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Chapter 240 – Demon Lord

Very swiftly, the news spread among the various families gathered at the entrance of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.

The Wugui Family had offended a powerful figure and was currently surrounded by representatives of many powerful families of Nether City. Even the Patriarch of the Wugui Family, Wu Hun, had been captured. After this news spread, all the other families were shocked. Just which powerful figure was able to make so many powerful families obey his orders?

Aside from that matter, rumors claimed that these powerful families had also paid a trip to the Dark Guild. According to the rumors, they also planned to capture the members of the Dark Guild; however, the Dark Guild had disappeared and were nowhere to be found. The Demigod rank experts searched long and hard, but eventually gave up. However, the Dark Guild members have been listed as wanted people.

First layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands.

Just as Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er were walking along, Yu Yan flew over and landed on Nie Li’s shoulder.

Nie Li glanced at Yu Yan, who was sitting on his shoulders, and asked, “Sister Yu Yan, where were you earlier?”

A hint of sadness smeared the center of Yu Yan’s brow as she said, “Long ago, the Nine-Layered Deathlands was a battlefield between the demon clan and the human race. During that time, many human corpses ended up here. I searched for them by tracing their auras and had them buried.”

At Yu Yan’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both showed traces of sadness on their faces.

“However, I also found this item,” Yu Yan continued, as she didn’t want to bring down mood of everyone. She took out a simple, unadorned mirror.

“What is this?” Ye Ziyun asked in doubt.

Xiao Ning’er’s also gave a curious look at the mirror.

“This is…!” Nie Li’s brows twitched as he said in shock. He never thought that in the trip that Yu Yan took, she would actually bring back such a shocking item.

“It seems that Nie Li also knows of this item. This is a soul mirror that can suck out the soul of a person and maintain the state of that soul without dispersing it.” Yu Yan introduced.

What Yu Yan said was correct. However, this was only a portion of the mirror’s power. There are many other uses to it! Some uses would require him to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm before he’s able to use it.

Yu Yan passed the soul mirror over to Nie Li and said, “I don’t have a use for this. You should keep it.”

Nie Li nodded his head. Even Yu Yan didn’t know about the true uses of the soul mirror. In fact, only Nie Li was capable of wielding the mirror to its full potential. Nie Li kept the mirror and passed the scarlet gem, which Xiao Yu had obtained from the Zombie Jiao-dragon, over to Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er’s face flushed red as she raised her head. She glanced at Nie Li as she quietly received the scarlet gem. This was a gift from Nie Li to her!

If Xiao Yu was present and aware of Xiao Ning’er’s current thoughts, he would probably be depressed to the point that he would vomit blood. This was obviously something that Xiao Yu had given to her first! But now, in her eyes, it had become something that Nie Li gave to her.

“Let’s search for Du Ze and the others!” Nie Li smiled as the four of them walked on.

In another corner of the Nine-Layered Deathlands

A few people were gathered together, crowding around a twenty-something year old youth. This youth had a handsome, oval-shaped face. This seemingly charming face of his was ghastly pale with bloodshot eyes that would cause people to be absolutely horrified upon seeing him, and they would tremble from fear.

This person was emitting a frosty cold aura from his entire body, which caused the surrounding temperature to plunge.

Next him stood two men, Long Sha and Gui Sha who had launched the sneak attack against Glory City a while back.

“Demon Lord, what should we do now? The powerful families of Nether City aren’t a force that we can deal with!” Long Sha asked anxiously.

The youth leaked some bloodlust from his eyes as he said, “I never expected them to be so capable. To think that they could mobilise those experts from so many powerful families of Nether City. Even the Wugui Family was oppressed.”

“Demon Lord, you mean to say that all of this was caused by the people from Glory City?”

“That youth must have been the one who laid the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.” A trace of laughter leaked from the corner of the Demon Lord’s mouth as he said, “This has aroused my interest. I wonder when I will finally be able to meet him? He will probably participate in the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm; furthermore, his chances of being chosen are very high!”

“Demon Lord, aren’t you also going to partake in that disciple selection? So you’re saying…” Long Sha’s eyes lit up as he understood something.

“Certainly, as long as I passed the selection, I will be able to enter the Divine Feathers Sect. Previously, my physical body was too weak; but now I have this body with the Supreme Physique that appears only once every ten thousand years. Even without the Heavenly Energy, I’m already about to achieve a Fate Star. If the Master of the Nether Realm isn’t a blind idiot, he’ll definitely choose me.” The Demon Lord laughed, “I don’t believe that that person would be able to find a body that’s better than my Supreme Physique!”

“No matter how wonderful that person’s body is, how could it compare to Demon Lord’s Supreme Physique?” Long Sha said with respect, while Gui Sha nodded from the sidelines in agreement.

“While I’m absent, you guys are to conceal yourselves and not show yourselves. Even joining the other families for the time being is also acceptable.” The Demon Lord said calmly.

“Yes, we will await your return, Demon Lord!” Long Sha and the rest said with respect.

The Demon Lord raised his head as he looked into the distance. Finally, in this life, he has the qualifications to enter the Divine Feathers Sect. Just what kind of person was that mysterious youth? With him as an opponent, he probably won’t be lonely on this trip. His mouth curled into a small smile, filled with interest.

The Demon Lord moved forward, step by step, and gradually drew further away.

As he watched the Demon Lord’s retreating back, Long Sha and the others knelt towards the Demon Lord’s direction, each showing determination in their eyes.

“We shall serve the Lord with our lives and wait for the Lord’s honorable return!”

Henceforth, the Dark Guild disappeared from Nether City. However, regardless, even until the end of the time, they will await the Demon Lord’s return with unwavering loyalty, until the day he leads them again!

Nie Li and his group continued to search along the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands. Finally, two days later, they found Du Ze and the others. Summed up, they had obtained eleven Spiritual Origin Fruits. For those whom had yet to step into Legend rank, these items were of the absolute highest quality!

Gathering all their Spiritual Origin Fruits, they returned to the Jade Seal Family’s camp.

When he learned that Nie Li and the rest had returned safely, Luo Xiao and the others finally felt at ease. After all, right now, Nie Li was way too important for the Jade Seal Family.

Nie Li and his group took a Spiritual Origin Fruit each and returned to their own tents to refine their cultivation. The seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands would soon open; therefore, they have to raise their strength as fast as possible!

Nie Li sat cross-legged and ate his Spiritual Origin Fruit. A warm current circulated all the way down to his throat and entered his abdomen before it spread through his meridians.

The medicinal energy of the Spiritual Origin Fruit was very pure, it was steadily nourishing Nie Li’s soul realm.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li’s soul realm continuously expanded.

Previously, when he had comprehended the Law of Death, Nie Li’s cultivation had begun to show signs of a breakthrough, except that he still hadn’t been able to rank up. Now that he had consumed a Spiritual Origin Fruit and controlled three Law Energies, the energy in his body continuously surged. His cultivation rose accordingly and rose all the way to 5-star Black Gold rank before stopping.

Theoretically, with the help from Duan Jian’s soul realm and the three Law Energies, Nie Li’s strength should’ve been able to break through all the way to Legend rank. However, because he is using the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, Nie Li is having a much harder time reaching 5-star Black Gold rank, compared to Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, and the others. Therefore, his cultivation has stopped at the gate to Legend rank.

Within his soul realm, Nie Li could sense that aside from him, the others had experienced leaps and bounds in their cultivation, and were beginning to break into Legend rank.

By practicing the cultivation techniques that Nie Li had given them and adding the incantation from the Soul Array, they would all be able to step into Legend rank before long. If one person among them managed to become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, then Glory City would be absolutely safe from then on.

Time continued to flow as he quietly cultivated.

As Nie Li was concentrating on his cultivation, he suddenly sensed something and opened his eyes.

He walked to the entrance of his tent and lifted the curtain. Raising his head, he saw Xiao Ning’er standing outside showing a red face that went all the way down to her neck. He had no idea as to what she was thinking about. She appeared even more charming than before, and in her hands, she held a tray with a steaming bowl of soup.

“Ning’er, what are you doing here?” Nie Li asked.

Nie Li’s sudden appearance and voice gave Ning’er a scare. The tray in her hands became unstable and fell on the floor, pouring the soup everywhere.

“No, it’s nothing.” Ning’er said nervously as she clumsily began to tidy things up. Her face turned even redder as her chest constantly puffed up and down.

The soup had poured all over Ning’er clothes. Nie Li immediately helped her pick up the tray, then he looked at her with a puzzled expression. He didn’t understand what was wrong with Ning’er and noticed that her expression was a little weird.

She was only wearing thin silk clothes and looked charmingly tempting in her pureness. When the soup poured on her, it caused her thin clothes to stick to her skin and vaguely revealed her pearly white skin and the pale pink chest wrap that couldn’t fully cover the impressive cleavage. It was a kind of indescribable temptation.

Seeing such a timid and charming Ning’er, Nie Li didn’t know what to say.

“Are you alright? Go back and quickly get changed.” Nie Li said a little awkwardly.

Lowering her head and looking at herself, Xiao Ning’er let out a little scream as she quickly covered her chest with the tray. She spoke with her head lowered, “Then I’ll go back first!”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she quickly left with her head down.

Staring after Xiao Ning’er’s back, Nie Li made a puzzled expression on his face. Why did he feel that there was something not right with Ning’er today? He thought over and over again, but still couldn’t figure it out; therefore, he could only let it go as he turned around and went back into his tent.

Returning to her own tent, Xiao Ning’er’s cheeks felt like they were boiling as she glanced at the tray in her hands. Her heart was still beating like a rabbit that was jumping about. Why did she wear such a thin chest wrap? Nie Li wouldn’t misunderstand and think of her as one of those easy girls, right?! She stomped her feet. This was all Xiao Xue’s rotten idea, which caused her to show an embarrassing side in front of Nie Li!

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  1. I want to seriously ask this question for all the late readers:

    Do you seriously think that Xiao Ning’Er is not going to get together with Nie Li?

    I mean, pologamy is okay in this fictional universe, and do you really think the author would write out this much romantic tension just to make the readers hate the main character?? Not to mention that he keeps making him a completely awesome(but at times arrogant)badass?

    Just give it some thought.

    1. I’m predicting a fixing old friendship and becoming sisters through being wives of Mc kind of future. There might be even double bride marriage from Ning er’s aggressiveness.

    2. I’m a bit iffy, but I don’t think Nie Li and Ning’er will get together. I find that with this author in particular the events of the story are a reflection of his morale system. Things that go against his morale system tend not to happen. So it doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy or not, the author will naturally depict the path of the story. That being said, Nie Li’s faithfulness to Ziyun is a central tenant of the story. The idea of eternal love is wrought throughout the story. Just look at Ning’er with Nie Li. Nie Li with Ziyun. Nie Li with the Alchemist director. Ziyun’s aunt with Ye Zong. Even the idea of living your life again to fall in love with the same person is riddled with hopeless romanticism. Such is the case with Lu Piao and Xiao Xue.

      1. The story is already leaning towards Ning’er being Nie Li’s second wife. What you say sounds nice in theory, but what you based it on has flaws. If the events of this story were a reflection of the authors moral system, then he would’ve had Nie Li make it extremely clear to Ning’er ages ago (if a friend is in love with you, one of the worst things to do is to string them along). Yet…Nie Li hasn’t done that, and still allows Ning’er to follow him around with hope in her heart. Plus, Nie Li’s faithfulness is not the central tenet of the story…the story is obviously not based “around” the relationship between the two. There isn’t much difference between Ning’er and Ziyun (past life or otherwise). They both seem to have fell in love with him for the same reasons. Replace Ziyun with Ning’er and the results would have been the same.

        There are too many things pointing towards Nie Li being together with Ning’er already. Nie Li already subconsciously likes Ning’er. This is evident from the fact that he hasn’t made it clear, and from his reactions to Xiao Yu wanting Ning’er. Ziyun and Ning’er were childhood friends, and Ziyun actively wants to go back to being friends. Author has gone out of his way to mention polygamy multiple times. Ziyun and Ninger didn’t mind rubbing ointment on Nie Li’s butt together ( if that isn’t a dual wife moment, then what is). People aren’t opposed to polygamy in this world, and ning’er is slowly making her way into Nie Li’s heart…what more is there to say?

        1. actually Ni Lie made it perfectly clear to Ning’er when he was helping her in chapter 8. He tells her quite clearly “/quote” “Don’t misunderstand, I’m only treating your illness. The girl I like is Ye Ziyun. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope that we can be friends in the future,” Nie Li explained as he looked at Xiao Ning’er’s charming face.”

          well I personally think it will Ziyun who eventually brings up having Ning’er as a 2nd wife in her efforts to re-friend Ning’er

          1. At that time they had just met, and Ning’er was not in love with him yet. He said that to let her know, he was not helping her with the intent to court her romantically. Things are different now. Ning’er is fully in love with him, and Nie Li knows it…yet he has not told her point blank that there is no hope of a relationship between the two, and that she should give up. Plus, Nie Li already subconsciously likes Ning’er. When Xiao Yu said he wanted Ning’er, Nie Li felt unhappy about Ning’er being with Xaio Yu. He also felt Xaio Yu was trying to ” snatch away something that belonged to him.”

            Now that she loves him, he has yet to completely reject her. So how has he made it perfectly clear?

          2. @Cyrs It’s really not as complicated as you’re making it out to be. If a member of the opposite sex suddenly offers you a lot of help the logical conclusion is that that person like you. Nie Li makes it clear that he does not like Ning’er in that way because that would be the logical conclusion Ning’er would come up with. In stating that he liked Ziyun whilst helping Ning’er is already a clear rejection of Ning’er. When read between the lines it says “don’t be mistaken, I don’t like you in that way.” It doesn’t matter if Ning’er has feelings for Nie Li. The statement “don’t be mistaken, I don’t like you in that way” stands regardless of Ning’er’s state of mind. Throughout the series Ning’er has made her feelings very clear to Nie Li like when she gave him the ruby, constantly blushing at the prospect of being with Nie Li, applying ointment to Nie Li, but in every scenario Nie Li responds to it as a shame. This fits perfectly into the paradigm of loving one person (Ziyun) forever whilst rejecting other fancies. I have already provided sufficient evidence for my arguments, but you have yet to provide anything other than speculation for how you want the story to turn out.

          3. @Cyrus P.S. If it were up to me I would have made Nie Li pick Ning’er. I find her much more interesting than Ziyun. As for whether Nie Li and Ziyun end up together I can’t really say I would care. However, the path of the story is decided by my whims. If the author really wanted he could make Nie Li pursue and get every female character in the story, but based on the story and the central themes, it is unlikely for that to happen. For instance, Yu Yan seems to have good feelings towards Nie Li and Nie Li hasn’t rejected them therefore they will end up together? Well… no… there’s nothing in the story that would lead me to believe that this could be a conclusion, but is it necessarily impossible? It’s possible in that the author can do what he wants with the story, but unlikely because he hasn’t done anything to hint at the possibility.

          4. @Cyrus Right and please explain to me how the story doesn’t revolve around Nie Li and Ziyun’s relationship. Huyan’s doll chases after Nie Li. Nie shows that he’s not just after beauty and loves Ziyun anyway. Ning’er makes it clear that she loves Nie Li. Nie Li basically says that he’ll love Ziyun forever. The alchemist director is interested in Nie Li and Nie Li himself states how seductive she is even to him, but he doesn’t go for it; he goes for Ziyun. Ziyun continuously rejects Nie Li. Nie Li says that he loves her and it’s decided by fate. Ziyun asks him why Nie Li does the things he does and he repeatedly responds with “because I love you.” Nie Li cries in his sleep over Ziyun and the prospect of not being with her anymore. One of the first things he does when he’s reincarnated is look at Ziyun. He announces to the whole class that he’ll marry Ziyun one day. He constantly says that losing Ziyun was one of the biggest losses of his life. He gives Ziyun the revolving ice phoenix technique because he doesn’t want to lose her again. I might have misinterpreted all these things as signs of eternal love being a theme here, but please feel free to re-interpret it so a pleb such as I can understand.
            Oh and don’t apply your line of thinking to everyone please. What you consider wrong isn’t what others consider wrong. Hmmm, not sure why, but the more I’m writing the angrier I’m getting… It’s probably cuz it’s getting late. Sorry about that…

          5. Hmm…now that’s confusing. XD Andrew…you seem upset. Did I say anything to make you upset? Do you always refer to yourself as a pleb…or is that because I upset you in some way? I don’t know if I should continue this discussion, since I apparently unknowingly pissed you off at some point XD. You might explode if I were to say anymore.

            Btw…3 solid walls of text isn’t easy on the eyes. Would be nice if you were to break them up into paragraphs next time…just a suggestion.

          6. @Cyrs lol it was definitely the late night XD. I couldn’t sleep so I was getting irritated. I broke each idea up into a different response. 🙂 I didn’t really want to write too much on a single topic…

          7. Damn, I wasn’t really expecting this to get so crazy. XD

            @Andrewtron I really think you have some great thoughts going on. I agree with a lot of what you said, even though our opinions are different. I know that Ziyun is very important to Nie Li, and seriously, I would have liked the author making Nie Li loving Ning’Er much better too. 🙂

            But as I read more into the story and I get a better grasp on the characters, I keep thinking…”why not?” Everyone seems to want to ship Ning’Er with whoever, just so that she would be saved from the “unreachable Nie Li who loves Ziyun. I even considered it once I pieced together how much Nie Li loves Ziyun.

            But the scene with Xiao Yu made me have some hope that Nie Li is able to love Ning’Er and allow her to stand by his side like she wants.

            I would also love if Ziyun and Ning’Er would become friends again. They are very lonely girls, and I think them being friends would also help if Nie Li accepts Ning’Er.

          8. Actually Nie Li has already stated before that in his next life he would pay back Ning’er for all that she has done for him. More specifically it was the repaying of all her love and affection. I honestly cannot remember what chapter it was but I think it was around the Summer Break Arc [Called that by me because it’s obviously a Summer Break arc. For those who don’t remember it’s when he first went back to his family during the one month gap from the Academy, took over, got that demon pot, kicked Ning’er’s fiancee’s posterior into next century, etc etc.]

            Back to the point, he has already stated a willingness to accept her feeling and reciprocate them… in the next life. It’s just a matter for Ning’er to get him to the point where he moves that commitment to this one. I look forward to seeing it develop, after all it might seem logical to a certain degree to go ‘Hey I’ll get him all to myself in the next life’ But obviously that doesn’t work out in reality, especially since Nie Li is apparently arranging his group of friends to accompany him on a journey to kill the Sage who killed him [a crux point people seem to forget] and raising them to higher degrees of power, which extends their lifespans to literal centuries. That’s a long time to watch the one you love be forever out of your grasp… another thing that Nie Li knows only all too well.

            That fact alone makes me view this story as one of many ideas, revenge for his own death, the desperate flailing of a man who stood at the top of it all [even if it was only in his own head since the recent revelations of his new life and recent chapters have shown that despite all his knowledge… in his own words he has disparaged himself for being ignorant of so much] suddenly reduced to a shred of what he once was by a sheer matter of numbers [Sage Emperor(I think it was emperor) + 6 Divine Beast killing him], Redemption for his own failings uplifting Glory City, ousting the Sacred family and probably the dark guild soon as well, helping Ning’er from her most pitiable circumstances. And perhaps the thread I think runs deepest in this story; Fate. [giving it it’s own paragraph]

            Everything Nie Li has done has been connected with preparing himself to fight the Sage [Name Here] and his six Divine Beasts. becoming friends with Du Ze and Ling Piao [Piao’s Waifu gets a free pass due to Platinum Waifu status] was because he trusted them and he could count on them to stand by his side when the time came to fight, their outstanding talent only made it easier to make them capable companions, the other three could also be trusted since they were as close as brothers to Du Ze. Ziyun, well he loves her truly and deeply, once he succeeded in getting her to fall in love with him to the same degree she’d no doubt burn all those Revolving Ice Phoenix lives in devotion to him [creepy Nie Li not letting her escape even in death can be discussed later], and how about Ning’er, her love was unexpected by Nie Li but in the end ultimately suits the purpose for him to bring her into his group, and Duan Jian needless to say 1,000 lives wouldn’t be enough to have his devotion to Nie Li diminish. But in the end all of this preparation to fight the Sage of Whos-or-whats-it and the Hex-Beast Divinity Squad is likely all playing into the hands of Emperor Ming who shall have his 5 unwitting chess pieces fight to the death in order to understand that magical 10 word phrase.

            In closing… I really look forward to seeing how this all plays out! XD [Only 100 more chapters nowhere near enough T~T]

            By the way I know this is remarkably out of nowhere and I am 100 chapters in the past but I really felt like posting, so there’s no need to pay me any real heed…

            Notice me senpai~

      1. Yes it is a harem. But since you seem so well informed, please tell me, how many harems have you seen where pologamy is widely encouraged, there are girls that are clearly banned from the harem by the MC, and where the MC’s family encouraged him to have a family(including sex) with the harem members?

        Please give me examples of a harem manga that fits all of those descriptions, and I will be happy and willing to hear them. I didn’t know they existed.

        And for the fact that Ziyun is the ‘understanding’ one, are you saying she’s less compassionate than Ning’Er? While I’m not saying that Ziyun is rude or anything, don’t think either of their personalities are better than the other. But you can’t really call Ziyun the best when for the entire book’s running, everyone has been calling Ning’Er ‘the best girl’.

        (And as for the other novels like this one who have similar harems involved in their plot, of which I have not all read to completion yet but have heard a lot about in the comments, they are similar. But I have heard that Nie Li does have a bit more class with his harem, and all the girls involved with this are treated in a mature manner, which you can’t say in a lot of fiction.)

    3. Let’s just whatch a Naruto example.
      Naruto love Sakura.
      Hinata love Naruto.
      Sakura love Sasuke.
      Naruto marry Hinata!
      Sakura marry Sasuke!
      I think it will be like this… :/

      1. Your comparison doesn’t make much sense. Both Ziyun and Ning’er are in love with Nie Li, and Nie Li already has feelings for both of them (one more clear than the other). Plus, Nie Li can’t be compared to Naruto…since he fully loves Ziyun. Naruto only had a crush on Sakura, and gave up on her super easy/quickly. Also, polygamy wasn’t a thing in Naruto…where as it is widely accepted and frequently done in Nie Li’s world.

    4. I believe the story will have a twist, I hate to write on this but an idea of Ye Ziyun being out of the picture can be possible. And I’m referring that she will die…. Hopefully not! But for me to prevent Ning’er’s character to be on the negative side that will be the only scenario that i can think of, for her to be with Nie Li. Just my thoughts guys! No bad intentions for Ye Ziyun’s fans. ✌

      1. I agree with you in that a plot twist could get Nie Li and Ning’Er together, because I doubt that anything less could get Nie Li to consider her. But considering that Nie Li made Ziyun train a technique that gave her 9 lives, this isn’t likely. And considering his devotion to her over his hundreds of years(in the Temporal Book)he would probably die before she would.

    5. If author really only bind Nie Li and Ziyun i will really curse him to death.

      Whats the point showing some development between in Ning’er and Nie Li and at the end left Ning’er to heartbroken, Its freaking noble world, polygamy is very normal. Let both of them become wife-sisters and let them have threesome.

  2. Anyone know if Yu Yan is part of the soul array? I went back to when it was formed and no matter how I count she should be included in one of the 11 positions, but she’s rarely referenced as being part of the array. It was also mentioned she was floating in the air and contemplated pulling the others out of the array which, in a way, suggests that she was outside of the array. When Duan Jian was entering legend rank it was only stated that he was using Nie Li’s law energy even though Yu Yan was also there. In this chapter, Nie Li mentions that Jian’s law energy should have an effect on Nie Li’s cultavtion and Yu Yan isn’t mentioned.

        1. 1. Nie Li
          2. Ziyun
          3. Ning’er
          4. Lu
          5. Ze
          6. Dragon Guy – to lazy to look for his name
          7. 8. 9. 3 Bros
          10. Lu’s Wife(?) – To lazy to look for her name
          11. Nie Yu (Nie Li’s Cousin?) – not sure if thats her name

          I believe thats all who were part of it, but i’m not 100% sure about the last two.

        2. NerdForHire is actually right. I did a thorough search since i had forgotten many parts of this novel cause i was waiting for chapters to pile up. It 100% gives the name Xiao Yu = little Yu. It got me really confused since i was wondering who Xiao Yu was and until i remembered that this is how Nie li called her, i only found in the wikia the new Xiao Yu we know now (possibly nether realm’s master’s daughter?)

  3. So, did the Fire Goddess just decide to ignore Nie Li having understood the Law of Death? Or does she not have the power to see what Laws someone understands like Xiao Yu? Seems unlikely in my opinion.

    Another thought for the Demon Lord is that, he has no chance against Nie Li if it was between them for disciple for the Nether Lord. Someone who used the soul binding technique or whatever to switch bodies against someone who hasn’t used it, is laughable since that binding technique can’t compete with someone who doesn’t use it. Which is always another amazing question, is how the Demon Lord’s follower sensed that Nie Li was somewhat like the Demon Lord, and no one else noticed it? Granted he’s always close to him so he might be able to sense something but, someone with higher cultivation I would believe have the same power or even more knowledge to understand it. – Although granted that he has only ever met around 25 legend ranks + and saved at least. 20 of them and damaged 2 – 5, and only 2 spoke about it, and the 20 he saved have no questions to really ask of him since they got saved.

    Maybe I’m just looking at plot holes in the story that the author just kinda blatantly ignore. <.<

    1. For Yu Yan, either she couldn’t tell because of the array sharing soul force, or because Nie Li disguised the Law of Death. (when he got rid of the arm guard maybe?)

      For how Nie Li is like the demon king, Lang Sha met Nie Li who was – in the middle of a battle – floating in the middle of an array, and killing the third strongest person in the dark guild, who only himself and the demon king were stronger than. You can see why he might me seen as a little different. Especially since he was at Gold rank at the time.

      And as for why the others couldn’t tell, its kinda hard to sense knowledge off of someone. Give them some credit.

  4. That dark guild plot armor is too strong…

    Even the Wugui family couldn’t escape before and after the news spread but literally everyone from the dark guild escaped as if they can see the future… Even with a spy network spread out they shouldn’t be able to relocate that fast to the point no one has been captured.

  5. So the Demon Lord said:
    “Even without the Heavenly Energy, I’m already about to achieve a Fate Star. If the Master of the Nether Realm isn’t a blind idiot, he’ll definitely choose me.”

    In a previous chapter they talked about the different cultivation ranks in the Draconic Ruins Realm and Heavenly Fate was definitely beneath Heavenly Star. We also know that Heavenly Fate ranks are distinguished by their number of souls formed. “1-fate, 2-fate, or even 3-fate Heavenly Fate” (chapter235)

    So, logically speaking, the term Fate Star should belong to Heavenly Star, which is above Heavenly Fate. Is this the way of the author telling us, that the Demon Lord is already stronger than Heavenly Fate n-fate?
    Since that shouldn’t be the case, he could kill everyone in the Divine Continent or Tiny World without much sweat, the author or the translator screwed up the wording.

    My guess would be the author. Especially considering the things ‘shade0180’ said about how Mad Snail handled the Dark Guild sub-plot in this chapter.

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