TI Vol 11: Chapter 8-3

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Vol 11: Chapter 8-3.

Zheng listened to the notification closely outside the alter. He realized what he guessed was totally wrong. He could create bodies without a mind in God’s dimension but he forgot an important criteria to the creation, it could only create what he was familiar with or know.

For example, he could create a body that looked the same as the members but what about the DNA? And how could he guarantee that the insides were the same? The blood types and everything else? So what he made would just be just someone similar.

“Which means unless you freeze and store the body as soon as someone died, you have to pay the extra 1000 points. But this is still much better than paying twice the points and rewards to revive in God’s dimension.” Zheng let out a sigh of relief. Then he began to count how many points he earned in this movie.

4000 points from obtaining the Bracelet of Anubis and numerous from killing pygmies in the forest. He might have killed a thousand with the Gatling cannon. The final explosion killed even more. He wondered if they totaled up to 4000 pygmies.

(Xuan should have less than 3000 points and also very little ranked rewards. I can revive him in God’s dimension for way less, but…)

Zheng hesitated. First thing was he didn’t know if he had enough points. He had a rank B reward and rank C reward when he entered this world and now he had two rank B rewards total after completing the bracelet mission. As long as he had enough points, he could revive Xuan.

He didn’t have the confidence to challenge the Scorpion King by just himself no matter how much power he had. He needed Xuan.

Zheng clenched his teeth. Even though this would waste a rank B reward, he would obtain 10000 points and two rank B rewards in return if he was to finish the Scorpion King’s mission. Instead of getting killed in the pyramid, he’d rather revive Xuan to help him with the challenge!

“God, revive Chu Xuan.” Zheng stood inside the altar with the Book of Amun-Ra. These were the words to activate resurrection. Once you have enough points and rewards and say the person’s name, and if that person hadn’t been revived before, he would be revived.

“Deducted 8000 points and one rank B reward. Activated resurrection.”

After the notification, a movie like projection appeared on top of the altar. A person was fighting by himself on the roof of a building. He was using two pistols and shooting at ghosts coming from every direction. In the end he shot his own stomach. As he was lying on the floor, he held out his hand as if to reach for the moon.

Once the projection disappeared, a series of information streamed into Zheng’s head. He felt like he saw a boy that was crying in his heart but tear couldn’t break through his eyes. The boy gradually grew up into the adult Xuan. The emotionless man with glasses. Inside his cold heart were tears that could never come out. No sense of pain, taste, smell, touch. Zheng finally understood what he meant when he meant by the meal looked delicious before entering The Grudge. That was right, he could only see.

Zheng felt a little unease. Judging from this message, the cause was at the genetic level. Unless he could change DNA…

Xuan slowly appeared in front of him. He held out a hand and said. “Xuan, help me.”

“I didn’t die, or is it revived? Why do I want to help you?”

“Because I know how to help you obtain senses of pain, happiness, taste, and every feeling a normal person has. I know how to help you!”

Xuan looked exactly the same as before. The same indifference expression. The same habit of adjusting his glasses. He touched his heart and asked Zheng. However, Zheng’s answer made him express something different for the first time. His fingers seemed to be shaking if just a little. He touched the stone of the altar and asked. “Tell me. If you have at least 50% chance of success, I will help you.”

Zheng was delighted. He knew he seized the most important thing to Xuan, the man’s only desire. “The genetic constraint has five stages. The first stage increases a person’s combat ability by unleashing combat instincts from human ancestors. The second stage gives control over 90% of the body, like sight, hearing, muscles.” He enlarged his arm to three times its normal size.

Xuan seemed to get it and said. “Continue.”

“Starting from the third stage, you will begin to utilize various areas of the brain. Like I can simulate your way of thinking to 50% effectiveness. The third stage is simulation.”

“The fourth stage is what can change your fate. The fourth stage gives you the ability to alter your DNA. Once you reach the borderline to the fifth stage, you can even reconstruct your DNA. Do you remember the enhancements from God? Those were created by ancient humans that reached the fourth stage. If you reach the fourth stage, you can alter your DNA and obtain everything a normal person should have. We can experience pain together, cry together, eat together and laugh together. Help me, Xuan. I need your intelligence!”

Xuan adjusted his glasses and asked. “There are five stages, what’s the last one?”

Zheng thought for a moment. “The fifth stage is energy manipulation. I don’t fully understand it.”

“Qi, Xiuzhen, blood energy, magic.” Xuan walked down from the alter. “These are abilities to control energy. If genetic enhancements come from the fourth stage, the fifth stage is probably creation of these abilities. If the five stage theory of genetic constraint is true, then I can see the answers to previous uncertainties.”

After a while, Zheng said excitedly. “That means you agreed to help? Haha, you agreed, right?”

“Tell me what happened after I died.”

“That’s basically it. I thought the Book of Amun-Ra could never be found after it dropped off the cliff. And the cost of twice the points and rewards was almost impossible to obtain. If it wasn’t for team Devil, I wouldn’t have made up my mind to come back.”

Zheng told Xuan everything that happened since The Grudge in details. About all the main members of the team, the Guide, the leader position, what he knew about God’s dimension, team battles, the two special teams, and even what happened between him and his clone. Then he saw Xuan writing on a piece of paper.

“Let’s start from the beginning. We assumed God doesn’t want to kill us but to make us evolve. So it placed us in near death situations every time. When you encountered team India, they were only slightly stronger than you. Basing on your difference in strength and your lack of a leader, you were almost destined to lose. However, you actually won in a almost flawless victory, aside from Zero’s death.”

“Team China’s rating plus one. Then you entered the supernatural series Final Destination. If the episode of the series is correlates to difficulty, it shouldn’t be tough for the movie to wipe the team. However, Jie freeing himself from this world saved the team without much loss. Only the newbies died.”

“Team China’s rating plus one again. Then you entered Alien: Resurrection at a wrong location, with an altered difficulty and monster strength. This should have been a movie that could wipe any team. However, team China survived again without much loss. Only the newbies died again. If I am God in this case, I would rate team China above team Devil and team Celestial. That’s why it organized a team battle between team China and team Devil. If team China continued winning, then God will probably develop you as the main team and keep increasing difficulty. Because team China’s potential would have surpassed what it calculated as the team with the highest potential.”

“However, team China failed. Which means rating reset. If I am correct, the next movie will be at a normal difficulty for regular teams and isn’t because God is going easy on you.”

Xuan finished writing and looked at the paper. “This is the order of resurrection. We can discuss after returning to God’s dimension. I have died once and don’t want to die again. So I don’t want to have any conflict with you. If a conflict comes up, you can say your opinion and adjust my plan.”

Zheng didn’t take the paper. “I don’t have any objection to the order of resurrection. My only requirement is everyone that was on the team must revive. I don’t want them to sleep in the darkness for eternity.”

Xuan wrote a little more then said. “No problem, if they have acceptable strength. I don’t want any member pulling the team’s weight, unless he agrees to be the bait during dangerous missions. This topic will be postponed. Back to the current situation. We have to finish the Scorpion King’s mission in the days remaining. Judging by the difficulty you described, this will be a tough battle. So I don’t want you to waste your energy before entering the pyramid. The reason you were forced to run was because you wasted your energy on needless places.”

“So, go purchase incendiary bombs. Burn down the forest. It’s not a tropical forest, but rather inside the desert. Let it burn and it should be over in three days.”

(Incredible. Definitely worth the points and reward.)

Zheng stared at Xuan. This man’s ideas were as crazy as before. He never thought about burning down the whole forest. But if this worked, then he could reach the pyramid effortlessly and the countless pygmies in the forest…

“Don’t dream about the points from the pygmies. If I am correct, pygmies died during the fire will not count toward any points. And I advice you better not step inside the forest.”


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