TDG Chapter 441 Teaser

“Whether or not I lose badly… Well, that’s my problem.” Nie Li replied with a light smile.

Soon, Long Tianming’s and Nie Li’s men were lined up on two sides, glaring at each other like tigers stalking their prey.

Long Tianming had many experts on his side, whereas Nie Li stood alone.

“You’re not going to deal with so many experts all by yourself, right?” Long Tianming coldly smiled at Nie Li with contempt. Long Tianming had at least six Dao of Dragon Realm experts under him, in addition to all of his Heavenly Axis Realms. He was definitely in a position to look down on the Demon League!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Nie Li. No one knew what Nie Li was planning.

Nie Li looked at Long Tianming, sighed, and shook his head. “This isn’t even a challenge. It’s almost like I’m bullying you!”

“What are you talking about?” Long Tianming coldly looked at Nie Li. “You’re simply spewing nonsense! Quick, call your people out! If you want to give up, then you should’ve said so, earlier!”