TDG Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – Fooling the enemy!

The City Lord’s Mansion was thrown into complete chaos.

Weapons colliding

Right now, where Nie Li was previously living, several figures suddenly appeared. These are the black clothed experts that have already merged with their demon spirits.

“Have you found that kid?”

“No, we can’t find him!”

“Damn it! Where did that kid go? Could it be that Ye Zong arranged to have him in another area?” One of the guys said, puzzled.

“No idea. But no matter what, we must find him! Even if Ye Zong and that bunch take action, they’ll need at least several hours to kill the Abyss Demon. After all, it was summoned from exhausting a piece of the Stone of Kong Ming. This Stone of Kong Ming must not be wasted!” The leading Black Fox snorted and said, “We’ll split up and look for him!”

Woosh! woosh! woosh!

One after another flew off in different directions. These seven people are all Black Gold rank experts. They can avoid the guards of the City Lord’s Mansion easily. Adding to the fact that the City Lord’s Mansion is thrown into chaos, all of the experts that reside in the City Lord’s Mansion were gathered towards the southern area, with no one taking note of them.

Nie Li is moving within the darkness. He was already thousands of meters away from his previous location. He could feel several auras from far away, all of them were at least Black Gold rank.

Those people from the Dark Guild have indeed, come for him. They were actually willing to pay a huge price and cause such a huge commotion just to capture him!

With Nie Li’s current strength, he’s not a challenge for a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. He has to lure them over to the Tai Yi Killing Array, only then can he kill one or two Black Gold rank experts. The problem is how is he supposed to achieve that? Once he is discovered by those Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists, he won’t be able to outrun them, he’ll be killed!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A few hundred meters from Nie Li, a battle broke out.

A Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist and three Black Gold rank Fighters of the City Lord’s Mansion discovered an invader. They immediately launched attacks, trying to kill him.

That black clothed Demon Spiritualist did not show any weaknesses. He was controlling the Snow Wind Corpse Worm to devour the surrounding cold moisture and pounded towards a Black Gold rank Fighter.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A countless amount of ice hailed down like a rain of arrows, bombarding towards that Black Gold rank Fighter.

“Audacious! You actually dared to act wildly in our City Lord’s Mansion?! Today, you can dream on leaving this place!” The Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist coldly snorted, his body expanded and transformed into a giant Blood Alligator. His body was covered with terrifying spikes; those sharp fangs of his would cause anyone to tremble just from the looks of it.

That huge body headed towards the attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of the icicles fell onto the Blood Alligator’s body and exploded into dust.

“He’s got a Blood Alligator!”

The black clothed man that transformed into the Snow Wind Corpse Worm was shocked. It’s really a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon within the City Lord’s Mansion. There’s someone that had actually integrated with a Blood Alligator demon spirit.

The Blood Alligator’s huge tail whipped towards the Snow Wind Corpse Worm. That whistling huge tail split the air, releasing bolts of lightning. That frightening soul force swept out, causing everyone in the area to suffocate from the pressure.


Such frightening strength! The opponent is at least a 3-star Black Gold rank expert!

When one reaches Black Gold rank, it becomes harder to cultivate to a higher level. If an ordinary person reaches 1-star or 2-star Black Gold rank, he is already considered very strong. It’s extremely rare for someone to reach 3-star Black Gold rank. After all, the higher they go, the harder it becomes. Only a few have managed to reach 5-star Black Gold rank.

The guy that integrated with the Snow Wind Corpse Worm is only a 1-star Black Gold rank.

Feeling that frightening power roaring towards him, the black clothed person wasn’t able to resist at all. Suddenly, the Snow Wind Corpse Worm was acting strangely. It broke into two and ran towards two different directions.


When the Blood Alligator’s huge tail smashed the ground, a huge impact sound was created. The ground that was hit made a huge crater with a radius of several meters, and caused the small stones to splash around.

“Ice Separating? You’re thinking of fooling me with this method?” That demon spiritualist that had integrated with the Blood Alligator furiously snorted, waved his hands and headed towards one of the Snow Wind Corpse Worm’s halves. At the same time, his fists were ignited with Blood Flames.

The Blood Flames were emitting a blazing heat that intimidated the others.

When the Blood Alligator’s huge palm was about to land on that Snow Wind Corpse Worm, a black shadow suddenly flashed. That cold sharpness cut through the sky.

“Lord Gong Liangshu, be careful!”

One of the Black Gold rank Fighters that felt the danger firsthand, coldly snorted and sprang towards the black figure.

“A 1-star Black Gold rank Fighter dares to obstruct me?!” That black shadow snorted. *Psh* A set of sharp claws slashed across a ray of cold light on the Black Gold rank Fighter’s neck.

Fresh blood was spurting!

“Damn it!”

When he saw that his allies were killed, the Demon Spiritualist that integrated with the Blood Alligator roared in anger and grief, and hastily turned around and threw a palm towards the black figure.


Both sides collided, explosions were made. It was as though lightning had struck the ground.

The Demon Spiritualist that integrated with the Blood Alligator backstepped. His qi and blood were in a mess. As for the black figure, he rolled, turned into a black light and flew away.

A faint voice echoed from far away, “Gong Liangshu, your reputation precedes you. Pardon me for being unable to keep you company. We’ll fight again next time, if there’s an opportunity!”

Gong Liangshu calmed his qi and blood. He looked at the place where the black figure disappeared from. His eyes flashed with a faint shock. The black figure from earlier, had strength equal to his! While he was being hindered by the black figure, the Demon Spiritualist that had integrated with a Snow Wind Corpse Worm was nowhere to be seen.

“A Black Fox demon spirit! I wonder where he’s from.”

Gong Liangshu’s strength is within the top ten in City Lord’s Mansion. However, he has never seen any expert that integrated with a Black Fox before. Taking a glance at his allies in the pools of blood, Gong Liangshu’s eyes were filled with bloodshot and solemnly said, “No matter where you run to, I, Gong Liangshu will not give up until you die!”


Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The several people chased after the intruders.

If the City Lord’s Mansion hadn’t dispatched a large number of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists outside of Glory City to perform some tasks, causing the City Lord’s Mansion to be empty, how would those people able to come and go freely of the City Lord’s Mansion?

Seeing this scene, Nie Li’s heart couldn’t help feeling heavy. Another Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist died under the hands of the Dark Guild. However, with their current strength, it’s absolutely impossible to chase after those guys.

This kind of matter has happened way too much before. In his previous life, when the demon beasts attacked the city, Nie Li saw with his own eyes countless experts dying in battle. Including this Gong Liangshu in front of him.

Because of him, history has changed a little. The Dark Guild doesn’t care about the cost and attacked the City Lord’s Mansion.

Suddenly, Nie Li felt an aura getting closer to him. His heart was slightly chilled. Sure enough, he was discovered by someone.

“Gagaga, little doll, I finally found you!”

A black figure appeared from the trees with a woosh. It’s the black clothed man that integrated with the Meerkat. His movements were light, his voice was very soft, making it hard for others to notice his presence.

After all, this is the City Lord’s Mansion. Even if it’s a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, they have to be extremely careful.

Just when he’s about to lay hands on Nie Li, Nie Li suddenly shouted, “City Lord, You’re here! They ran towards that direction!”

Thereafter, with a woosh, Nie Li turned into a black shadow and madly ran.

The black clothed person that integrated with a Meerkat was slightly stunned. Ye Zong? Where?

Although he’s already a 2-star Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, if he encounters Ye Zong, there’ll definitely be no way he’ll be able to returning. One must know that Ye Zong is the strongest existence under Legend rank, a 5-star Black Gold rank and a step from entering Legend rank.

He looked around in bewilderment; however, he couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Ye Zong’s shadow.

“Damn, I was fooled!” He couldn’t help swearing. He thought by sneaking closer towards Nie Li, Nie Li wouldn’t notice his presence. He never imagined that this kid had such sharp perception. Furthermore, he’s so cunning to use Ye Zong to fool him.

In this stunned moment, Nie Li already ran far away.

“You want to escape from me? Fat chance!” He coldly snorted, leaping towards the direction that Nie Li ran to.

Woosh, he became a blur.

Aside from hiding, the Shadow Devil demon spirit is also good at speed. Although it’s speed couldn’t exceed a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, it won’t be an easy task for the guy to catch up to him.

Nie Li madly ran towards the direction of the Tai Yi Killing Array. Only by using the Tai Yi Killing Array, can he kill a Black Gold rank expert!

In the process of running, Nie Li took a glance towards the south side of the City Lord’s Mansion. The Abyss Demon that is wielding a giant flaming sword, wreaking havoc and furiously roaring, was getting closer to the Divine Thunder Killing Array.

“The Dark Guild is really willing to pay the price to actually summon the Abyss Demon. I fear that even if the Divine Thunder Killing Array is used, it could only trap it at best. To kill that Abyss Demon requires some extraordinary methods!”

Countless ideas flashed in Nie Li’s mind. Although he had some good ones, wanting to put them into action is still difficult. After all, there’s still a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist chasing him.

The soul force needed to summon the Abyss Demon is extremely frightening. It’s enough to cause six Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists to die from soul force exhaustion. Unless some powerful item was used as a medium. Looks like in order to catch him, the Dark Guild has paid a great price.

Just his talent alone wouldn’t lure the attention of the Dark Guild. After all, even with how extraordinary his talent is, it’s impossible to be any threat to the Dark Guild for at least the next one or two years. The Dark Guild can use that time to slowly plan. There’s no need to take such a huge risk to attack the City Lord’s Mansion.

Unless, the Dark Guild is aware that all of those elixir formulas that the Alchemist Association has were provided by him! After all, paper will never be able to hold down the fire. Such a big matter, it’s impossible for the Dark Guild to not investigate about it. Even with some clues, this can be speculated.

This way, everything can be explained.

‘Although my strength is only 5-star Silver rank, since you guys want to play, then we’ll see who can play better!’ Nie Li thought within his heart. With his strength, he’s not an opponent for the Dark Guild; but with Nie Li’s self-protecting technique, it won’t be easy for the Dark Guild to kill him!

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