TI Vol 11: Chapter 10-1

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Vol 11: Chapter 10-1.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief as they saw the pyramid. Bodies of dead pygmies filled the path they walked. No one was certain if the ones near the center survived. If so then their numbers alone could wipe the team. God knows why there could exist so many pygmies in this forest.

Jonathan said loudly. “My god, there’s really a soccer ball size diamond! It’s beautiful. Zheng, I have faith in you. You will defeat the Scorpion King and obtain his army and treasure! Haha.”

Zheng smiled. “I will take the army. About the treasure, I don’t have much use for them so I will throw them away.”

Jonathan quickly smiled along. “Why are we talking about these things. I will help you take care of those useless gold and jewelry.”

Zheng walked toward the pyramid. As soon as he entered, he felt a weight on his body, like something was taken away from him. This feeling was horrible. Not only that, but when he turned around, everyone stayed by the entrance of the pyramid and couldn’t enter. He held out his hand and felt a translucent barrier between them.

“The Scorpion King resurrects. All enhancements and exchanged abilities are taken away from the challenger. The army of Anubis activated to kill all living beings within 50 kilometers of the golden pyramid until the Scorpion King dies.”

God’s notification sounded within Zheng’s head. He saw Xuan immediately pulled out two large pistols and everyone else took out their weapons. Then the earth in front of them rose up and turned into the warriors of Anubis.

Zheng howled. He finally understood God’s intention. He had to challenge the Scorpion King with the strength of a normal human. Which meant that he couldn’t use the devastating power of the Spear of Osiris. He couldn’t use the movement technique, the Red Flame. Furthermore, God had taken his comrades hostage. They had firearms but were vastly outnumbered. The movie characters couldn’t be revived if they die and if Xuan died, it would be all over!

Zheng howled in madness and ran as fast as he could. He could already hear gunshots coming from behind. He didn’t want to see his comrades dying, especially those that he had accepted!

He was so used to running with the movement technique that it felt strange to run. He almost lost balance several times. However, there was a tiny bit of blood energy and qi left inside him. Perhaps these energy didn’t belong to enhancements. They were formed from his training. Even the energies were so weak, they were his last hope.

Zheng started to think about his weapons and techniques he could use. The Gatling cannon was out of the question. He only had a normal person’s strength right now. Maybe he could barely use it and sustain the recoil after entering the second stage of the unlocked mode.

As he thought of the unlocked mode, he quickly entered it. Luckily, the unlocked mode didn’t disappear. He was certain that God only took away the power and stats that he exchanged. Which meant that he could still use the Explosion technique.

Zheng felt much safer. He continued running as he stayed in the unlocked mode. Suddenly, he heard the sound of hitting a gong from deep inside. Judging from the original movie, it should be Imhotep summoning the Scorpion King. The that meant the arena was not far away.

His speed was limited without the increased stats, the vampire bloodline, qi, and movement technique. He was not much stronger than a normal person aside from the unlocked mode. He had the combat instincts but a body weaker than athletes.

At the same time, the fight between the army of Anubis and the other people had begun. Fortunately, the corridor leading to the entrance of the pyramid was narrow and good for defense. They only had to worry about the front as the barrier was at their back. The army of Anubis couldn’t get their them while they had guns. However, the numbers were just so huge and their ammunition was decreasing at a rapid rate. If this continued, they could only last several minutes.

Xuan’s pistols were powerful. He had the highest firepower among the group. He looked around as he shot then he pulled the TNT from O’Connell’s waist and said. “Find a cover.” He ignited the bomb. When the fuse was almost gone, he threw the bomb at the ceiling and covered his head.

Several explosions in quick successions shook the corridor then it collapsed. The pillars and walls blocked off the army. No one got hurt. The army of Anubis wasn’t breaking in for a while.

They stood up and let out a sigh of relief. Everyone looked at Xuan with respect then they heard the sounds of stones shattering, as if someone was hammering stones. Countless hammerings happening together gave them a bad feeling.

“That’s for certain the warriors are hacking at the collapsed pillars and walls. Judging from the collapse, the thickness of the barricade is in between two to three meters. They will need six to seven minutes to break through with their numbers and strength. If you include our ammunition, we can survive eight to nine minutes. So pray, that Zheng can kill the Scorpion King in the time frame.”

Zheng didn’t know what was happening outside. All he could think about was keep running as fast as he could toward the sound of the gong. After passing through a narrow corridor, he entered a big room with fire pit cauldrons laid out around the room. Imhotep was hitting a gong in the center. A woman with long hair stood next to him.

According to the plot, Imhotep’s power was also taken away. So Zheng didn’t fear him. He took out the axe from his ring. However, even just taking out one item used up 1/5 of his qi already. He immediately halted any desire to get anything else. Then he walked toward Imhotep with his axe.

Imhotep noticed him and laughed. “You also have your powers taken away? The glorious power of Anubis fills this space. We are both just normal humans at this point. I won’t be scared of your strength and speed, and you won’t be scared of my magic and undying body. Let our conflict come to an end here!” He threw away the hammer and grabbed a sword from the wall.

Zheng took a deep breath. “I don’t have time to fool with you. Are you willing to give up killing the Scorpion King? I won’t kill you and will let you go away with your woman. If you refuse, I won’t show any mercy.”

Imhotep was surprised for a moment then laughed out loud. “Do I need your mercy? You don’t have that strength anymore. I don’t know where you obtained such power but when we are both normal humans, can you fight one versus two? Anck-Su-Namun is the strongest female warrior in Egypt. And my bravery as a high priest is well known through legends! You wish to challenge the two of us?”

Zheng didn’t reply. He raised the axe and charged at them. At the same time, a large door sudden opened. Two bright green eyes glowed from inside.


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  1. “Imhotep was surprised for a moment then laughed out loud. “Do I need your mercy? You don’t have that strength anymore. I don’t know where you obtained such power but when we are both normal humans, can you fight one versus two? Ransackmun is a well known thug in the hood and I have the eye of the tiger after watching kung-fu movies!, you wanna get down boy!?”

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