SR – No Chapters Today, Again

Hey guys, Scrya here. There won’t be any chapters today again. This time, the chapters are edited, but I presently do not have the time to look through them, because I’m caught up with some deadlines for school. I will try to get them out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

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  1. This is the thing that starts to upset people. How many times in the last couple of weeks have we been delayed. I shouldn’t be all that hard to allot specific time daily to do what needs to be done. First you guys have really dropped the ball when the China trip started. You haven’t even started to catch up on MEN. You had made promise of daily double release for SR for the entire month of October. But you didn’t always do that. You did make up for them the following day but if you promise daily release you should do daily release.

    1. You say all this but all we read is “blah blah blah complaining complaining do infinite work so I can read more blah blah” How could you know what he has time for? Not everything in life can be scheduled you know

      1. Very true. Not everything can be scheduled. Did I say do infinite work? They aren’t doing it for free I can tell you that. They are getting paid. So it’s a job. So your saying that you wouldn’t be upset if you were paying for services and they didn’t give you them services? I would like to at least hear an answer to why they haven’t even mentioned anything regarding MEN. They’re only about 2 months behind one it. Started when China trip started. Gave us a handful after a month after no word than fell off again. We we’re promised 7-8 chapter’s a week for all 3 novels MEN atg and sr. They caught up with sr and atg but didn’t make a real try to on men. Than atg is slowly slipping to. I understand we are catching up to the raws but you can’t drag your feet when there are raws to translate if your getting paid.

    2. Lol because their lives revolve around you. You’re getting the chapters more often than not and when there’s no double release there’s a quad release to make up for it. Stop crying and being selfish you melt

      1. Really? You sure about that? Do you know how many chapter’s they are behind on MEN? Or even a post about why they are not doing anything on that novel. They don’t answer any questions or give you response on that novel but the group it together with sr and atg for group announcements for the whole China trip. We are roughly 60 ish chapter’s owed on MEN with no word what so ever. Last post was Oct 17. Nothing saying that it was putting back on hiatus. Plus the whole thing with sr double release. They have a patron page. They get paid a month salary. To me that is a job that they are getting paid for. If they do to than they should set time aside for it daily. The main person who runs it saw that it’s supposed to be released daily and than it fails to do so is sad. Would you keep your job if you continuely ran late or missed days? Don’t matter if you catch up on your work. It still falls a day behind. What if it had a deadline? And when they even post it as again in the title that shows that’s it’s happening more than it should.

          1. Two months? You’d be fired. My boss actually has fired people for missing one day or not completing the task he gave him that day.

    3. This what they call not put shoe on wrong foot to know life have many obstacles. A very thankless person of all the work done so easily forgotten two-face shows real face now. Sorry English not first language

      1. Yep in showing you a two face. I’m truly a thankless person for asking for a response for why they haven’t been able to even tell us why no chapter’s of men have been posted. Only 2 months behind on chapter’s. And my comment about the daily chapter’s or daily double I can only say that if you say your going to do daily doubles you better do that. My boss will call me out on anything I say that I will do and not do. Maybe a lil bit of him is rubbing off on me.

  2. I know it’s not the right time to ask about MEN when real life doesn’t allow to release SR but can there be some news when approximately MEN will be back? Even once a week will be good 😁. Thanks for your work we are waiting for releases XD.

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