SR Chapter 295 ? magichu 1, isp 0

Hey all, my internet’s actually back online without me having to do anything, huzzah! Still going to keep my technician reservation and whine about having no internet for so long though. 4 chapters of SR (yesterday’s 2 and today’s 2) and 1 chapter of ATG will come out today. Even if delayed, I keep my promises to sponsor enough chapters for a 2 per day release schedule this month, hohoh.

Also, I’d like to share my findings during my internetless days. If home internet somehow doinks out for absolutely no reason at all, there is a nifty settings option on most modern smartphones that allow you to turn your phone into a personal hotspot. Of course, you would need to have a data plan to do this. While it couldn’t work for me for some dopey reason (even my phone/carrier is against me, jeez), some members of my team are able to do that with theirs. Hope this information helps you guys in the future!

Chapter 295 is brought to you by Craxuan, Everin, and alyschu.

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  1. i’ve been using my phone many times. even before the wifi option, it was possible to connect my phone to my computer with a cable to get internet.

    and then i’ve been annoyed when it for stupid reasons wouldn’t work.

    also, don’t just chew your isp out. demand your money back for those days without internet. it’s completely unacceptable to not give something that’s paid forfor. unless ofc, you’ve written a contract that says you can’t hold them responsible for not delivering…

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