan nodded. “This is something I should explain to you. Quest items are probably relics from ancient civilizations. Of course, the ones we have, such as the books and the Spear of Osiris are imitations. God cloned these items then put them into the various worlds.”

The others were quite confused. Xuan continued. “To make a comparison, you probably know of cultivation (xiuzhen) from ancient China. It is a systematic method of becoming stronger, much like education. The Foundation stage is grade school, Jindan stage is middle school, Yuanyin stage is high school. The cultivation system also contains various knowledge and one of such branches is crafting. The quest items we have are likely these crafted items.”

“I have been analysing and doing researcher on the creation of magic items and weapons. Currently, I can manufacture most sci-fi weapons given enough time and their designs. Though most of these weapons take too long to make. However, I have no way of making magical items or even analyse them.”

“You may think that sci-fi weapons such as the EMP rifle and Gauss rifle are extremely powerful. But magical items have effects and powers way beyond sci-fi weapons. I saw a tier B defensive cultivation item in the exchange system that is rechargeable and can defend against mini nuclear missiles. Can any of your rifles break through that defense before your enemies attack you? At the same time, with stronger magical defenses come stronger weapons. Tier B and above weapons are probably strong enough to break through that defense with multiple attacks.”

“So I have been thinking of the origin of these items. From the information we have gathered, I am certain they belong to a technology. A technology different from ours in the real world. Similar to energy control in the fifth stage, this technology applies very fine control over energy. The symbols and characters is the equivalent of a circuit, each directing different flows of energy. What effects will it have when these symbols and characters combine together? They are like a programming language. Once I can get over this problem, I will be able to create magical items.”

Everyone was shocked to hear these words. Xuan adjusted his glasses and said. “That’s why our goal isn’t just for the golden mask bonus mission but to enter the Mayan ruins. I need to find the method of creating the mask, or at least information on the symbols and characters! Even at the expense of not completing the mission. These information is worth more than the rewards from the mission just like the dragonshard in comparison to the points we obtained.”

Obtaining knowledge of ancient civilizations meant they could create magical items. After they reached this conclusion, they all agreed to head to the U.S.. Kampa patted his shoulder and said. “You should have just made it simple instead of talking a bunch. Weren’t you just confusing us illiterates? Haha. I get it. Just go to the U.S. and obtain the golden mask then search for more inside that Mayan ruins.”

Xuan took off his glasses as everyone else cheered. He wiped the glasses and muttered. “Ignorance is such a bliss.”

Zheng slapped Xuan’s shoulder and said. “Ok. Enough with the ignorance is a bliss. Tell us what are we going to do next. We only have ten days in this world, or nine days remaining. I don’t think we have enough time to head to the U.S., obtain the mask, then enter the ruins.”

Xuan nodded. “Of course it is not enough. It should take at least 40 days to do everything. Which means we have to wait out these ten days, go back then return to this world again. You still have around 10000 points. Each person can gift another person points or rewards once between each movie. You will activate this world for Lan and exchange 40 days in the world. I will do the same for Zero. So the two of them can fight for the team immediately.”

Zheng counted the points they needed to spend and nodded. “Understood. We will go along with your plan. But are you sure about obtaining the systematic knowledge of magic? If we don’t get it then we would have wasted 12000 points and two rank D rewards.”

Xuan nodded with certainty. His face had a hint of fanaticism. “Of course worth the risk! This is a gamble but has a 50% chance of giving us the knowledge of magical items. We can get the golden mask for certainty. 50% chance is enough for us to take this risk because points are insignificant when compared to the knowledge. Just like letting you trade gold for cultivation methods. We have to obtain this knowledge at all cost!”

“Maybe this is your only desire right now, to understand the unknown.” Zheng nodded and said to the others. “Ok, since it’s been decided, let’s go to Cairo. We will wait out the nine days there then come back for 40 days. Take a good rest in these nine days. We don’t get it often.”

Xuan suddenly said. “Since we are returning to Cairo, why don’t we go fishing?”


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