SR Chapter 15 ? + Septemberchu Sweetness

Hey guys, with the start of a whole new month, sponsored chapters are now open!! We even have $85 in the queue waiting for us!!

As for the Septemberchu Sweetness thing, I just randomly made up the name because it obviously sounds awesome and cool and outrageous. Due to how excited the SR Team is for this reveal, and how school hasn’t started for some of them until the end of this month, I have decided to sponsor Spirit Realm myself for our first month of sponsoring \o/. What does this mean? It means you’ll be getting two chapters daily from the SR Team for the entire month of September, as long as they can do it!! They are boasting that they’ll be able to do it, so let’s all stare at them intensely with big puppy eyes!!

Sit back sponsors, because alyschu sponsored first!! However, if I think they are able to churn out more than 2 a day at a good pace, you might be able to see more than 14 per week due to other sponsors not named alyschu~! Your donations will still be added on the sidebar though, and we’ll still get to them!

With the end of this wonderful announcement is Chapter 15, first sponsored chapter of this month from alyschu, brought to you by Dabuyu, doom, and alyschu! Chapter 16 will be coming out tonight! Happy reading!!

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  1. I have been reading chapters in this site for a bit over a year, and ATG happened to be the reason i got hooked to reading wuxia. I was already thankful to you to begin with, but with this announcement, I even decided to comment and say: You rock alischu! 😀

  2. Thank you all very very much for translating this wonderful novel! Especially to you Alyschu! SR team is the BEST! I love you all so much! September is in advance my best month ever 😀 😀

  3. At first i mixed up Alyschu and SummerRain, thinking Alyschu was the one who was renamed “No words can express the rage of nine thousand suns burning in the depths of my heart” and i thought to myself, this definitely makes up for that time the ATG chapter was released late.

    But alas… after checking back on it i was wrong

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