Sorry about downtime

Server hosts were supposed to update the permissions so I could make some changes, and instead they broke the permission so no one (including myself) could access any of the files. Took hours before we were able to fix it >.< Up now anyhow.

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        1. Yeah it was pretty much throughout the night if you were in one of the US time zones. Although if you had been reading at the time there was an easy fix by just reading the cached images of the pages.

  1. Yay, I thought the site suddenly hated me with a vengeance again. :s

    Since the site was being petty, does it mean that we need to wait a bit longer for the release?

    Got to know so I can feed my addiction before withdrawal kicks in. there’s a limited amount of GB stories and I have resorted to re-reading and refreshing the sites, despite my WordPress reader telling me no new releases have been made yet xD

  2. I am glad you got it fixed Ren. I hate that you are having to go through all this trouble though. I hope it all settles down and ends for you soon so you won’t have to keep dealing with it.

      1. Overgod of Translation: Ren
        Water clone: IEW
        Fire clone: Rylain
        Earth clone: Bagelson
        Wind clone: GGP
        Lightning clone: Thunderhill
        Light clone: Totokk
        Dark clone: Zebulin

        ^As far as I can tell.

        1. I tried to edit and explain but I took too long.
          Water clone: IEW-“water”melons and Ji Ning has some water powers
          Fire clone: Rylain- Qin Yu has his fire ring and the stellar transformations sun thing going on.
          Earth clone: Bagelson- Tang San has his plant spirit and uses metal and his hammer and other Earthy stuff alot.
          Wind clone: GGP- Xian Yan has his vacuum palm thing. (Zhan Long is just a hobby for this clone…. (no connections xD))
          Lightning clone: Thunderhill- “Thunder” Self-explanatory
          Light clone: Totokk- Long Hao Chen is a Scion of Light so duh
          Dark clone: Zebulin- Name sounds kinda dark and I needed a dark :/

    1. Haha, you are like the third person to ask me that today! No, but I helped him set up his site with the forward/previous buttons long ago. Why do you ask?

      1. nah! nothing special! one of my divine clones found out about the news I just wanted to confirme. 🙂
        and IEWs use of words and sentences are kinda similar to yours, well they’re both same writers books so I may have misunderstood. silly me! 😛

  3. So that’s why I got a notification of an attack. The attack was so vicious, I only knew it was a forbidden technique codified under number 403. I thought I was imprisoned.

    Glad the forums link is back, but the forums dimension is still inaccessible to my lowly strength. Appreciate the hard work mitigating the tyranny of code 403 forbidden technique and returning the forums.

  4. All’s good, it isn’t like I desperately wanted the next chapter or anything >.>

    No really, thanks for the hard work, everything can’t be running 100% all the time

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