TI Vol 11: Chapter 4-1

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Vol 11: Chapter 4-1.

Zheng was struck by this voice. It took a while for him to come back to his senses. He immediately shouted. “F*ck, hurry! Everyone run to the deepest part of the tomb!”

Evelyn looked around and said. “Patience is a virtue. This is a tomb. There are traps everywhere. We can get killed if we go too fast.”

Zheng started running ahead as he yelled. “I just received a mission notice. This tomb will collapse in ten minutes if I don’t get the bracelet. F*ck, why would I get a mission when I spent my own points to get here. This doesn’t even make sense. F*ck God.”

The others were dumbfounded as they saw Zheng running away. Then hurried behind him. Aside from Jonathan who said. “I suddenly have an upset stomach. Let me go take a dump. I will be back in ten minutes.” O’Connell and Ardeth grabbed him on both sides then dragged him into the tomb.

The tomb felt ghastly and damp. The scorpions and spiders made them uncomfortable. Although Zheng couldn’t feel anything, since he was running against the clock. Once ten minutes were up, he would die before the tomb could collapse. He couldn’t come up with 5000 points to deduct. Plus, it was lucky to encounter a bonus mission. Who knows when would he see one again? So he didn’t want to just leave the tomb.

A sense of danger suddenly struck him. He rolled to the front without thinking. A large sword hit where he were at. The hand holding it wasn’t a human hand.

A human body with a dog’s head walked out from a narrow path. It was three meters tall, with a black body, and holding a large sword. It looked like one of Anubis’s army in the movie.

The monster moved faster than the mummies from the first movie. The sword slashed at Zheng horizontally with the tip scratching against the wall, causing flares on the point of contact.

Zheng turned around the moment he landed as he took out the axe. He jumped straight into the monster. The axe and sword met each other. The lightning enveloping the axe made it seem like Thor’s hammer. It easily caught the sword then crushed it and also crushed the the monster into dust.

“Everyone be careful! There are monsters in the tomb!”

Zheng yelled to the people behind him before he could catch a his breath. Then he saw them running at him at twice the speed from before. Jonathan yelled. “Don’t need your reminders. There are a lot of monsters behind!”

Zheng looked past them and saw several Anubis warriors chasing after them. They moved in the tomb swiftly with their large swords.

Zheng sighed. He could have taken care of the Anubis’s warriors without even unlocking but God only gave him ten minutes. These warriors were obviously placed here to delay him.

(If they are here then I could have entrusted my back to them.)

He took out a submachine gun and ran ahead of everyone. “I will clear the way, take care of yourself!” An Anubis warrior had already ran up to him from the front.

Zheng had entered the unlocked mode when he was done shouting. The movements of the warrior became clear in his eyes. Numerous information streamed into his head. He sprayed the gun at the warrior’s calves and broke its leg off. The warrior fell over at him and hit itself at the incoming axe.

Jonathan was somehow running just a meter behind Zheng. He said hurriedly. “Not bad. Feels like a man to use an axe as a weapon.”

Zheng suddenly recalled what he said to the original owner of this weapon and smiled bitterly. He didn’t reply and kept running ahead. There were only three warriors on the way. He killed all of them before they could close in since magical bullets were effective against them.

“How much longer? Who knows how much time we have left!?” Zheng yelled, but he didn’t even have the time to look behind him.

Evelyn said. “Six minutes. Only six minutes left!”

Zheng was getting anxious. “What about the guides? Aren’t they the experts? Which doors or walls should get go through? Say something!”

Jonathan sighed behind him. “They probably never experienced this kind of scenarios so they disappeared after a while of running. I think they ran into the wrong path and may not be alive anymore.”

“Why didn’t I see you run into a wrong path?” Zheng casually responded then a sword was coming straight at his face. These Anubis’s warriors had learned to throw their weapons. The movie characters were behind him so he couldn’t even dodge them. He could take a hit or two but it would probably take half the life of anyone behind him.

“F*ck!” Zheng had no choice but to block it with his axe. The throw was powerful along with the weapon’s heavy weight. It knocked him back a meter and collided with Jonathan who was behind him, also dragging everyone to the ground.

“Everyone get down!”

Zheng yelled. He might as well start going all out now. He took out the gatling cannon then began spraying the front and back of the tunnel. The shooting speed of several thousand rounds a minute plus the power of the cannons crushed ten warriors in just two rounds. Everyone looked at this exaggerating weapon with their mouths open. Using a gatling cannon by just one person was shocking.

“What are you waiting for? Run!”

Zheng threw it back into the dimensional bag and met eyes with the people on the ground. They followed Zheng running along the tunnel. He killed ten more warriors on the way and luckily there were no real threats. When there was only four minutes left, Evelyn pointed to a wall. “It’s here! I have a feeling it’s behind this wall!”

In the original plot, it was Evelyn recalling her previous life that brought them to the secret tomb. So Zheng hacked the wall with the axe without thinking. It created an opening on the wall. He could see a room through the opening.

However, before his axe hit the wall again, he saw a three meter long scorpion, or perhaps, the ancestor of scorpions. It wasn’t just one. As he looked closely through the opening, there were at least seven of them.

“I hate you God!”


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