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Chapter 414: Dan Fei’s Letter

Towards the end, even the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom was motivated to action as he brought a hundred civil and military officials to the Jiang manor to offer his congratulations.

Although the proclaimed purpose was to offer felicitations, everyone’s thoughts were actually the same. They wanted to strike up a relationship with Jiang Chen, fawn over him, and pay public tribute to him.

There was no question about it. Jiang Chen’s position was higher than even the king’s.

As a result of his foundation and identity, the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom wasn’t someone who would be afraid even when in the presence of an ordinary elder of the Precious Tree Sect.

However, a genius like Jiang Chen wasn’t someone that an ordinary sect elder could measure up to.

In this half year, numerous versions of the various legends surrounding Jiang Chen had arisen, depicting his performance in the selection as extravagantly as flowers falling from the sky, unaccountably magical.

Although these legends had been added to, his string of titles was very real.

The champion of the first secular selection, champion of the mystic and earth quadrants, and victor of the final matches, he’d become the undisputed final champion through destroying powerful opponents along the way and killing Long Juxue in the end.

Long Juxue had become a legendary genius in the sixteen kingdom alliance because of her innate constitution.

However, this legendary genius had been unable to escape her fate of being cleaved to death with one stroke.

That single blow had been enough to explain everything.

Not to mention that forefather Thousandleaf, someone who’d never concerned himself with secular matters, had personally spoken that the sect would protect the Jiang family without regard to whether Jiang Chen was alive or dead.

From this, it showed just how much the Precious Tree Sect valued Jiang Chen.

And now that Jiang Chen had emerged from his confinement, he was as if a dragon returning to the seas, destined to herald a new myth of a legendary genius in the sixteen kingdom alliance.

Could they refrain from fawning over such a character?

If they missed this chance, who knew if Jiang Chen would come back to the Skylaurel Kingdom again? Even if he did, when would he do so?

This was definitely their best chance to get into his good graces.

Jiang Chen obviously hadn’t expected such a development either.

Although the Jiang manor was spacious, when the nobles and powerful of the entire kingdom arrived on his doorstep, with all of them bringing their children, it made the scene entirely too raucous. These visitors itched to bring the entire younger generation from the families so that their young could learn from Jiang Chen. Even receiving one or two pointers would result in lifelong benefits.

The royal family had to step in and maintain order due to the explosive enthusiasm. They put on a royal banquet to welcome Jiang Chen, inviting all the nobles of the kingdom to attend, but limiting each family to two people.

Even so, the atmosphere was quite fervent.

Jiang Chen had long since grown accustomed to this. It was a common sight to see people flock to those with power.

He didn’t refuse these arrangements and interacted closely with fourth prince Ye Rong at the banquet, using his actions to proclaim to those present that he still supported Ye Rong and was his strong shield.

Ye Rong’s gains were the greatest in this regard. Everyone up and down the capital knew that Ye Rong’s position of heir apparent couldn’t be touched.

Even the king himself didn’t dare to make any more changes to Ye Rong’s position again.

The Azure Heaven Southern Palace, Qingyang Valley, and Myriad Treasures Palace had a ball of a time at the banquet thanks to their close relationship with Jiang Chen.

Palace head Ning in particular was even more emotional. She was deeply thankful that she hadn’t married off her daughter to Xiao Yu of the Northern Palace and had chosen Qiao Baishi instead. Otherwise, she’d be so eaten away with regret right now to the extent that her very insides would be green.

The Myriad Treasures Palace was close to Jiang Chen because of Jiang Yu. Vice head Shi Xiaoyao was full of compliments for Jiang Chen.

Thanks to Fei Xuan becoming an elder, Qingyang Valley had abruptly risen to the head of the four sites. All of this was thanks to Jiang Chen, so he naturally held great admiration for Jiang Chen.

Apart from the four sites, general director Shangguan Yi of the Dragonteeth Guard was also deeply appreciative and greatly thankful that he hadn’t lost his wits to stand with vice director Yang Zhao originally. Otherwise, where would he be in this banquet today?

He likely wouldn’t even be sitting in his position as general director still.

The banquet ended amidst a carefree atmosphere, with some feeling unsatisfied coming up to further heighten their relationships with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t hold himself aloof as he responded to all of them politely.

Jiang Chen gathered again with those closest to him when all the guests had left.

Prince Ye Rong sighed, “Young master Chen, I count as one who tapped into your potential more in the Skylaurel Kingdom, but I must admit that I never thought you would make it to this point.”

Although Tian Shao didn’t say anything similar, his faintly smiling expression indicated that he quite agreed with the prince.

They were all companions in adversity, and so the atmosphere was quite lighthearted.

Jiang Chen raised his cup, “To those difficult times of misfortunes.”

Everyone laughed heartily and raised their cups.

Tang Long was sitting next to Tian Shao. After a few years of development, he had grown into his own and been promoted to commander. However, he was even more respectful now when he saw Jiang Chen.

His life had been utterly changed by Jiang Chen. With his grassroots origins, him becoming a commander in the Dragonteeth Guard felt almost like a dream.

Lin Qianli of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace, Prince Ye Rong’s confidante, was also present. He had attended Ye Chonglou’s birthday banquet along with Jiang Chen.

When Lin Qianli had first met Jiang Chen, he’d actually been a bit opposed to the latter and even looked down on him. Now that circumstances have changed with the passage of time, he could only sigh with emotion at what had happened between the two of them.

“Young master Chen, I, Lin Qianli, have never much conceded to anyone else in my life. I admire you from the depths of my heart and concede to you.” Lin Qianli was proud, but had to accept the situation in the face of a true expert.

Everyone laughed again and raised their cups.

However, everyone was well aware that Jiang Chen’s path would depart from this place after tonight, and the trajectory of their lives would be greatly different in the future.

Even if their friendship didn’t fade, their interactions would be few and far in between.

After they’d finished drinking, Prince Ye Rong personally saw Jiang Chen to the door and spoke in a sincere tone. “Young master Chen, your future is boundless with this departure. If you have free time one day, come and take a stroll in the Skylaurel Kingdom. The doors to the capital are always open for you.”

Jiang Chen took a look at Ye Rong and then at Tian Shao and Tang Long.

He saw that their faces were all filled with sincerity.

“We’ve been through thick and thin. Come find me at the Precious Tree Sect if anything comes up.” Jiang Chen had wanted to discuss the disadvantageous straits that the sixteen kingdom alliance was in with them.

However, telling them this now would only increase their worries. Therefore, he decided to keep it to himself.

After all, if any major changes occurred in the bigger picture now, it wasn’t anything that the power of a secular kingdom could handle.

After he took his leave, Jiang Chen walked over to the Tutor Manor. After two years, Jiang Chen wanted to see if the old tutor had succeeded in assailing the origin realm.

However, when he arrived, he saw some of the tutor’s personal guards instead.

“Sir Jiang Chen? The lordmaster is still in closed door cultivation and has yet to emerge.” The guard had obviously heard of Jiang Chen’s legends and spoke quite respectfully.

“Oh? Yet to emerge?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “It seems like the lordmaster has gained much from this time’s closed door training.”

He then looked inside the door but didn’t see Dan Fei. He was slightly surprised by that. Dan Fei and the old tutor mutually depended on each other for survival. Why would she be absent during this time?

“Is Miss Dan Fei absent as well?” Jiang Chen was curious.

The personal guard slapped his forehead. “Me and my goldfish memory. I was too agitated upon seeing Sir Jiang Chen and almost forgot the most important matter. Miss Dan Fei has left the capital for almost a year now.”

“Left the capital?” Jiang Chen couldn’t imagine at all how Dan Fei would leave the capital when the old tutor was in closed door cultivation.

“Yes, Miss Dan Fei also left a letter saying to give it to you if Sir Jiang Chen came looking for her. If you didn’t come, we were to burn it after three years.”

The personal guard took out a sealed letter from his clothes and handed it over.

Jiang Chen accepted it but didn’t open it. He responded. “If the lordmaster emerges from closed door cultivation or if Miss Dan Fei returns, please tell them that I’ve already returned to the Precious Tree Sect.”

The personal guard nodded his head rapidly, “Yes, yes.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to bother the old tutor’s closed door cultivation. He felt slightly lost as he walked beneath the moonlight, threading through the alleyways dotted with shadows from the trees. For some reason, he fell into a despondent mood.

He suddenly recalled Dan Fei’s letter and opened it beneath the moonlight.

The letter was very simple, there was only—

Even thousands and thousands of words are insufficient, I will never regret pining for my love.

Jiang Chen’s fingertips trembled. How would he not understand these words? This was Dan Fei expressing her emotions and her love for him through the letter.

He was speechless in that moment. When he thought about the various interactions he’d had in the Skylaurel Kingdom, he was a bit surprised. Logically speaking, how could Dan Fei be so straightforward with her headstrong personality?

Although the meaning behind these words were easy to decipher, but there seemed to be some deep meaning hidden within that Jiang Chen had yet to decipher.

From the calligraphy of these words, they seemed to conceal a thousand matters weighing on one’s mind, such as utmost embarrassing and awkward situations. As if there were a thousand words the speaker wanted to say, but could only pen these few words in the end.

Jiang Chen looked at the words but couldn’t comprehend them in the end. Just what had happened to Dan Fei that she would suddenly confess her feelings with such ardor and so openly?

These words obviously had great emotions behind them, and would arise only after one’s yearning had reached to an extreme.

However, their relationship had never seemed to progress to this step. Dan Fei’s face and words rose in Jiang Chen’s mind, but he still couldn’t make sense of things.

However, he was an open minded person. He would disdain or hold Dan Fei’s feelings in contempt. He put the letter back and stored the letter in his storage ring.

It was already the middle of the night when he returned to the Jiang manor.

However, everyone had yet to sleep. Xue Tong was the first to report the happenings of these two years when Jiang Chen returned.

“Young master, the Hall of Healing in the Eastern Kingdom would send a share of profits every three months from the three pills we left them. However, this has suddenly stopped in the past half year. Perhaps something might have happened to them? They used to be very punctual.”


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        Not to mention Jiang Chen has freaking super senses with his gods eye and ears
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