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Chapter 443 – Sealed

The Divine Feather’s Sect’s next few days were occupied by a grand ceremony: the inauguration of the Sect Master.

The Divine Feathers Sect was extremely lively.

However, there were still quite a few disciples who weren’t happy with the fact that Nie Li had become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. He was someone who had so little foundation that almost no one had ever heard of him. But he’d abruptly risen to the Sect Master’s seat anyways. Therefore, they still held reservations in their hearts.

On what basis?

Even Situ Beiyan was more suitable than Nie Li.

However, the five Hierarchs had already proclaimed it so. Ordinary elders, deacons, and disciples held no power over those words; therefore, they could only accept the decision and repress their unhappiness. They would wait and see how Nie Li would rule the massive Divine Feathers Sect as Sect Master.

Right after Nie Li ascended to the position of Sect Master, one piece of news rapidly made its way through the Divine Feathers Sect.

Each Divine Feathers Sect disciple was to receive ten spiritual elixirs targeted to their cultivation levels. Taking a single elixir would be enough for them to step into the Heavenly Star Realm. For those above the Heavenly Star Realm, a single elixir would allow them to leap several stages in cultivation.

Aside from that, each Heavenly Axis Realm disciple would receive a Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit of Extraordinary-level growth rate. As for Dao of Dragon Realm experts, each person would receive a Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit of God-level growth rate.

The entire Divine Feathers Sect boiled over in an instant.

After a few disciples took the spiritual elixirs, their cultivation instantly soared by leaps and bounds. The bottlenecks that they’d reached were passed in an instant. Others managed to break through to a whole different realm. The medicinal effects of the spiritual elixirs were simply too astonishing. Furthermore, Nie Li had also provided the sect with several hundred God-level Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirits. The power of the Divine Feathers Sect instantly soared to never before seen heights.

These acts had shut the mouths of the gossipers. Everyone had thoroughly been convinced by Nie Li.
Regardless of Nie Li’s moral character, it was fine as long as he had wealth and resources!

If anyone else had become Sect Master, could they have done the same?

The Divine Feathers Sect had been the weakest among all major sects, and its disciples were often be bullied by the demonic sects. There were several times when the sect had fallen into a crisis. But now, the Demon God’s Sect was more than welcome to try!
The Divine Feathers Sect would definitely make the Demon God’s Sect regret their decisions!

The experts of the Divine Feathers Sect were rolling up their sleeves. Every last one of them was ready and eager to give the Demon God’s Sect one hell of a beating. However, Nie Li had passed another order: The sect was to be sealed. No one was to leave and no one was to enter. All disciples were ordered to focus on cultivating.

Those who’d grown three stages were given another spiritual elixir. Those who’d broken through a major realm were given another ten spiritual elixirs. If someone broke through the Heavenly Axis Realm, they’d get an Extraordinary-growth rate Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit. Those who’d broken through to the Dao of Dragon Realm were given three sacred elixirs and a God-level Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit.

Strict investigations were carried out internally. Anyone who had enemy contacts would be killed.

The Divine Feathers Sect was thrown into disarray, yet again, at that news. By now, everyone was well-aware of the spiritual elixir’s effects. At first, they thought that those ten elixirs would be it; they never expected Nie Li to declare such a shocking reward for cultivation success. How could they not pour all their energy into cultivating?

“The elixirs that the Sect Master handed out… I wonder exactly what kind of elixirs they are?”

“Who knows? Long live the Sect Master and may he unify the world1!”

“From this day forward, I am the Sect Master’s to command. If he tells me to go south, you’ll never see me heading north!”

The disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect were all sunk into ecstasy. Everyone was cultivating, anytime, anywhere, for fear that they’d be left behind by the others.

The gates of the Divine Feathers Sect were tightly sealed. The spies who’d infiltrated the sect were uprooted. The outside world suddenly lost all contact with the Divine Feathers Sect. No one knew what the Divine Feathers Sect might be planning.

Various demonic sects sent people to investigate, but none returned with new information.

Sect Master’s Mansion

Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and the others were all gathered, in addition to almost all of the elite disciples of the sect. Situ Beiyan, Gu Lan, and the rest included had all accepted Nie Li willingly.

If you only counted the numbers of elites gathered at Nie Li’s side, there would be somewhere around five or six hundred.

Lu Piao began his report. “Nie Li, I did what you instructed. I sent a hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts to Du Ze, an two hundred to Ning’er and Ziyun…” Under Nie Li’s orders, Lu Piao had sent those people along with many spiritual elixirs, sacred elixirs, and Extraordinary growth rate Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirits. They wanted their friends to raise their strengths as quickly as possible.

Nie Li’s forces will be in all of the major sects.

Nie Li looked at everyone and asked, “How is your cultivation going?”

Gu Bei excitedly replied, “Your sacred elixirs are too powerful. We’ve all broken through to Dao of Dragon Realm.”

Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, when are you going to move against the Demon God’s Sect?”

Nie Li faked a surprise, but a smile showed itself at the corner of his lips. “Move against the Demon God’s Sect? When did I ever say that?”

Li Xingyun smiled. “We’ve had a lot of friction with them for the past few years. They’re always thinking about how to exterminate us. Now that our sect has grown stronger, how could we possibly tolerate them?”

Everyone looked at Nie Li, waiting for his response. They’d been trying hard to restrain themselves, but their hearts were on the verge of giving in.

Nie Li calmly and unhurriedly replied, “Why is everyone so anxious? Our Divine Feathers Sect is a peace-loving sect. If the Demon God’s sect doesn’t move against us, then we won’t move against them. All disciples are to remain in the sect. As long as the Demon God’s Sect doesn’t offend us, we won’t be the first to move. First, we’ll stay sealed for five years, then we’ll see!”

Everyone heard Nie Li’s words and thought them over. Then, they understood.

Nie Li was making quite a vicious move!

Nie Li had a large supply of sacred and spiritual elixirs; he could nurture large numbers of experts at an insane pace. In five years, the entire Divine Feathers Sect would probably only consist of Dao of Dragon Realm experts. There might even be quite a few Martial Ancestor Realms by then! Furthermore, Nie Li’s position within the Divine Feathers Sect would be as steady as Mt. Tai, once all of the disciples accepted him without a shadow of a doubt.

When that time comes, the Demon God’s Sect’s desire to win against them would be nothing more than a pipe dream. The moment the Demon God’s Sect decided to start a war, the Divine Feathers Sect would make sure that they wouldn’t even have time to cry.

Time was becoming even more precious for the Divine Feathers Sect!

The entire Divine Feathers Sect began its method of sealed-up cultivation.

Aside from cultivating his [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, Nie Li also imparted powerful techniques to these elites. These techniques would allow them to reach the pinnacle of cultivation. In terms of talent, none of them were inferior to Nie Li.

A powerful force was beginning to emerge in the Draconic Ruins Realm, but the other major sects were still entirely unaware.

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  1. In ancient China, “long live the emperor!” was considered the proper way to greet the emperor himself. This is also a reference to the first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang. Chinese history books described him as a general who “unified the world” by conquering all the smaller countries on the east coast of mainland Asia, thereby establishing China.


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