TDG Chapter 437 Teaser

Nie Li felt as though he’d sunk deep into a dreamland.

Something kept calling out to him.

It was a girl’s voice, so familiar to his ears.

It’s Master!

“Master, where are you?” Nie Li yelled. These past few days, he’d been doing his best to raise his strength, never slacking for even the briefest moment. Because he knew that if he didn’t grow strong enough, fast enough, then his Master would fall to the plot of someone inside the Divine Feathers Sect.

Even though Long Yuyin had changed and was no longer a threat to his Master, there were still others inside the Divine Feathers Sect who harboured ill intents!

Nie Li wanted to become the Sect Master so that he could protect his own Master.

“Nie Li, I’m using the Magic Note of Heaven and Earth to communicate with you through my intent. Your destiny to reverse the heaven and earth and it is too powerful. If I do nothing, then the Sage Emperor will detect you, once you reach the Heavenly Axis Realm. Before long, he’ll send his Deity-servants after you. I’m using the Heavenly Path technique to shift your fate to mine!”