Thank You Make-A-Wish Supporters!

Thank you, Wuxiaworld readers, for your support of Will and Make-A-Wish! Our collective donors (Ryan K, Alexander G, Dereck M, Ryan Y, Amir T, Frederik N, Josephine C, Edward S, Lars-Henrik H, Andrew S, anonymous, Dante M, Louis-Maximilian G, Jan B, Christian S, Tue S, Jeoy VDP) contributed a collective total of $550. With me (RWX) matching $275, that makes for a total of $825 that we’ve raised in 48 hours for Will, helping to contribute to a total of $18,000 which Eric’s class helped raise. Thank you all very much!

3 thoughts on “Thank You Make-A-Wish Supporters!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Good for you, Will!
    If I weren’t a poor student, I’d have liked to donate, too. But at least I can give my verbal support. lol.
    (Although, my name and initial is on that list, so it counts, right? …Right?)

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