Server Move in Progress

Expect lots of oddities and weirdness over the next 24 hours (and hopefully just 24 hours) 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Server Move in Progress” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. No worries, keep up the good work. Hopefully some of the troubles are gone after this so you can do what you like instead of messing with this.

    Just be sure you don’t drop the server when you’re moving it 😉 (sql-wise that is obviously)

    1. Its clear some posts have been deleted(and the donate button is missing and whatnot), but just a heads up that the forums are currently nonexistent.

      1. hopefully the moving is over by my next break. last break was too occupied to even finishes a chapter, and haven’t started on book 13 yet 😡

        btw, is the move related to the ddos or you just found a better hoster (that allows you to tinker around the setting without crashing it 😆 )

        best of luck then

          1. Imma thinking about those that haven’t read it, cause they never noticed that it´s out.. even the legendary bot didn´t notice before 10mins ago.. and the chapters been out for quite a few hours now

  2. Phew i got worried for a second there that the DDOS’ers were doing something funky to the website, well its good to know that nothing is wrong. Good luck Ren!

  3. Hope everything works out alright and stuff. Remember that the world will never forgive you if you destroy Wuxiaworld. We would find you, and we would force you to redo the translations. No Pressure.

  4. Lol, got the email notice for Chapter 3 on phone, but when click the link, the message is missing link? Can only see this when using desktop. Hope the move will be fine soon.

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