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Chapter 129 – Spread of Information

The black shield and the stone stove emitted a faint light as they floated above Mu Chen’s palm. As they flashed, a strange Spiritual Energy fluctuation spread out.

Mu Chen stared curiously at the two Spiritual Artifacts. As the creation of Spiritual Artifacts was rather complex, only Spiritual Blacksmiths had the ability to create them. Moreover, there were barely any Spiritual Blacksmiths within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. Based on this, one can see how tiny the Northern Spiritual Realm is compared to the vast and endless Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen’s hand gripped the black shield of light and inserted Spiritual Energy into it. A powerful light started to emit  from it and the palm-sized artifact instantly expanded into a protective shield in front of Mu Chen’s body.

On the surface of the black shield, there were many mysterious engravings along with black lights. It gave off a vaguely dense and powerful feeling.

Previously, Yang Gong had used this black shield to block Mu Chen’s triple Limitless Death Seal attack.

Based on Mu Chen’s calculations, this black shield could probably withstand a powerful attack from a Spirit Stage Middle Phase powerhouse. But this fact made him secretly sigh. A Spiritual Artifact truly brought too many benefits to a battle.

Mu Chen played around with the black shield before he handed it over to Sun’Er. He smiled: “This is your reward.”

Both the black shield and stone stove were protective Spiritual Artifacts. Since Mu Chen was planning on keeping the stone stove, he handed the black shield over to Sun’Er. After all, she was a Spiritual Array Master who lacked battle experience. With the support of the black shield, she would be a lot safer than before.

Sun’Er extended her petite hands and fiddled with the black shield as she chuckled: “Thank you, Brother Mu Chen.”

“The black shield and stone stove are probably Low Rank Spiritual Artifacts.” At the side, Ye Qingling smiled when she noticed this scene: “However, it truly provides many benefits to Sun’Er. If it weren’t for these protective Spiritual Artifacts, they would have probably been killed by Sun’Er directly.”

“We originally had higher ranked Spiritual Artifacts as well. However, they were handed back to our family when we entered the Northern Heavens World. They said that we must rely on ourselves for our cultivation within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If we were to use the Spiritual Artifacts’ power to obtain a higher position, we would truly be inferior to others.”

Hearing Ye Qingling say these words, Mu Chen let out a bitter smile. This was truly the difference between them. In the Northern Spiritual Realm, he had almost never seen any Spiritual Blacksmiths. However, Ye Qingling and the others were accustomed to them.

After this, Mu Chen put away the stone stove casually. Although a Spiritual Artifact brought many benefits, he had always believed that the most important thing was for one to rely on their own strength. This was something that everybody could trust.

“What are you planning to do next?” Ye Qingling smiled as she stared at Mu Chen.

“Head to the Northern Heavens Hall. What else could I do?” Mu Chen smiled. He believed that everybody’s goal was the same. This is because if they were to reach that place, they would be able to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“What about you?”

“Naturally, the same as you.” Ye Qingling smiled: “However, I would like to find a suitable Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence to ingest on our way  there. You have only recently advanced into the Spirit Stage, so you probably haven’t ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence yet, right?”

Mu Chen sighed helplessly as he nodded. Although he had an extremely rare Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence within his body, he did not dare to ingest it.

“Actually, many students that advanced to the Spirit Stage have not ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence yet. This is because they were picky and set their sights quite high. They do not wish to find and ingest a random Spiritual Beast’s Essence. Although it is possible to change the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence later, it is indeed a troublesome matter.

“As far as I know, there are many powerful Spiritual Beasts within the Northern Heavens World. In fact, there are a few that have reached the Heaven Ranks and had a pretty decent position within the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Although these Spiritual Beasts are difficult to deal with, they would always create a commotion once they were found. Many individuals would flock to them…”

“Actually, this is an opportunity that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has granted to us. It is a chance that would allow us to become a lot more powerful within the Northern Heavens World. This way, we would truly qualify to be students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Ye Qingling blinked her eyes as she stared at Mu Chen and said: “If you have no other plans, why don’t you follow us? If we were to find a couple of powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, I would give you the first choice.”

“Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts…” A hint of surprise flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. It seemed that he had underestimated the Northern Heavens World. How could such a place be ordinary if it was used by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as their examination grounds?

Although Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts were extremely powerful and it was impossible for them to compete with the beasts with their present strength, there were thousands of students inside the Northern Heavens World. These individuals were not weak either; together, it would be possible for them to suppress a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast. Naturally, there was a premise that the Spiritual Beasts weren’t as terrifying as the Nine Netherbird…

However, the possibility was quite small. Based on Mu Chen’s calculations, the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts within the Northern Heavens World would not surpass the ranks of the top 50 Spiritual Beasts in the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. After all, a Spiritual Beast with a rank above the top 50 was too powerful for students like them.

“I’m quite interested in this as well.”

A hint of interest flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. Currently, he had advanced to the Spirit Stage and it was indeed true that he required a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Otherwise, he would definitely be at a disadvantage once he fought against enemies that had ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence.

Furthermore, the Northern Heavens World was quite vast and boundless. It was evident that it would be difficult for him to obtain information and find traces of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. Therefore, it would truly help him out if he were together with Ye Qingling and the others.

“Then, let’s reunite with the others and head to the interior of the Northern Heavens World.” She was quite happy to hear that Mu Chen would be going with them. After all, Mu Chen was extremely powerful, and his presence would be a significant boost in strength for the Ye Clan.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. Then, the group packed their belongings before they headed quickly out of this mountain. Finally, they converged with the Ye Clan members, who were waiting for them at the foot of the mountain.

As the groups reunited with each other, a passionate commotion broke out. Wang Sheng and the others were talking excitedly about the battle that happened earlier within the mountains. Once the surrounding Ye Clan members heard that Mu Chen was able to completely subdue two Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouses by himself, they immediately cried out in shock. Their gazes held a hint of passion and worship as they looked at Mu Chen.

In their eyes, a person who had advanced to the Spirit Stage was truly outstanding. Mu Chen, having easily bested not one, but two such individuals, was simply glorious.

With such a powerful person protecting their tiny Ye Clan, the threats that they suffered would decline greatly…

In the next few days, Mu Chen followed the Ye Clan as they headed to the interior of the Northern Heavens World. Although there were numerous troubles along the way, it did not stop them at all during their trip.

Furthermore, Mu Chen discovered that there were more students and forces as they gradually entered the interior of the Northern Heavens World. In addition, the majority of these individuals had a powerful aura. After all, without a bit of ability, it was impossible for them to protect their symbols from being robbed along the way.

Although they met many powerful forces and students as they entered the interior of the Northern Heavens World, the Ye Clan did not attract a lot of hatred as they never took the initiative of robbing other people’s symbols. Thus, they were quite peaceful compared to the forces that fought against each other daily.

However, this peace did not last forever. This is because of the unique information that was gradually spreading throughout this vast region. This information did not create a commotion with those people who had not participated in the Spiritual  Road, but to the ones that participated in the Spiritual Road, it was somewhat shocking.

The message conveyed was extremely short, yet it created a huge commotion in a few people’s hearts.

The Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity, Mu Chen, is currently present at the Northern Heavens World.

Blood Calamity Mu Chen.

Many were unfamiliar with this name. However, there were also many people who jumped upon hearing this name. Nobody who came from the Spiritual Road would ever forget the terrifying Blood Calamity that was caused within the Spiritual Road.

And the creator of the Blood Calamity was a boy named Mu Chen. A person who should have been assessed as a King Class and would have stood at the peak of the Spiritual Road.

This information spread quickly. A few individuals would grit their teeth in hatred once they obtained this news. A few would exclaim in  curiosity, saying they would like to meet the boy who caused that shocking event within the Spiritual Road.

Some would hate, some would fear and some would be surprised…

Various emotions were evoked as the message was spread throughout the Northern Heavens World. Before long, Mu Chen’s name had become a frequently discussed topic within the vast region. This made many people who had not participated in the Spiritual Road realize that a terrifying individual had descended into the Northern Heavens World…

This information had attracted a bit of trouble for Mu Chen as well. However, he was still able to control the trouble that he had attracted; for now. However, he understood that as the information spread further, the amount of trouble he would face would increase significantly. After all, he had a few opponents that were quite powerful…

Therefore, he must increase his own strength as soon as possible…

In a certain location within the Northern Heavens World.


The sound of an explosion rang out within a massive mountain. Then, an enormous Spiritual Beast, covered with spikes, came crashing down to the ground. Fresh blood oozed out and turned the ground red.

It was a Magical Thorn Beast, whose strength was comparable to a Spirit Stage Middle Phase powerhouse. If a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse were to meet it, their only option would be  to quickly flee from this High Rank Spiritual Beast.

But at this moment, it had completely lost its life.

A figure landed gently on the massive body of the Magical Thorn Beast and extended its hand to extract the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. After glancing it for a bit, the figure placed it away.

“Yo, not bad. You dealt with this beast quite quickly.” Sounds of laughter rang out from nearby. At this moment, a handsome boy emerged and whistled at the figure on top of the Magical Thorn Beast’s body.

The figure that killed the Magical Thorn Beast lifted its head and revealed a handsome face. On his forehead, a purple-golden symbol was revealed. It was a symbol that had reached Rank 7.

This figure had a calm expression as if it was relatively easy for him to kill a Magical Thorn Beast.

“It’s that expression again…”

The handsome boy curled his lips as if he was bored. Then, he stretched his waist for a moment as he smiled: “However, I believe you’ll be interested in what I’m about to say.”

“Blood Calamity Mu Chen has appeared.”

Just as the handsome boy had expected, the figure who was on top of the Magical Thorn Beast froze for a moment. Afterwards, the figure quickly appeared in front of the handsome boy and his dull eyes instantly sharpened: “Mu Chen? Where?!”

“It should be in this area. I’ve already sent a few men over to investigate. We will soon have his location. I’ll inform you as soon as we get it.” The handsome boy smiled.


A smile finally emerged on the figure’s face.

“I’d say, Chu Qi, Mu Chen isn’t a man to be trifled with. Why are you searching for him? It doesn’t seem like you have had much interaction with him before, right? And  it’s not like you have a grudge against him from the Spiritual Road either.” The handsome boy said helplessly. Known to him, Mu Chen was a terrifying existence that a person like Ji Xuan would fear.

“I hold no grudges against him.”

The handsome boy named Chu Qi let out a faint smile. He stared at the frowning boy. Yet a hint of passion emerged from within the depths of his eyes: “I like Luo Li. I selected the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy because I’ve heard that she also selected it.”

The handsome boy’s eyes widened for a moment. Then, he gave a thumbs up to Chu Qi: “Amazing. You truly set your sights quite high. However, it’s unfortunate for you as you probably don’t stand a chance. She’s truly amazing. It’s impossible for you to conquer her.”

“She has someone that she likes.” Chu Qi clenched his hands tightly as he spoke.

The handsome boy was stunned. Then, he instantly understood and asked: “Are you talking about Mu Chen?”

Chu Qi slowly nodded his head and he began walking down the mountain. The ground underneath him shook slightly as he walked. At the same time, a hint of unacceptance spread out, accompanied by his voice.

“Therefore, I’m going to personally meet him. I will show him just who is the one that is more suitable for her!”

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      Chapter 130 Dragon Spirit Formation

      This is a piece of land where numerous giant mountains met, with mountain peaks that reached as high as 10 thousand meters into the clouds all around, and where numerous paths met up.

      Because of the paths gathering, this region, became quite populous. A stretch of especially spacious open area, with tents spread about and peoples’ shadows flickering around, appeared to be filled with spirit.

      As Mu Chen stood on a hillside, looking at that crowded picture, a hint of surprise flashed within his eyes. At the present this place, has at least gathered several thousand people. This human spirit, compared to the welcoming stage, was even more exuberant.

      “This is a temporary gathering place, from here we can push deeper toward the Northern Heavens World, therefore many people will come to this region.” beside herd dust, Ye Qingling smilingly said: “Moreover, this is also a place of the transaction. Many people will trade the things in their hands here, various smart knacks, and even spirit beast souls will appear. Certainly, if you want to receive in exchange, then you need to put forth a price that satisfies them.”

      Mu Chen nodded, places where people gather will automatically form places like these, after all people have what others want respectively, therefore they need to trade for the things that they need.

       “Do they take spirit coins here?”The herd dust asked since spirit coins were the current money of the universe. This currency contains condensed spirit energy and could be refined and absorbed by a person directly, and therefore was considered as the hard currency of the entire infinite universe.

          “Spirit coin can also reluctantly be accepted , but that isn’t what everyone here wants.” Ye Qingling’s slender finger referred to the dark golden mark on Mu Chen’s forehead and said: “This, is the Northern Heaven currency. If you want to trade for anything, put forth enough spirit energy form your mark to make the other person satisfied.”

          Mu Chen felt surprised, who would have thought that this mark also had that function here? But thinking about it, it was logical because regarding people here, spirit coins are temporarily useless, but the spirit energy from marks, can actually make them immediately promote their mark rank, thus escaping the tragic fate of being eliminated.

          “Moreover, this is also the place where news gathers, we can ask if there have been signs of a heavenly level spirit beast, want to go have a look?” Ye Qingling asked with a smile to the herd dust light and lively.


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    This information did not create a commotion with those people who had not participated in the Spiritual Road,

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