TDG Chapter 440 Teaser

Long Tianming proudly looked down at Situ Beiyan. “It doesn’t matter whether or not you give up. You weren’t my match since long ago! Furthermore, your forces are far inferior than mine!”

“Get lost!” Long Tianming furiously barked as his Dark Saint Dragon transformation threw a palm towards the Celestial Saint Dragon, sending the latter flying.

Situ Beiyan was sent back a few hundred meters, before he returned to his original shape. He clutched his chest and vomited blood. Even still, he was unresigned and wanted to continue the battle. However, a broad voice sounded from above them. “Beiyan, you’ve lost. There’s no need to fight, anymore!”

Situ Beiyan was extremely depressed. In the end, he still couldn’t be Long Tianming’s match!

What was going to happen to the future of the Divine Feathers Sect?

Hierarch Martialsky gazed at Situ Beiyan with a sigh. Then, he swept his eyes over the other disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. “Long Tianming has won this battle!”