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Chapter 125 – Gift

Remembering something, Shen Fei went up and laughingly said, “I remember when Lanruo kept talking about marrying brother Ye Han when she’s small. Since Lanruo still has yet to find someone she likes, shouldn’t be that……”

Ye Han chuckled and said, “How can you treat childhood stuff seriously?”

The surrounding youngsters laughed hard enough to echo inside the reception hall.

“Indeed, childhood stuff cannot be treated seriously.”

Huyan Lanruo curled her lips. Her brows twitched as she stared at Shen Fei and said, “That was all in the past, yet you still bring it up. Shen Fei, I have been unhappy with you for quite some time now. If you still make fun of me, see if I don’t burst your egg with my kick!”


Dead silence.

Shen Fei, feeling extremely awkward, had his smile frozen on his face.

An indescribable chill lingered around the surroundings.

That domineering declaration of Huyan Lanruo isn’t in tune with her clothes, no matter how you look at her. The current Huyan Lanruo is like a queen. Her gaze swept across those that laughed at her earlier. Seeing her gaze, they all held their laughing back.

Damn, Huyan Lanruo still has that tigress character of hers. Whoever marries her is signing their own death certificate.

No one in the surrounding area dared to speak. Ye Han gently coughed and said, “Let’s not mention that matter anymore, drop it.”

Shen Fei embarrassedly smiled, “Haha…”

“Shen Fei, I heard that you’re not on good terms with my Nie Li!” Huyan Lanruo looked at Shen Fei and coldly snorted, “If you dare to find trouble with my Nie Li again, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

My Nie Li? Since when did Nie Li become yours?

The surrounding people looked at each other. Recently, Nie Li has been standing in the limelight of Glory City. They never heard of Huyan Lanruo and Nie Li getting together.

“Nie Li?” Ye Han was slightly puzzled. It’s the first time that he has heard of this name. Ever since his return, he has only met with Ye Zong and didn’t hear Ye Zong mentioning Nie Li.

A youngster gently whispered against Ye Han’s ears, “Big brother Ye Han, Nie Li is the recently emerged genius of Glory City……”

Ye Han roughly understood what kind of person this Nie Li is. He reached 5-star Silver rank at only fourteen years old, this cultivation speed is simply too frightening. When Ye Han was sixteen, he had already reached 1-star Gold rank; however, when he was fourteen, he’s still at bronze rank.

Unless it’s someone precocious, the common golden period of cultivation is around fourteen to twenty two years old. During this period of time, a person’s cultivation soared the fastest. Reaching 5-star Silver rank at fourteen years old, aside from being extraordinary talented, also requires intellect far surpassing common people.

“Oh? This has made me a little interested,” Ye Han said, lightly smiling.

“Lanruo, you can’t blame me in this matter. You can only blame Nie Li for being too playful. He seduced my fiancée. Although Ning’er has yet to enter my family, who can endure it when something like this happens?”

Shen Fei had a deeply ingrained resentment showing on his face.

Huyan Lanruo snorted disdainfully and said, “I don’t care about these boring matters. You sure that it’s Nie Li who seduced your fiancée and not your fiancée pestering him?”

Everyone looked at Huyan Lanruo with shock. With the gossip going around about Nie Li being with other girls, shouldn’t Huyan Lanruo talk about Nie Li’s faults? Why would she speak up for him instead? Just how exotic is this Huyan Family’s daughter?

Shen Fei looked at Ye Han, suddenly recalling something that made the corner of his lips curl up and said, “Aside from Ning’er, I’ve also heard that Nie Li has been pestering Ye Ziyun. He’s taken the initiative to confess to Ye Ziyun several times. Recently, he even moved into the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“So what? Shen Fei, I don’t care about those matters, nor do I care about how many women Nie Li has. I’ll tell you right now, if you dare to touch a hair on Nie Li, you believe that I will put you to waste?” said Huyan Lanruo, proudly staring at Shen Fei with a chilling look in her eyes.

After hearing what Shen Fei just said, Ye Han’s brows twitched. A hint of unnoticable chill flashed within his eyes. It seems that he has to take a look at who this Nie Li really is.

Because of the appearance of Huyan Lanruo, the atmosphere on the youngster side became somewhat strange.

The several people over at the top section couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

“Third younger brother, this daughter of yours seems to have quite the character.” Ye Zong looked at Huyan Xiong and laughingly said, “She’s just like her father.”

Huyan Xiong immediately felt embarrassed. How is this daughter similar to her father? This character of hers is obviously the same as her mother.

Shen Hong coldly sneered and said, “Indeed, she is just like her father. So overbearing, saying that she will waste my eldest son.”

Huyan Xiong furiously stared at Shen Hong and coldly snorted, “Shen Hong, don’t be eccentric here. So what if Lanruo wastes him. That brat of yours has ruined girls of other families, he should’ve been wasted long ago! If you have the guts, come and have a round with me!”

Ye Zong waved his hand and said, “Save it, both of you.”

Yang Xin rolled her eyes. Since when did little brother Nie Li find himself a girl from the Huyan Family? His luck with women is still quite good. However, little brother Nie Li probably won’t have any peace in the future if he messed with Huyan Lanruo.

Yang Xin decided to add more oil to the fire, pursed her lips and said, “City Lord, these youngsters seem to be looking forward to meeting Nie Li. Why isn’t he here?”

Ye Zong calmly said, “Nie Li was injured earlier and is still unconscious. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to attend this.”

Nie Li is still unconscious? Isn’t it just the exhaustion of his soul force? Yang Xin frowned, her eyes flashed with faint worry.

Even with a bunch of Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists, they were still unable to do a thing to that Abyss Demon. She wondered how little brother Nie Li did it! She never imagined that Nie Li was actually able to kill the Abyss Demon, which caused Yang Xin to be surprised.

Suddenly, a commotion broke over at the youngster section.

Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were seen walking in together. Nie Li walked at the front, looking around at the surroundings, appearing to be extremely casual.

“Tsk tsk, this is my first time attending a banquet in the City Lord’s Mansion.”

What Nie Li wanted to say, is that this banquet hall is…… too poor. After all, Nie Li has been to many places in his previous life, and has gained a vast insight.

The youngsters were all submerged in their own discussions.

“This youngster is the Nie Li that killed the Abyss Demon? He’s only fourteen years old and was able to reach 5-star Silver rank. He’s really formidable.”

“Look at how dull his clothes are!” One youngster spoke out, revealing disgust on his face.

Aside from Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er lured the attention of many. Even though the two girls have their own distinguishing features, they were both extremely charming, causing the eyes of many to be unable to shift from them. Both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were the dream girls of all the youngster’s hearts.

Some of the ladies couldn’t help feeling inferior. Only Huyan Lanruo held her chest high, proud like a swan as she will absolutely not admit defeat.

Huyan Lanruo’s gaze fell onto Nie Li’s cheeks. Her charming cheeks showed hints of red on them.

Because Nie Li came in together with Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, many of the young men felt jealous. One must know that Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were goddesses in countless hearts. However, they were being monopolized by Nie Li. Is there any justice in heavens? Thinking about Huyan Lanruo’s bold declaration earlier, saying that she is Nie Li’s woman, caused many people to be pent up to the point of wanting to vomit blood.

Is this the treatment for geniuses? Some of the young masters hated themselves at this point of time for being lazy and didn’t train. If they were to have talent like Nie Li, they might be able to win the favor of one of the goddesses.

At this moment, the elegantly dressed Huyan Lanruo walked towards Nie Li.

“Nie Li, long time no see.” Huyan Lanruo’s voice carried a faint sadness within.

“Ah? Long time no see, but it’s best not to see.”

Nie Li felt his scalp tingling at this point in time. Seeing Huyan Lanruo made him want to hide himself, but it’s already too late. This pestering woman, if she were to stick to him, he wouldn’t be able to shake her off anymore. It’s best if she maintained a distance of at least two thousand meters away from him in the future!

If all the people were to know of Nie Li’s current thoughts, what kind of reaction would they have?

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help holding back their laughters. As for Huyan Lanruo, she stared at Nie Li, fuming with fury.

The people that have the most influence within the younger generation walked towards Nie Li’s direction.

Ye Han’s gaze swept passed Nie Li and landed on Ye Ziyun. His gaze lit up. Showing a hearty smile on his face, he said, “Little sister Ziyun, it’s been almost two years since we last seen each other.”

“En, Big brother Ye Han, congratulations on reaching 3-star Gold rank,” Ye Ziyun said with sincerity.

Ye Han’s eyes flashed with sadness. It seems that Ye Ziyun still holds this matter in her heart.

Ye Ziyun is the blood related daughter of Ye Zong. Whether it’s her talent or cultivation, she wasn’t close to reaching the foster son, Ye Han. Ye Zong has been extremely strict with his teaching to the kids. Ever since she was young, Ye Ziyun had always been in Ye Han’s shadow. Ye Ziyun forked countless effort to chase after Ye Han’s footsteps; however, she was unable to keep up with Ye Han’s cultivation and was shook further and further behind. Ye Ziyun wasn’t able to get a single praise from Ye Zong, and would cry alone in the night.

Ye Ziyun even felt that Ye Zong liked Ye Han more than her.

Truth is, Ye Ziyun is already considered outstanding among her peers. But compared to Ye Han, she was inferior.

Until recently, after she received the cultivation technique from Nie Li, she was finally able to untie the knot in her heart and face Ye Han.

“Little sister Ziyun, I brought you a gift from my long journey. I hope you like it.” Ye Han retrieved a bracelet that’s emitting a chilling blue luster from within his interspatial ring.

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