SR Chapter 61 ? + debtchu’s debt

Brief recap on why there are so many chapters today:

alyschu had a headache yesterday and pulled a sleeping beauty after several days of being 3-5amchu. SR 57-58 were scheduled for yesterday. SR 59-60 were scheduled for today. 61 is from Dabuyu’s birthday event! ATG 622 was suppose to be released yesterday and is released today! debtchu still has a debt of a Thursday ATG chapter, and a potential ATG bonus if you guys make Dabuyu happy enough with 100 birthday cards! They shall be added onto friday and debtchu shall attempt to clear them tomorrow. Craxuan is sending me psionic waves of sheep for not having enough beauty sleep between through the internet so I’m off to bed now. 1:30amchu out!

Chapter 61 is brought to you by wyhcwe, FallenS0ul, doom, and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by confusedchu.

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  1. That’s totally ok! Being debtchu is better than being sickchu or 5amchu. Plus it lets us get to sleep sooner, too. lol. My sleep schedule was getting off from waiting up so late for the chapters. Hehe. 😛

  2. Oh lol (incorrect comment from last chapter rip)

    Still, following the day-night cycle is good for everyone! Apparently some cancer-suppressing hormone is only produced when the body is in darkness. Thus, sleep on time everyone!
    Sleep tight sleepychu

    1. I’ll note here that he posted the chapter in both ATG and SR, probably because he has ATG-relevant information in this post. It’s also under announcements, which corroborates that idea.

  3. Alright i get it that SR is a new and cool toy to play with but seriously 5 SR chapters to 1 ATG chapter and then you guys post the SR chapter under ATG.


    Hope you get good sleep and rest up debtchu and team.

    Slightly Flustered, but understanding ATG addict.

  4. Am i the only one glad we get a fast paced story in return for putting atg on a lower pitch? Like atg will drag out arcs soooooo long which gets real annoying. Spirit realm is the better novel as far as i can see now much less repetitive shit and deeper storyline and not 20 times same plot. Atg is starting to become like dragon ball z

  5. Wow alyschu had no problem being able to do 5 chapters for SR, they were posted throughout the day, well then where are the ATG chapters?? If anyone says they aren’t related to each other then please answer me why they didn’t release any SR chapters when alyschu was sick. It was delayed because alyschu was not feeling well. So how is there no conflict?
    Frustrated ATG addict

    1. Dear frustrated,

      I am only the final boss the chapter has to clear and the guy who release the chapters. Reread what I said about them not being related to each other. I did mention that I was on both.

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