Server Move Mostly Done

Hey guys.  Wow.  Long freaking day.  Not a weekend day at all, hehe.  But I think the server move is more or less done, and it seems the site is more stable now as well.  Hope it lasts!  After intensive troubleshooting, it looks like the ‘theme switcher’ plugin wasn’t playing nice with some of the other words, so I have to disable it for now.  We’ll hopefully try to bring it up later.  Most of the other functionality has been restored.  *whew*! You might see them coming in and out as I continue to try and bugshoot though.

We’re now sitting on an 8-core server with 5 GB of RAM.  Once more of the optimizations (like the customized Varnish cache) get into place, it’ll be doing even better.

Anyhow, it’s been a looooong day, but my very first ever server move is complete, and while under DDOS at that.  Sorry I didn’t get the three chapters out today; I’ll make it up to you guys somehow (maybe I won’t take off this 22nd).  See you tomorrow!

Oh; for those who didn’t see the post the first time, Book 13, Chapter 3 was done several hours ago! The sponsors for this chapter were AMHI of Brunei and Scowly, so thanks so much, guys!

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34 thoughts on “Server Move Mostly Done” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. depends what the server is being used for.

          for a blog website it is quite a lot.

          for a game website it wouldn’t be enough haha

    1. I’m convinced that the Ddos problem is caused by someone who trancended saint level f5’ver and turned into a deity of spatial refreshing that f5’s so hard that it caused spatial cracks to appear in the server.

  1. can someone please inform me where he got that dragon picture that was the wallpaper awhile ago? it looked cool and i wanted to make it my laptops wallpaper but i couldnt find it

      1. I’m the same person as that other Lazy Crow with a diff’rent pic y’know~
        It’s just that WW keeps on blocking either my WP account or my IP T_T
        And decided to create another account for WW only~
        So yeah, still thanks for replying Ren Wo Xing~
        Good Day~

  2. Here’s to hoping I’m not spam blocked on the new server! Sorry about the DDOS attacks though o_o. I thought they would eventually let up, they’re so persistent ;A;

    EDIT: I’m not spam blocked anymore! WOO!

  3. Thanks for your effort. You don’t need to try to make up for the 3rd chapter. We all understand I think that this requires time and effort. And if the site works smoother, so much the better for everyone. So take the 22nd off, and enjoy yourself for once. You’re doing nothing but translating throughout the month anyway, it’s enough for anyone to need a break.

    Now if only that DDOS stopped it’d be even better.

  4. Yay! 🙂

    Glad it went relativly smooth. Hope it’ll work out with the DDoS, though. Shame almost nothing can be done about it, except endure it until it stops at one point or another :/

    1. Actually, the DDOS is a high level one…just a huge number of requests to the database. A simple remedy to that is changing the IP adres of the server. And that’s why Ren had to change, apparently his old service company didn’t want to change that. (which is very odd as they’re basically doing a very bad job at advertising themselves, generally DDOS’ing should also be a concern for them).

  5. Glad to see you were able to move everything relatively smooth. I would say easy, but that was a lot of work for you, so probably not so easy or just really time consuming. Hope all the hard work pays off for you though and you won’t have to do it again any time soon.

    No worries about the lack of Chapters today. I started reading the whole series over again (time number 5, i think).

  6. a better server sounds good, and im glad u managed it without any major issues(at least thats what i infer from the post). and dont try to make up for the chapter, especially not on your only day off in the whole month-_- considering the amount of chapters u get out daily, i dont think anyone is gonna complain about a single chapter, stop being so hard on yourself >:(

  7. Thanks for all that you do Ren and its nice that the server moving is progressing smoothly <– hopefully.

    Also don't think that you need to owe chapters just because you missed some on certain days where you can't even help it or even days where you just don't even feel like it.

  8. Things don’t seem to be going bad, so it’s all good. No need to fret over a missed chapter. I’m looking forward to the return of the ranking system, though I hope it is not simply based on comment count cuz that just leads to craziness.

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