SOTR coming tomorrow!

I promise to climb out of chapter debt tomorrow! I owe you guys yesterday’s chapter and today’s. What with the impending snow storm apparently about to hit the northeast… I took advantage of the day to run some sorely needed errands.

I will be hopping on a plane near the end of the month to well, move back to Taiwan! Long time readers will have been with me for my previous two moves… funny how life works out eh? Never would’ve thought I’d be moving so much in a year. >< It will be business as usual, but my posting times will take a 12 hour shift!

7 thoughts on “SOTR coming tomorrow!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING


    Wish you good luck and enjoy the storm 🙂

    Also just a small wish from me but could you release the next and the debts chapter together? Like in a double release?
    I can’t remember ever seeing any double release of SOTR I WOULD love that sooooo much ^^

    pls 🙂

  2. The snow sprinkles we were supposed to get here in the DC metro area turned into rain, hope things aren’t too bad where you are. I’ll be looking forward to tomorrows chapters, interested to see if my crazy idea turns out, I thought it would be interesting if Jiang Chen actually ends up telling all the sects to screw off and goes off with Elder Shun.

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