SOTR Chapter Delay

Sorry guys, even though it was a herculean effort, Boss couldn’t get a chapter out before she boarded. She’ll be on a 15 hour flight, and then a 2 hour flight an hour after that :S We’ll have them for you as soon as we’re done editing them (or even sooner if Boss wants to go the unedited route).



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  1. I am sure all the loyal etvo followers will understand stuff like this has to occasionally come before our desires for SOTR releases.

    I hope the flight is safe and comfortable.

    I look forward to when this chapter is released, I can’t wait to see how the fight with Long Juxue goes, I can’t wait to see that bitch be thoroughly embarrassed and if we are lucky ended. While this is wishful thinking, how lucky would it be if Jiang Chen’s lotus was able to absorb the her innate constitution.

    1. Probably, but we probably don’t even need to. She is already awesome so she will probably give us a bonus chapter anyways. 🙂

      I’m just sad about the cliff, but it is alright.

    2. Guilt trip her when she already worked hard to give us yesterdays chapter on top of getting ready for the flight/trip?? Rather then guilt trip her she should be praised in my opinion, not to mention praise is much more likely to provide longer lasting benefits.
      What beautiful, lovely, hardworking, and thoughtful woman doesn’t respond well to praise??

      ~~I am not saying you didn’t have good intentions behind the idea (any idea to get bonus chapters is good)

  2. I’m abandoning reading this novel till the fight is over, so i can enjoy it properly in one fell swoop.
    Can anyone who has read ahead tell me approximately how many chapters i should wait till MC is finished breaking this bitch’s face and the reactions are finished?

        1. When you look at the post (chapter delay) and what it said and you are like how could I miss that!!! Dey had already set us up. It is Dey Plot on Deyself. It is just a DEYLAY. A DEY LATE?!?!?!?!?

        2. So many deys and deylays…yet such little time. But do no worry, you will deyfinitely get the chapter soon (perhaps by todey), and you will be able to cherish the chapter all dey along.

      1. HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT ETVO! Don’t forget to turn your wifi on at some point to upload the chapter! Oh wait, that would crash the plane. I’ll just wait instead.

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