TI Vol 11: Chapter 7-1

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Vol 11: Chapter 7-1.

This forest was huge. All they saw were trees in the hour they walked inside, and the occasional oasis. Though the few dehydrated corpses and skeletons took away any interest to take a rest there.

“It’s getting dark. How much longer do we have to go?” Jonathan asked as he was panting.

Zheng shrugged. “Find a higher terrain first. Otherwise, we can’t even find the direction. Though it’s too dark now. We can’t see too far off.”

O’Connell looked around. “We should find a place to rest. It’s been an exhausting day. We will be too tired even if we are to find the Scorpion King.”

Zheng looked at the others who weren’t in good conditions. He had no choice but to jump up to a tree and searched around. Then he pointed to the east and said. “There’s a stream that way.”

They were energized from hearing it. After Zheng got back down, they ran along him. Ten minutes later, a two meter wide stream came into view. Evelyn cheered, took off her shoes and ran in. They drank some water and washed their hands. However, Zheng was observing the surroundings. He felt uncomfortable ever since he entered the forest, like countless eyes were gazing at them.

“Let’s take a rest here. We will go find the Scorpion King’s pyramid tomorrow.”

At the same time. On the other end of the forest. A bald man entered the forest with a group of men in black robes. He frowned and an old man next to him asked. “Did you find anything, master? Or is this not the location of the Scorpion King’s pyramid?”

“This is the correct place but somehow, I am feeling a sense of pressure. Haha, this is definitely the holy desert, where the army of Anubis sleeps. Let’s go find that army and also seize the Bracelet of Anubis from them.”

Zheng knew Imhotep would be chasing after them. However, there was nothing they could do at this time. They started a pit fire and roasted fish for dinner thanks to Zheng. He speared several fish in the stream. These fish were big and tasted fresh due to living in an uninhabited place.

After some wine, the movie characters asked about God. Since there was no penalty revealing God’s world, Zheng told them the world in details. Though he held back on mentioning this world was actually a movie world. That would be depressing for them.

Jonathan was the most captivated by the other world as saliva dripped off his mouth. Because gold was inexpensive as rocks. He started persuading Zheng to use gold to trade for things from this world. Of course that was rejected. Time in this world was expensive.

Zheng began training his qi and blood energy once the others fell asleep. He could stay up for a day or two without issues with his body. He didn’t want to miss a day of training.

“Not going to sleep?” Ardeth asked.

Zheng didn’t turn around. He continued the circulation of qi. “Uh, these two days are crucial. I will guard the night and also get time to train my qi and blood energy.”

Ardeth sounded interested. “The blood energy can be used to cast spells, but what about qi? I haven’t seen you use it.”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “That’s because I don’t know how to use it. Chinese martial arts use qi as a source of energy, think of it as close range magic. But I don’t know any of these martial arts. Oh, yeah, my movement technique is similar.”

“So that’s the one you use to run and jump so high. That’s incredible. The East is mysterious. If every man in my tribe learns this technique, we will be able to fend off all the invaders.”

Zheng laughed. “This technique came from God. I have been suspecting something. That God adjusts the difficulty according to my strength. Because I know someone that completed this mission by himself when he was weaker than me. Furthermore, he didn’t do the mission after returning to this world but during another mission. If the base rewards of this mission are 5000 points and a rank B reward, I can obtain double the rewards by coming back in exchange for the highest difficulty. However, he obtained triple the base rewards which probably meant he accepted an even higher difficulty version. But he should have been weaker than me at the time.”

“So I think God sets the difficulty that will put me on the borderline of dying according to my peak power, to make me evolve during life and death situations. But how does it know my limit? I think it comes from my stats, enhancements, enhanced techniques, and exchanged items. Which means if I can create a technique by myself, God might not be able to threaten me with such difficulty.”

Zheng’s eyes defocused while he was talking as he simulated Xuan’s mind. After this analysis, he gave a shout. Inside his body, a red line came straight down from the top of his head and an air current flowed upward from the pool of qi by his navel. The two energies met at his heart then he disappeared from where he was standing. A hole busted open in a huge tree of over ten meters thick from afar. Then the sound of multiple impacts followed. Zheng broke down the tree with his punches.

“Stimulate all the blood energy and qi at the same time and circulate them over the body. The volatility of these two energies running together and attacking each other without me regulating them gives me ten folds the strength and speed for ten seconds. The third stage of the unlocked mode gives me the reaction speed to use it. This is what I created during the days I am in this world. I will name it… explosion!”

Zheng stood next to the trunk. He turned around and smiled at Ardeth. Then a stream of blood burst out from his body, and another one. In a few seconds, he was covered with blood. Everyone else was woken up by the sound and came running to him. Zheng felt warmth in his heart when he saw their anxious expressions. He could tell they were worried about him.

“Can’t help it. The energy created in the process was too much for my body to handle. So I can barely move a finger for half an hour afterward. Some blood vessels will also burst. A normal person would die from just the bleeding.”

He smiled bitterly, then stopped the bleeding with hemostasis spray. The vampire bloodline also healed his body in just ten minutes. The only trace of injury left was the blood stains. Perhaps it was fate that this technique required vampire bloodline to sustain. Anything else and he might die after a few uses. Zheng dragged himself to the stream and washed himself.

“Explosion, my own technique. Come at me God, let me see what kind of difficulty you prepared!”


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  1. TYVM for the chapter!

    “Perhaps it was fate that this technique required vampire bloodline to sustain. Anything else and he might die after a few uses.”

    But the technique itself needs blood (vampire) energy right? So its a bit redundant to call it fate.

    1. Pretty sure you can buy “Blood energy” and “Mana” usage etc. seperatly, just like Qi. I also bet there are some bloodlines, likely Sacred Beast bloodlines, that come with the ability to use Qi.

  2. Zheng smiled bitterly. “That’s because I don’t know how to use it. Chinese martial arts use qi as a source of energy, think of it as close range magic. But I don’t know any of these martial arts…”

    Then why don’t you just buy one of those Chinese Martial Arts manuals, and invest 1,000 points to have 100 days of training? Huh?
    “Serious business” Zheng better have the rationale to actually fix that easily covered flaw in his combat capabilities.

    1. I have to clarify this. The Chinese Martial Arts, from a traditional perspective, are believed need dozens of year to learn, practice and master. 100 days… just so short.

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