TI Vol 13: Chapter 15-1

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Vol 13: Chapter 15-1.

“Obtained quest item Mask of Evolution. Users who unlocked the fourth stage can experience the fifth stage once. Users at the third unlocked stage and below will lose control of his DNA. No other limitation.”

Zheng held the golden mask in his hand. The mask glowed with a faint yellow light after they put back the fallen fragment. It was easy to tell this wasn’t some normal mask as a careful look revealed the mysterious symbols and characters carved on the mask. When Zheng tried to channel qi and blood energy into the mask, it glowed in a golden light. However, there was no other effect.

Xuan was very curious about the mask. He had Zheng channeled qi into it while he studied the mask with a magnifying glass. He even entered the unlocked mode to aid his observation. After quite a while, he said to Zheng. “My speculations are correct. See the symbols and characters on the mask? They are similar to circuits in electronics. But these symbols are more systematic and more efficient. Circuits is a technology based on eletricity. This mask is a technology based on energy emitted by a human.”

Zheng and the others were baffled. Xuan held the mask up to Zheng and said. “Enter your unlocked mode and observe carefully. Channel your qi into it bit by bit.”

Zheng picked it up and channeled his qi. The mask instantly emitted a golden glowed again. The point where his fingers touched the mask emitted a white light instead. This white light moved through the symbols and characters then became absorbed into the carvings. These symbols and characters then lighted up again in a golden glow.

“Get it? Electronic components convert eletricity into signals. These symbols and characters convert your qi into another form of energy. The Spear of Osiris follows the same idea except that it performs this conversion inside the spear while the mask performs it on the outside.” Xuan said with fanatism. His expression scared everyone around him since only one or two people here had seen him in this state.

They looked at each other and obviously no one actually understood him. Zheng waved his hand and said. “But what does this represent? I am not familiar with the technical aspects. Just get to the point.”

Xuan wasn’t irritated at all. He took over the mask. “It means once we grasp this energy conversion, we are 10% toward becoming a saint. Maybe a little less. However, it’s still a large step. Let me make a comparison. Qi, blood energy, and even psyche force can be exchanged from God. Although the higher tier energies require training, every one of us can obtain some form of energy. Once we have this energy conversion, it will be like having an eletronic product with a power generator.”

Their expressions looked totally confused. Xuan sighed. “A mortal’s wisdom. The Spear of Osiris converts qi and blood energy into a destructive force. I observed the attributes of this force. It disintergrates an object at the atomic level upon contact. If we cracked the symbols and characters within the spear, we will be able to not only clone it but also create Gun of Osiris, Cannon of Osiris. As long as there’s qi and blood energy for the conversion, these weapons will be possible.”

“Another example is the Xiuzhen items like flying swords and magical gadgets. You can view them as items using different froms of energy conversion. The flying sword utilizes anti-gravity, psyche force for remote control, destructive energy, and self-replication in some legendary techniques that can cast endless flying swords. The gadgets are independent conversions to fire or ice or gravity or dimensional forces. This is a form of science. The science of energy conversion.”

Xuan continued fanatically. “Now you should get it. Once we grasp these symbols and characters and can put them into meaningful arrangements, we can create magical items. I can finally be certain that magical items are all advanced technological products.”

They were sweating as they watched Xuan speak without a pause. Jonathan whispered to Zheng. “He looks scary. He’s just like when the current Germany president is giving a speech. Are you sure he’s not a threat to us?”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Well there isn’t any special threat to speak of. It’s rare to see him in this state. So it isn’t a bad thing.”

The group stayed in the hospital for three days total. O’Connell’s arm still needed to be bandaged. Everyone else had completely recovered. Even though Zheng’s injury was the worst but he recovered the quickest. The dragon’s cells in addition to the vampire genetics pushed his rate of recovery near the level of trolls. Of course, that was still quite a way from the monster.

After three days, they discussed a bit and decided to head toward the Mayan ruins. There were still thirty days left in this world but who knew what would happen in the ruins. So it was best to go there first. To their surprise, Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun also decided to join them.

Imhotep smiled at their confusion. “I lived in a different time than you. I used to think Egypt is the center of all civilizations. It wasn’t until I revived did I learn there is an ancient civilization in every continent. I am also quite interested in the saints. Perhaps the Egyptian civilization at my time was also remains of these saints.”

They didn’t have any special dislike or worry about Imhotep joining. They had changed their views toward the two after the fight. For one, Imhotep helped them a lot during the fight. If he didn’t carried Alex away, Zheng wouldn’t be able to fight with all his strength. Second, Anck-Su-Namun had a sharp tongue but wasn’t a woman without reason. She just didn’t get along with others too well. Their fight against the monster together close the distance between her and the others. Even Evelyn could talk a bit with her.

The group was increased to eleven people excluding the boy. O’Connell, Evelyn, Jonathan and Anck-Su-Namun sat in a basket. Zero, Lan, Kampa, and Wangxia in the other. Zheng and Xuan piloted the Sky Sticks. Imhotep flew by himself as a sandstorm. They spread the weight evenly so the Sky Sticks could fly at similar speeds.

“The ruins weren’t discovered before because they are located deep inside a canyon in a forest. An earthquake not long ago exposed the canyon. The villagers nearby then found the pyramid. Evidence from our archaeological studies show that the ruins are from 5000 years ago, thousands of years earlier than what we believed about the Mayan civilization.”

During the flight on the Sky Stick, Evelyn explained the ruins to everyone. Her voice couldn’t reach the other Sky Stick but soul link solved this issue. Lan connected with Evelyn and repeated what was said.

Evelyn sounded a little depressed. “There was a small village of native Americans outside the pyramid. The monster was originally a person of this village, a kind old man. But the mask transformed him into that cruel monster. He turned everyone in the village into vampires, even his eight year old granddaughter.”

They were also upset upon hearing this and didn’t know what to say. Lan comforted her through the soul link. As the Sky Stick continued flying ahead, a little village came into view. In the forest beyond the village, a part of the pyramid also came into their sight.


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