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Chapter 435 – Seat of the Sect Master

These elixirs alone were enough to buy the Sect Master seat!

Nie Li showed a faint smile. He knew that Hierarch Skycloud would make the right call; Nie Li was the only one who could lead the Divine Feathers Sect to true glory!

“It’ll be a while until the Divine Feathers Sect begins selecting candidates for the Acting Sect Master. Go make some preparations. I don’t know how many of them will support you, but based off of these elixirs, I estimate that you’ll have the support of at least three Martial Ancestor Realm experts. However, you won’t be able to depend on those Martial Ancestor Realms alone; you’ll still need to convince the others with your own strength. Otherwise, you’ll never receive the others’ acknowledgement, even if we somehow managed to place you on the Sect Master’s seat. If things turned out like that, your position as Sect Master would be highly unstable!” Hierarch Skycloud warned with a smile.
“Master can rest assured on this matter. I’ve already set my heart on the Sect Master’s position. If I couldn’t manage such a small task, I wouldn’t be contesting for it.” Nie Li replied with a smile.

Hierarch Skycloud nodded at those words. Indeed, Nie Li had a mysterious origin. However, Hierarch Skycloud wasn’t worried that Nie Li might harbor any ill intents towards the Divine Feathers Sect. If that was the case, Nie Li wouldn’t have given up such a powerful divine medicine.

This medicine was definitely enough to push the Divine Feathers Sect to an entirely new height.

Nie Li left the Skycloud Hall and returned to his own residence.

Hierarch Skycloud, however, took the divine medicine that Nie Li had given him and went to seek out the other Marital Ancestor Realm experts.

For the next period of time, Nie Li fully concentrated on his cultivation.

Time flowed by quickly. The day of selection for the Acting Sect Master would soon arrive. Recently, Long Tianming had become much more active. The five Martial Ancestor Realms were all in seclusion; therefore, Long Tianming had to bribe the other elders and grand elders of the Divine Feathers Sect. They would be crucial to helping him ascend the position.

By comparison, Situ Beiyan was much calmer, and didn’t show as deep a commitment to the Acting Sect Master’s position. But he was also moving behind the scenes, of course.

Long Tianming’s residence

“What did you say? Why is Situ Beiyan still alive right now?” Long Tianming’s face was dark.

Several black-clothed people knelt before Long Tianming.

“Report to Young Master, we’re also unsure of the root cause. Every attempt at poisoning has been discovered by someone. We also tried to set up an ambush for Situ Beiyan, but we ended up surrounded by his men, instead!”

Long Tianming knitted his brows. It seemed that someone knew he was trying to kill Situ Beiyan and was secretly taking actions to counter him.

Long Tianming snorted, “Situ Beiyan is the son of the current Sect Master. He still has a vast number of supporters and is a huge threat. However, eighty percent of the elders are now on my side. Ninety percent of the grand elders at the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm are also behind me. Aside from them, I have at least two or three of the Big Five. Since the Sect Master is preparing for retirement, he won’t openly side with Situ Beiyan. I refuse to believe that Situ Beiyan can still win against me! Let him live, then!”
No matter what, he had to take full control of the Divine Feathers Sect!

“You’re all dismissed!” Long Tianming ordered.

“Yes!” The group of black-clothed people quickly retreated.

After those black-clothed people removed themselves, Long Tianming sat down on his chair and began fiddling with a black medal engraved with a sinister demon beast.

The corner of his mouth raised into a cold smile. “Situ Beiyan, I refuse to believe that you can win against me. Me who has the help of the Demon God’s Sect!” As far as Long Tianming knew, the forces of the Demon God’s Sect had long infiltrated the Divine Feathers Sect, and had taken control of a vast amount of power. Enough to affect the results of the Sect Master’s candidate!

Long Tianming was the representative from the Demon God’s Sect. As long as he became the new Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, he’d receive direct control over everyone, except the Big Five. He’d wait until the time was right, before slowly getting rid of them. After that, it’d be much easier for him to destroy the Divine Feathers Sect!
As Long Tianming was busy in his courtyard, there was a crowd of people gathered in Situ Beiyan’s grand hall. Nie Li, Lu Piao, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin were among them.

“Nie Li, it’s just like you said. Long Tianming really is trying to get rid of me through all sorts of means. I owe you a favor. However, Long Tianming won’t have an easy time of doing that!” Situ Beiyan said as his eyebrow twitched.

Nie Li smiled. “I believe brother Situ already understands that matter fully. My visit this time is to seek help from brother Situ!”

“Help? What is it?” Situ Beiyan lifted his cup and took a sip of tea.

“I know that brother Situ truly wants the Divine Feathers Sect to grow stronger. Soon, it’ll be time to select the Acting Sect Master. I request that brother Situ aid me in ascending to the Sect Master’s position!” Nie Li truthfully answered.

Situ Beiyan was momentarily dazed by Nie Li’s words. Then he laughed, “Nie Li, I admit that I owe you a favor. But your request is a little too funny. Let’s not even talk about the fact that I, myself, am one of the candidates. Even if I wasn’t, why would I nominate you? After all, your roots in the Divine Feathers Sect are too shallow. How long have you been here, anyways? Yet, you want to become the Sect Master? How could they possibly give the Sect Master’s seat to someone whose origins are so unclear?”

“I understand brother Situ’s misgivings. But aren’t I still a bit more qualified than the likes of Long Tianming? If brother Situ can do it, you should send someone to investigate Long Tianming. Start with his cultivation. You’ll learn that Long Tianming was already a member of the Demon God’s Sect, even way back then!”

Situ Beiyan’s brow twitched. “What evidence do you have for that?” If Long Tianming really was someone from the Demon God’s Sect, then Situ Beiyan definitely couldn’t allow him to take the Sect Master’s position!

“I don’t have any evidence. Whether brother Situ believes it or not is up to you. After all, brother Situ is also one of the candidates. When the time comes, Hierarch Skycloud will nominate me as a candidate. I only hope that if brother Situ can’t win against Long Tianming, then you’ll turn around and support me!” Nie Li said with a faint smile.
“Brother Situ, in any case, I absolutely support Nie Li!” Gu Bei firmly vouched.

“Me too!” Li Xingyun nodded.

“And me!” Long Yuyin spoke without the slightest hesitation.

Situ Beiyan blanked at the words of Gu Bei, Li Xingyun, and Long Yuyin. He simply couldn’t understand. Why would these three support Nie Li so firmly? Just what kind of charm did Nie Li possess to convince the three of them so thoroughly?

“Gu Bei, Xingyun, Yuyin, we should take our leave. I believe that brother Situ will definitely make the right choice!” Nie Li smiled as he stood up and walked out.

Gu Bei and the rest followed immediately.

Situ Beiyan frowned at the retreating silhouettes of Nie Li and his group. He had to carefully reflect on Nie Li’s words. If Long Tianming really was someone from the Demon God’s Sect…

No matter what, he definitely couldn’t allow Long Tianming to become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect!

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