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Chapter 433 – Acting Sect Master?

It was a total transformation!

The frighteningly potent medicinal effects rushed into his soul realm, as if trying to burst it. None of the elixirs he’d ever taken before could compare to the effects of this one!

Lu Piao turned pale from shock. If the medicinal effects swelled and burst his soul realm, he’d be a goner!

What’s the point in trying to raise your cultivation if you’re already dead?

However, the medicine simultaneously nourished Lu Piao’s soul realm, restoring it.

In addition to its potent medicinal effects, this elixir could actually nourish the soul realm!

Lu Piao was amazed. He could feel his cultivation rise through the Heavenly Axis Realm. 1-stage, 2-stage… at last, it stopped at the 5-stage Heavenly Axis Realm.

Great heavens! What kind of heaven-defying elixir was this!

The effects were simply too astonishing!

Just one elixir had raised his cultivation by so much. If he took a couple more, wouldn’t he become even more powerful?

Li Xingyun, Gu Bei and the rest stood to the side, staring at Nie Li in shock. They swallowed to try and regain their composure. This was simply too terrifying.

They obviously sensed Lu Piao’s sudden rise in cultivation. How long did that take? And it was all due to one tiny elixir!
Nie Li showed a faint smile. He’d already expected Lu Piao’s sudden rise in cultivation. After all, that elixir had been crafted from a Divine Phaseless Fruit left behind from an Emperor-level expert’s private collection! For cultivators of their level, it was beyond supreme immortal medicine!

“Nie Li, quick, give me one!” Li Xingyun impatiently demanded.

There probably wasn’t a single person in the Divine Feathers Sect who wouldn’t be impatient after seeing Lu Piao’s sudden rise in cultivation!

Nie Li distributed all the refined elixirs that he had on hand. Then, he entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and distributed the rest to his Sky Origin Divine Clan experts.

After everyone received their share of the elixirs, they began cultivating with full concentration.

For the next month or so, the people of the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues all stayed inside the Skysoul Institute. Regardless of how badly Gu Heng’s subordinates mocked them, not a single expert left the grounds. It seemed as if the core members of these leagues had all gone missing.

The absence of the core members was an extremely demoralising blow to the exterior members of the leagues. Many of them simply chose to leave and join Gu Heng’s camp instead.

A certain courtyard in the Skysoul Institute

“He Yuan, this doesn’t seem right. We shouldn’t be doing this, should we?” someone weakly protested. He was a slender twenty-six or twenty-seven year-old man who wore white silk clothes.

That person called He Yuan was a man with many scars. He coldly laughed, “Doesn’t seem right? Why did we join the Demon League in the first place? Wasn’t it because we saw potential in the Demon League, and the fact that they offered such generous conditions? But look at it now. Who knows where the core members have gone? They’ve probably holed themselves up like turtles. What’s the point in staying there?”

“It’s fine that we’re leaving, but to take over two hundred brothers with us…”

“Haha, a man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down. Look at the situation. The Demon League won’t be able to hold on much longer. Besides, Gu Heng has given us rather decent terms. By taking these brothers with us, we’ll be able to negotiate the terms. If it was just the two of us, do you really think Gu Heng would bother?” He Yuan sneered.

Ever since the core members of the Demon League had disappeared, the hearts of the exterior members had been riled. He Yuan only needed to do a little bit of convincing before two hundred of them were willing to leave with him.

Of course Gu Heng would be willing to accept traitors of the Demon League. Furthermore, he was providing them with ample conditions.

The slim youth thought about it and ground his teeth. “Fine. We’ll leave, since the Demon League no longer has any prospects!”

Aside from the few hundred who’d become Gu Heng’s subordinates, there were thousands of others who’d also decided to leave.

In reality, Nie Li had always been paying close attention to the state of the Demon League. He’d already given elixirs to the fully trustworthy core members. However, he was still in the process of observing the exterior members. To those who’d decided to turn to Gu Heng, or to leave entirely, Nie Li had done nothing. He simply allowed them to leave.

Even though there were many who’d left, there were still many who’d stayed.

After such a commotion, most of the remaining members should be worth nurturing!

Nie Li had secretly been reorganizing things, starting by cleaning out the spies in his Demon League. As for those who he finally deemed trustworthy, he brought them in and secretly nurtured them.

The Skysoul Institute was in a lull of tranquility. Gu Heng was pleased with the idea that the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues had seemingly given in. He began recruiting in large numbers and also announced that he’d reclaim his position as the first-in-line successor from Gu Bei. As for the Ashen Flames Family’s Li Yufeng, he also announced that he’d soon become the Acting Patriarch for the Ashen Flames Family.

As for Long Tianming, even though he didn’t show any movements, rumors had it that he was working towards becoming the Acting Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect.

The older generations hid themselves behind the scenes and focused on cultivating and strengthening the Divine Feathers Sect’s foundation. They couldn’t care less about such trifling matters that were going on. Such things were better left to the younger generations.

All the while, Nie Li continued to enhance his cultivation and observe the changes within the Divine Feathers Sect. Regardless of how turbulent the situation might be, everything would be fine as long the Demon League grew stronger. Aside from cultivating every day, Nie Li also occasionally paid visits to the Skycloud Hall to share his thoughts with Hierarch Skycloud. The latter had already developed an extreme trust in Nie Li.

Divine Feathers Sect, Skycloud Hall
“Nie Li, you said that you want to fight for the Acting Sect Master’s position?”’ Hierarch Skycloud asked with a look of blank.

“Yes!” Nie Li said resolutely. “Right now, the Demon God’s Sect is pressuring hard on us. If Long Tianming takes control, I fear that the Divine Feathers Sect will spiral into an ever greater crisis. That’s why I wish to stand out and fight to become the Acting Sect Master!”

“But you simply do not have much of a chance at success! Your foundation inside the Divine Feathers Sect is too shallow. So many of the Divine Feathers Sect disciples don’t even know who you are. How do you plan to fight to become the Acting Sect Master? True, you are my disciple and you have my support; however, within the vast boundaries of the Divine Feathers Sect, my support will not be enough!” Hierarch Skycloud explained with a smile and the shake of a head. Nie Li was indulging in a fantasy. “I know you have great plans in your heart; furthermore, you possess an extraordinary talent. However, the position of Acting Sect Master is still beyond you!”

“If I gain control of the Divine Feathers Sect, then the sect will definitely welcome a new golden age. I only wish to know if Master will firmly support me!” Nie Li requested as he looked at Hierarch Skycloud. Hierarch Skycloud probably still had some doubts in his ability.
Hierarch Skycloud remained silent for a moment, and truthfully was rather surprised. Nie Li appeared so confident.

Could it really be possible…? Hierarch Skycloud quietly sat in his chair. After a brief moment of silence, he spoke. “I’m afraid that even I cannot firmly support you. As for the other Hierarchs, it’ll be even more impossible!”

Nie Li firmly replied, “As long as Master supports me, then I have the confidence.”

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  1. As usual a late small chapter with no explanation whatsoever and “events” that doesn’t make any sense. Gu Heng was supposed to stare at a wall for 30 years, now he is back like nothing happened as the first in line successor. Lu Piao was never on Heavenly Axis to begin with. And what the hell is a Acting Sect Master position anyway? The powerful experts of the sect will simply lay back and let a Dao of Dragon realm cultivator take control over a Major Sect? Don’t know if the author already gave this story up or is just the translator lazy job that is making this story go down so much from what it was

    1. More like the author is expecting you to be smart enough to understand by yourself indeed gu heng is supposed to have the 30 year of punishment but it wasnt mentioned effective exactly when could be same day, a week later or even a month later, lu piao soul realm was tearing and being nurtured then it went to the axis relam as you can see by how he starts with 1 then goes to 5 previous chapters he was already what a 6 or 7 so he got a sudden boost thus why his soul releam was tearing from suddenly expanding and finally acting sect master from the name itself you can deduce that the sect master will take care of the sect and outer relations along with the senior guys in the sect while an acting sect master will be for the junior ones thus seniors have no right to interfere these are my theories so far

      1. First time Lu Piao and Gu Bei entered the painting they went to 6 and 3 Heavenly Star realm each. It was never said that they broke through heavenly axis realm, same thing with Long Yuyin suddenly appearing in Heavenly Axis even through the last time she was mentioned her cultivation level was on Heavenly Fate realm. I just think it’s disappointing that while they were in the Tiny World the story was much richer and when they go to Draconic Ruins, a world with much bigger and misterious the author simple seens like he just want to get things over with as quick as possible.

        1. Precisely. As someone who has read the lastest chapters in a row I absolutely didn’t miss any of those flaws and it has been bothering me for quite a long time already. The one that bothered me the most was when MC and Dino girl were inside the emperor’s intent and all of the sudden it was revealed that she was already a Heavenly Axis when just about a month ago she was still in Heavely Fate. Seriously the author must suffer from amnesia or something and cant keep track of the details!
          He also keeps forgetting characters and introduces some only to never mention them again. For instance, Ye Yan (I think that’s he’s name, the 1000 years old Glory City Legend rank Ancestor whose intent was sealed in the meteor sword). Also its been a few chapters since Xiao Yu has entered the painting and since then an army of over 300 skinny brazilian-skin-looking dudes has entered it as well and she’s yet to be mentioned…
          I love TDG it’s the first LN I’ve ever read and the trigger I needed to start reading others. It’s just a shame the author keeps neglecting way to many details thus ruining a potential amazing story. Now only a chapter per month is to be released -.- RIP TDG.

    2. U really need to focus on reading the little things.. lu piao lvl up to the heaven axis realm the first time he went in to the painting.. and I guess that the acting sec master position is like, a provisional sec master. Is just for see who is really worthy of that position..

    3. Gu Heng facing the wall for 30 years doesn’t stop him from having his league and what not, he just can’t walk out, do not take the punishment as literally facing a wall for 30 years, it could as well mean that he’ll not be permited to walk outside the manor or where the hell he lives, hense, facing his house’s walls and doing absolutely nothing, including receiving any stones or other cultivation material, which pretty much puts his cultivation in a halt considering how many times it’s been told that those stones are required in order to cultivate further, however that does not stop him from interacting with others, he could pretty much still control his league, and learn about what’s happening out, he believes that with his numbers alone and all the “support” he has received he can take down Gu Bei and his league and all people associated with him as he did before, therefore he believes that if he takes care of Gu Bei and takes him out of the picture, he will also get the 1st-in-like successor position again since there will be nobody again for the position, the only candidates are him, Gu Bei and his sister, Gu Lan (he still doesn’t know that she’s healed).

      The plothole in Lu Piao and gank’s cultivation level being so high without information as to how and when, can be blamed in the amount of time that Nie Li and Xiao Yu were gone due to her time and space rign that transported them far far away, it didn’t exactly say how many days/months worth of distance it was. and also you say that when people were 5-60 stones a month in total for their cultivation they’d go slower, in this case Nie Li has provided them with over million stones, that means they could endlessly cultivate and absorb stones for months non-stop and still have a lot more to spare, minus the few hours they spent in conquering lakes or any outer matters, that means they had already enough resources + what else Nie Li has provided them with off the record to progress with more than thrice the speed compared to everyone else in the divine feather sect.

      Acting Sect Master is something like a “Trial”, you’ll sit on the sect master’s position and have his authority while the current one is valuating you + checking things and / or taking care of things that need his attention elsewhere, and if the people are satisfied with you, you naturally get more points in order to succeed the position in the future, so, it’s just a “trial”.


      1. Lu Piao and Gu Bei entered the painting after Nie Li returned with Xiao Yu, and they where in the middle of Heavenly Star Realm, also in doesn’t make any sense Nie Li providing them with anything “off the record” when we’re reading a story, “off the record” for the readers ? Make some sense please. And if the Acting Sect Master is supervised Long Tiaming wouldn’t have any chance to weaken the Sect as Nie Li fears he will if he gets the position.

        1. It has been mentioned a few times that Nie Li would provide them with whatever necessary, cultivation resources, equipment and what not, there is no need for the story to get repeative and mention every single time he provides them with the same stuff, you’re well aware that Nie Li has provided them a hell of an amount as far as stones go off the record, it was let to be hinted many times, what makes you think he has not provided them anything else?

          Not to mention their Cultivation Techniques, which was mentioned MANY times, i’ve lost count, that they’re stronger compared to the normal techniques others use (they’re still strong but NOTHING compared to the strength and speed that Nie Li provided his friends with.

          Everyone keeps forgetting these simple facts that been mentioned since the start.

      2. I want to ask

        why when Nie Li will step into the Heavenly Axis Realm ,the Sage Emperor will come !?? why just he ,long Yuyin has step into Heavenly Axis Realm also and nothing happen to her she even got into Dao of Dragon Realm.
        So why just Nie Li will attract Sage Emperor attention

        and also he can save Ying Yueru by hide her in the paint and he can hide himself also when he level up to Heavenly Axis Realm ,just like when he will hide Xiao Yu when she active her blood line at request from her father

        1. That is because Nie Li’s potential and spiritual realm are VAST, reading all this way to this chapter should let you understand that Nie Li’s Soul Realm is countless times bigger than everyone’s else, and i believe the reason Sage Emperor is gonna get allerted is because of his cultivation technique (was mentioned that his technique is within the strongest and on par with Ying Yueru’s, both are considerate top of the top) + the vine (book) in his soul, after the Axis realm is where Nie Li starts becoming really monstrous, Ying Yueru said that once someone steps into a certain realm and he has the potential to threaten him (Sage Emperor), he will feel it and send his Deity underlings (demon spirits) after him, and Nie Li is exactly that.

          1. OK , why he didn’t told her that he can hide in the paint when he level up to Heavenly Axis Realm ,just like when he will hide Xiao Yu when she active her blood line at request from her father , it’s make no sense at all !!!! she should know that he has the paint within his soul so why she moved on her own !!!! she know how Nie Li care much for her !!! so why !!! If she told him he will be able to hide himself in the paint when the time came to level up to Heavenly Axis Realm

          2. also is Xiao Yu still in the paint !!! all this time ( more than month now ) there is now mention about her reaction for what Nie Li bought several hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members and what about the elixirs did he give her some !! no mention !!! also what is her level now !! and also his other friends didn’t ask about here at all she should be with nie le when they go back so why they didn’t ask about her !!!! do they see her in the paint after they go inside it !!

        2. Nie Li can’t hide in the painting forever, once he comes out the empror will sense him, staying in the painting means he can’t proceed with his plans, the moment he steps outside he’ll be felt and have trouble coming after him, even if he stays inside untill he and his followers reach the deity rank, or even above that (as Nie Li mentioned he achieved that in his previous life in the future), what of the outside world? Their families, the Divine Feathers Sect, their masters and everyone they knew, they’re gonna die due to Long Tianming’s plots, the Divine Feathers Sect fell after he became the sect leader, Nie Li still has a mission to save the Sect and transform it into a formidable powerhouse of absolutely the best cultivation ranks, in order to fight the Sage Emperor and help the sect prosper, he can’t afford staying concealed inside the painting nor waste any time.

          1. this make no sens because after she will die the Sage Emperor will sense him so her sacrifice will be nothing !!!

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        4. Ying Yueru said she’ll attract the Sage Emperor’s attention to her so she can save Nie Li, i am guessing that what she’s gonna do is something that will conceal Nie Li’s existance from Sage Emperor, that or i guess tha the Sage Emperor will be aware of one’s threat the moment they step into the required rank for a brief moment and that he locks the person’s identity in his mind and keeps sending his servants to kill them, if Ying Yueru advances to the next step a second before Nie Li she might be able to fool Sage Emperor with that move so he won’t get Nie Li in his radar, in that case he’s safe, that’s what i am guessing, still your question is really hard to answer, we shall wait and see how the author plays it, in the end Nie Li might find a solution to avoid this situation without anyone dying, that means saving Ying Yueru, because if she dies without any interaction with Nie Li it would be a really bad writing from the author, in his previous life, Nie Li had Ying Yueru like a real sister, he really loved her as a part of his own family, it was his dear master, and in this life they really didn’t interact at all, so if the only interaction is at this moment when she’s about to sacrifice herself for the sake of Nie Li by accepting her fate of death which she can’t avoid and just fastening it even more, then i’ll be really disappointed and sad, because the author gave so much depth in Nie Li’s and Ying Yueru’s relationship, that it’s almost impossible for Nie Li not to do anything to save his Master’s life, even going as far as defying heavens, he can as well find her soul remnants and revive her towards the end of the story after he defeat or before the fight with the Sage Emperor so she can stand by his side again (Including the 3 people he AS OF NOW has in the mirror), which is in diety rank.

          1. yes , thanks for your reply and explanation i am appreciate it very much
            also we don’t know her Level ,it’s really disappoint that the author rush in this arc and make it’s difficult to understand ,i hope he make it more easy to understand when the Manhua reach this arc

  2. This novel has gone down in quality lately 🙁 short chapters, rushed events, chapters that seemed interesting but then abruptly ends, not much action and the conversations are just dull…

    Nonetheless, always thankful towards the translators!

    1. well… it was recognized as a pretty good novel…. till the author starting f*cking things up with the character growth and timelines… hence. all the complains…

  3. “Nie Li distributed all the refined elixirs that he had on hand. Then, he entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and distributed the rest to his Sky Origin Divine Clan experts.”

    how can he, after distibuting all distribute more??

    1. “he had on hand”, meaning he had many more stored in his ring, he gave to his friends the last bunch that he had made, all the earlier ones went in his ring for the people in the painting.

    1. Because, he can only enter that state of time using his own concsiousness, because he aquired that skill after he absorbed the third page into the vine, he can not manipulate other’s space and time while cultivating, there is a chance he can for Lu Piao and gang because their soul realms are connected between each other, but we still have no proof of that.

  4. Thanks for the chapter Thyaeria, Xex, and Dogboy90! All he has to do is display his army of Dao of the the Dragon realm practitioners and steamroll through all the other factions.

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