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This was what I posted on SPCNET a while ago;

I’ve been working on this all night, guys. So here’s the issue. I ran some tests, just because I was starting to wonder if it was the database or perhaps something else. I killed httpd, then pointed the database at a completely new, empty database, AND moved all the files on the server to a separate location and put up a separate WordPress installation. In other words, things should have been fresh.

As soon as I turn on the httpd, before I even have a chance to complete the WordPress installation, ie set up themes, plugins, etc., server load instantly spikes, with up to 200+ processes eventually occurring, overwhelming and killing the server.

Given all this, and given that my Cloudflare settings haven’t changed, my best guess is that DDOS’ers have found the origin IP of my server and are now DDOS’ing it directly, thereby bypassing Cloudflare. Otherwise, I can’t think of any reason at all why a completely blank website would be having this sort of problem; it literally makes no sense whatsoever.

So what I have done right now is use the nuclear option; I have disabled ALL connections, EXCEPT those coming through Cloudflare, while keeping Cloudflare on “Under Attack” mode.  This should deal with the DDOS issue; if it doesn’t, we’re in trouble :P.  The problem is, this breaks a number of other things on my side.  I’ll be working on it throughout the day, and hopefully will get it all up again soon.  What a pain in the butt.  Sigh.  Still, reading should no longer be a problem.

Oh – If you have any problems, flush your browser cache 😛

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering what had happened to what has arguably become one of my favorite sites on the internet. Hope you resolve the problems DDoS is causing, or barring that, hunt those bastards down and kick them in the nuts repeatedly until they promise to forswear attacking you.

  2. So that’s what happened. Well we have no problem with just a simple site until all the issues go away so I say just get it to a working state and leave it until the DDOS is over

  3. Hello there, so this might sound kinda selfish but… and my CD release? i was waiting for the second of yesterday T-T
    i was worried about the site!! it gives me my daily dose of CD.

    pd: Hang in there Ren.

          1. Right? I have more then a few novels and mangas that I wish would translate themselves.. I should just give in and learn a different language already… but ya kno.. if they could translate themselves.. …

  4. Ah, to think I checked the site again and again, and when it came back online … no new chapter LOL. Anyway, if you ever find out which punks are bothering you, gimme an address and I’ll … tell my pal Kenshirou to sort em out.

  5. Flushed the cache and still not everything solved 😉
    See my post on the new CD chapter release book 13 – chapter 10
    that was the last news of CD I could reach ^^

    Anyway, thank you for the update. I suggest not posting chapters today and just fixing the website. It’s been dragging on for a while now and it’s honestly, for you, for us and for the entire community a nuisance. I think we can all agree we’d rather have you fix this mess rather than try to also get chapters out.

    Also, stupid thought but did you try to change IP’s by now? Generally the IP’s that are used to connect to a server aren’t fixed so you should be able to, even on the same server.
    And secondly, did you try to find out where the attacks are coming from? I remember you saying it was a typical high-end DDOS with just a lot of requests incoming but can’t you try to trace where the majority of them are located? If the hackers are good, you won’t find them, but chances are they’ll have a leak somewhere and you should be able to pinpoint their location at least somewhat. From that point onward you can try to find out “why” they are attacking you and perhaps also “how” to prevent it.
    But if they even go to the original IP of the server, then things are starting to get serious. I hope the company you just moved to can help, or rather, they should because this is the stuff they’re there for. They should offer support and you should definitely ask them for it.

    And I would lend you one of my webadresses as temporary measure but they’re small ones and already have a set name >.> hmm… so they definitely can’t handle the traffic either.

    1. Problem is that if they found the IP the first time, then they’ll be able to find the IP the second time within a few minutes. Plus changing the IP means Ren has to change the IP on all the services he use and that takes anytime between instant to 24 hours for the service to change the IP. This means the site will go down and when it comes back up, the DDOS’ers will be back within a few hours and all that effort will be wasted

    2. Did you clear via browser cache clear or just the ‘force refresh’? I’m not having any problems myself >.< And yeah, total nuisance! I've already reached out to the providers to see what they can do. Urgh...

  6. We all appreciate the hard work you put in. Just take it easy and don’t get too stressed about it. I think we would all understand if you needed a short break.

      1. Hey, I just had a quick comment. I usually have adblock enabled when I browse, but when I want to support sites, I turn it off. The problem is, the video ads completely slow my browser down, to the point where I pretty much have no choice but to put adblock back on.

        Is there anyway you can choose which ads show and which don’t? The ads that play a video automatically are easily the worst.

        Thanks for all that you’re doing though.

        1. Welcome to the community, Splader! Unfortunately, I cannot at this point >.<. Just go ahead and leave Adblocked on if they are causing you that much trouble. I'll hopefully be able to get rid of them (or lower them), which was on my priority list until this site silliness started.

          1. Ahh k, thanks for the reply! And Yeah, it feels good to be here. I started off with Weed, then ended up going all over the place to eventually coming here for CD and BTTH.

            Light Novels/Web Novels are pretty addicting.

        2. Steps to prevent flash player from allowing video ads: (I’m not sure if this works for all browsers, but I used it on IE and it worked great; Only blocks video ads. Normal ads will still show.)

          1. Launch Internet Explorer. Click “Tools” and click “Internet Options.” Click the “Programs” tab.

          2. Open the “Manage add-ons” button. Click the drop-down list under “Show” and select “Run without permission.”

          3. Click “Shockwave Flash Object” under the “Adobe System Incorporated” section. Click the “Disable” button. Reboot your system.

  7. thx for ur hardwork ren..

    hang in there..
    your not the one who is suffer..
    at least u have me too ^^..

    waking all night until now just to wait for CD new release..(gmt +7 at my time)
    just do what had to be done… we will always cheer and waiting for you.

  8. ren thx for all your hardwork. when i try to enter the cd index it opens up a site with this writing at the middle of the screen”Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

    and if i try to enter the home page “SORRY!
    If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: [email protected]
    It is possible you have reached this page because:”

    this is what happens. is this happening only to me or is it because of the DDos atacks. again thx for all your hardwork.

  9. i wish i knew a lot more about cyber security then i could at least try and figure out the problem and help ren resolve this.

    btw ren i feel you should hide the book 12 chapter 22.

    thanks for working tirelessly to fix this shitty situation. you deserve a break once the website stabilizes

    1. look on the bright side xD the day that uber size countries like china lose the majority of their a*hole populace, is the day the world becomes surprisingly peaceful online. haha

  10. woohoo, this means Sovereign Ren can finally get some well-deserved sleep a night 🙂

    looking forward to when the next chapter does come. “when” that is to say, don;t rush yourselves for us and try to post for a specific time or anything, just release it as you manage to finish it. since you have more of a life than just serving up sponsored chapters xD

    you’re a sovereign after all lol, you have eternity on your side xD course some of us don’t, but then the ones who don’t won’t make it to deity for their own slice of eternity 😛 sorry bad jokes lol

  11. I really don’t understand why they would bother DDOS this site. Are they trying to get rid of competition or something so their translation site gets more views?
    Seriously these guys just enjoys wasting a lot of people time …. kinda a sick hobby in my opinion.

  12. Have you gotten any demands/threats/political statements/correspondence from the attackers? It looks a lot like they are trying to take your site down so that they can make ransom demands to let you go back up. Might be attacking you since they believe it is profitable for them in the long run.

  13. I wish the internet wasn’t full of assholes who want to ruin things for other people. -.- Some people should be removed from the internet entirely. Maybe we could send ’em to another planet or something.. without a spacesuit XD

    On another note: Thanks for putting up with it, Ren! Glad to see you’re giving it your all 😀

  14. I knew you would be able to work it out pretty quick Ren. Great job in getting your site back up. If there is anything any of us can do to help you out, just let us know. I am pretty sure almost all if not all of us will do whatever we can to help.

  15. If you have control of iptables does it mean you can also change kernel parameters? If so, you should try enabling synproxy.

    Not exactly easy, but the performance gains are huge in the event of a SYN flood attack. There are a lot of less sophisticated tutorials floating arround that can be of help. Like this one.

    Also, if you do not want to blacklist all traffic, try setting the connlimit for the ports your services are using. That’s going to limit the number of connections an ip can stablish. If you choose this route, don’t forget that CloudFlare proxy can trigger it and that you need to whitelist it.

    Edit: Once you read this, you are free to delete the post.

  16. Don’t give up! Keep fighting! Damn those that causes this DDoS!
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
    Hope you can fix the site and lose those things that causes your servers to crash.
    Hoping to see more of CD and other Wuxia and Xinxia novels. Good Luck Ren Wo Xing!
    Good Day~

  17. Ren the amount of hard work you put it is incredible.
    Don’t worry about the few hiccups and continue to persevere like always!
    Those stupid DDoSers will eventually be stopped. Just keep doing your best like always and eventually everything will be alright again, haha.

  18. ren i have been getting error 520 multiple times throughout the day for several days now although they do go away after a short period. i am not sure if this is because of the server move or its something else but just wanted to let you know in case

  19. ahh! I can finally log in! Thank you God!!!!!
    I was wandering off in every other translation site searching for news about wuxia world. T.T I’m soooooooo glad your alive, I thought you were gone forever! these two days has been a nightmare for me, *sob* until this stupid brain finally thought of spcnet!!! *sigh* only then I find out about what actually happened!
    I was afraid to do anything like commenting or logging in up till now cuz I was too afraid that I might end up spamming at this worst timing *tearing up* you don’t know how glad I am to see this window through my tab again! I don’t care even if i won’t get any new chapter for a while I just hope wuxia world’ll survive!!
    okay *wiping off the tears* if I kept going at like this, I might sound like an idiot so I’m gonna stop. I wish you good luck ren! and my beloved wuxia world!

    1. Haha, don’t worry, Wuxiaworld will be around for a long time! I’m the stubborn sort, as you might have been able to tell. Welcome back, Yuzu! 🙂

      1. T.T I am sooooooo happy! I might not have been this happy even after getting first place for the year end exams 3yrs in a raw! Ah! I’m crying and I’m sooo happy to be back my wuxia world!! Thx soooooooooooooo much ren for your amazing work!!!! >.<

        PS. these tears of mine are happy tears btw!

  20. if worse come to worse you can just move the database and set up a new website. man this ddos attack seem to last quiet a bit consider it last more then 2week. do some one send you a threat yet. like “pay me and i stop the attack”

  21. i also think some one is eyeing the donate money. so far the only translate site that have been attack are this site and what make this site different form the other is that you show how much money are coming in form donation. it is just my theories but you might try to take down the donation bar but keep the thank list( make a little change , showing how many percent the last person donate to the the unfinished chapters.) seeing greed is everywhere this day it might better to hide how much donation money coming in.( we fan or donator dont really want to know how much money going in anyway we just want to know how many % we was able to fill up)

  22. i just had the worst nightmare a few hours ago. REN!!!! just in case, save all of the translated chapters on your hdd or even a disk. the server is crashing all the time and who knows what would happen if we lose all the chapters 🙁

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