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Chapter 130 – Ruins

Over time, rumors were created among the commoners. Some say that the Sacred Family is planning to revolt, some say that there are conflicts occurring between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family, hence, bullying the weak.

Regarding these rumors, naturally, someone purposely let them out.

Sacred Family

“Bastards! I never thought that the Snow Wind Family would take action so quickly.” Shen Hong was fuming. The Snow Wind Family’s move made the Sacred Family a little unprepared. His eyes flashed with a faint chilling light, “It’s probably that bastard Shen Ming. He managed to let the Snow Wind Family catch us by our tails. If I knew he would do this earlier, I would have killed him myself!”

As the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family, Shen Ming knows way too much. Leaving such a person outside, caused Shen Hong unable to sleep or eat in peace!

Shen Hong furiously snorted, “Shen Gui, find a chance to send a message to the Dark Guild. Since the Snow Wind Family has decided to suppress my Sacred Family, I won’t let them off easy.”

“Yes.” Shen Gui bowed and answered, he then turned around to leave.

Suddenly, something flashed within Shen Hong’s mind and he solemnly said, “Come back.”

Shen Gui was stunned for a moment and looked at Shen Hong curiously.

Shen Hong had just managed to cool his head down. Earlier, his anger had rushed to his head and he nearly fell for the Snow Wind Family’s trap. The Snow Wind Family suppressed the Sacred Family, but did not take any other actions. They probably don’t have enough evidence. Shen Ming also should naturally know what shouldn’t be said; otherwise, he’d be dead. What the Snow Wind Family wants is to let the Sacred Family exhibit their flaws, then they will initiate a counterattack. Once Shen Gui steps out of the door, they’ll have fallen into the Snow Wind Family’s trap.

Shen Hong coldly smiled and said, “You’re trying to trap me? From today onwards, sever all ties with the Dark Guild. Since the Snow Wind Family wants to suppress my Sacred Family, we’ll let them know that my Sacred Family is not weak. Let them do as they please. As long as they do not have any evidence regarding my Sacred Family and the Dark Guild, even if my Sacred Family fights back aggressively, they won’t have any reason to destroy my Sacred Family!”

The majority of the Sacred Family’s members were recalled back to the family. Only a small amount of the family’s members were allowed to go to various parts of Glory City to fight back.

Holy Orchid Institute has reopened. Students from all over the city went back to school.

Genius Class

By right, Nie Li doesn’t need to return back to the Holy Orchid Institute to attend class. However, Nie Li still turned up. Him appearing in the Holy Orchid Institute is the biggest lure towards the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild.

The students were walking on a small path in the school, discussing something.

“Have you heard? The cultivation techniques that the Holy Orchid Institute has been offering were all replaced. I heard that the Snow Wind Family discovered some treasure, and have obtained more superior cultivation techniques. The Snow Wind Family even selflessly offered all the cultivation techniques to the Holy Orchid Institute for every student to practise.”

“Really? What kind of superior cultivation techniques?”

“These cultivation techniques are way more powerful than the one’s we’ve practised!”

Regarding this matter, this was naturally, the masterpiece of Nie Li. He’ll definitely not leak out supreme cultivation techniques like the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, nor the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix]. If the Dark Guild or the Sacred Family were to gain a hold of them, it’d be troublesome. Nie Li only helped the Holy Orchid Institute to raise their level of the cultivation techniques. However, in the eyes of these students, they are already extremely powerful.

“Oh, brother, you’re also a student of the Genius class?”

A gold robed student walked to the side of Nie Li. The colour of his robe was particularly flashy.

“You are?” Nie Li looked at him. Regarding this student, he doesn’t have any impression of him at all.

Suddenly, a skinny figured youth walked up and proudly said, “You don’t even know him? He’s young master Long Yu of the Ao Cloud Family. He’s already a 5-star Bronze rank. Within the Genius class, he’s ranked within the top ten!”

5-star Bronze rank? Nie Li pondered awhile. 5-star Bronze rank could be considered pretty good. As for the Ao Cloud Family, it’s one of the seven noble families.

“Kid, you’re a newcomer in the Genius class, right? Are you interested in joining me?” Long Yu proudly looked at Nie Li.

Join you? Are you joking? Nie Li’s expression suddenly changed. He folded his arms, cast his gaze at Long Yu and said, “So you’re from the Ao Cloud Family, yet, you don’t even know me?”

Didn’t Nie Li’s expression change a little too fast? Long Yu didn’t even manage to react.

“Who’re you?” Long Yu became slightly cautious. Nie Li’s expression did not even change from hearing the name Ao Cloud Family, he might have a huge background.

Nie Li analysed Long Yu up and down and said, “Didn’t you participate at the banquet at the City Lord’s Mansion? Your looks are a little unfamiliar.”

On that day, Long Yu’s body wasn’t well; therefore, he did not attend the banquet. Since Nie Li was able to participate at the City Lord’s banquet, his identity can’t be very simple.

“Which family do you belong to?” Long Yu probed, keeping that proud expression of his.

“You’re still not worthy enough to know that. Who do you mix with? Ye Hong? Shen Fei? Or Chen Linjian?” Nie Li asked, coldly snorting.

The hairs on Long Yu stood up. The three that Nie Li mentioned are the big three in the Genius class. Shen Fei and Chen Linjian came from the Sacred and Divine Family. As for Ye Hong, he came from the Snow Wind Family, one of Ye Ziyun’s elder cousins. Naturally, he doesn’t even dare to provoke those three. With his current position, it’s not even enough to grab their attention.

Long Yu weakly said, “I mix with boss Chen Linjian.”

“Not bad, you have future!” Nie Li patted on Long Yu’s shoulders, “Next time I see young master Chen, I’ll mention you.”

After speaking, Nie Li leisurely left.

Long Yu was stunned after he was intimidated by Nie Li. He carefully tried to recall who this arrogant young man was.

Just when Long Yu was about to furiously chase after him, the skinny youth whispered into Long Yu’s ears, “Young master, this guy is most likely that Nie Li who killed the Abyss Demon. I heard from others that this guy is extremely arrogant. Recently, he caused a scene in the City Lord’s banquet, and chased Shen Fei out of the banquet in front of the Patriarch of Sacred Family. In the end, Shen Fei obediently left.”

After hearing what this youth said, Long Yu was drenched in a cold sweat. Luckily he did not rage out. That guy even dared to act arrogantly in the City Lord’s banquet, directly slapping young master Shen’s face. If he went after him, wasn’t that the same as seeking death? It’s a good thing that he didn’t mix with Shen Fei. Otherwise, the consequences would simply be unimaginable.

Long Yu shook his head. In the future, it’s best if he doesn’t provoke such a person. Long Yu doesn’t even dare to think about trying to go up and curry favor with him. Reaching that level, he might not even put him in his eyes.

In the Genius Class, Nie Li quietly sat at a corner of the classroom. Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the rest all sat beside Nie Li, forming a small group.

“Nie Li, are we still continuing to attend class? Isn’t this too boring?” Lu Piao said, depressingly, with both of his hands on the back of his head. With their current cultivation, they are qualified to even to join small exploration groups and adventure outside Glory City.

Du Ze shrugged his shoulders. Not only Lu Piao, even Du Ze felt that this is a little boring.

Nie Li pondered for a long while. If there wasn’t any threat from the Sacred Family, there are indeed many places that they could go. However, the Sacred Family is keeping a close watch on them. Nie Li doesn’t dare to be rash. If they were captured by the Sacred Family, with their current strength, they’ll be unable to fight back.

They have to raise their strength to Gold rank quickly so that when they face the experts of the Sacred Family, they will have the strength to fight back.

A place suddenly went into Nie Li’s mind. Within Glory City, there’s still that place. It’s an extremely ancient construct. Many people don’t know the uses of that construct. It wasn’t until a year later when Lord Ye Mo will take notice of it. That is a construct left behind by a supreme expert and also has a deep secret hidden within.

Thereafter, the Dark Guild sent a countless amount of assassins, but were killed by Lord Ye Mo. They have been keeping their eyes on that construct. Nie Li wondered, could that construct be linked to the death of Glory City?

Those tall ruins were very close to the City Lord’s Mansion. Until now, it should still be rather safe. No matter how arrogant the Sacred Family is, they wouldn’t dare to be rash beside the City Lord’s Mansion!

Figuring that out, Nie Li has decided on his target.

Nie Li looked at the bunch, lightly smiled and said, “Everyone, get ready. We’ll leave in a moment.”

The news of him returning to the Holy Orchid Institute, would probably need a few more days before it’s known to the Sacred Family. Since their motive in coming here has been accomplished, it’s time for them to leave.

Suddenly, a low shout sounded.

“It’s Xiao Ning’er!”

The males in the class all directed their gazes at the slim girl that just entered the class. In that moment, everyone was dumbfounded. Xiao Ning’er wore a training outfit, showing that charming figure of hers. That light cold attitude of hers caused the heart of others to speed up.

This is a girl that’s desired and admired by countless others.

When Xiao Ning’er was still in the Apprentice Fighter class, she had already become the common topic of the students in the Genius class. They were all looking to the day when Xiao Ning’er moves to the Genius class. And now, their wishes have been fulfilled.

Except, that cold expression of hers caused others to be distant and were unable to get close to her. She’s like an elegant goddess, that others did not dare to defile.

They all sighed in their hearts, and were having headaches. No one dared to go up and speak to Xiao Ning’er at all.

Xiao Ning’er’s gaze swept the entire class and fell onto Nie Li. Her eyes lit up, that cold expression of hers immediately turned a bit more gentle as she directly walked towards Nie Li’s direction.

Nie Li waved, giving his greetings, “Oh, Ning’er, why are you here?”

After hearing Nie Li’s voice, Xiao Ning’er’s face was showing a sweet smile and she immediately hurried her pace.

As soon as Nie Li finished talking, the entire classroom went into silence. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were fixedly staring at Nie Li.

What a heavy killing intent!

If their gaze could kill someone, Nie Li would probably be pierced with countless holes.

Nie Li rubbed his nose. After coming to the Genius class, he had already been very low profile. However, he never imagined that he would still attract so much attention. Indeed, someone that’s capable will always grab the attention of others.

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