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Hey, I know that a number of you use scripts to try and get ‘first’ on the posts sometimes.  FYI – It might be best to turn them off, as part of the anti-DDOS actions I’m taking is to get a script of my own that will autoban certain IP’s that make too many requests of a certain sort to the server in a short period of time.  A few people have already been caught up in it, and I’m pretty sure those people weren’t part of the DDOS, but rather members of the community.  So just consider this a community service request and FYI; please disable any scripts that you might have pointed towards Wuxiaworld.  If you don’t, you might be risking an auto-IP ban 🙂

EDIT – Everything seems to stable now, except the mobile theme isn’t working very well right now.  Still, it’s a relief to just have a stable server!

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          1. then you are just a fallen comrade, not having patience to become stronger? that´s what weak guys says.. you probably got ur power through finding divine sparks lol

  1. Is the DDOS probably because of these scripts that make automatic comments to reach first or something like that?
    It might be causing too many requests and blocking the server.

    1. Not by themselves, they shouldn’t, I don’t think. Those have been around forever. Still, the scripts certainly don’t help when actually being DDOS’d 😛

      1. Hmm.Then it might either be an actual DDOS attack,or some bug in the scripts that keep on sending requests in a loop.
        Anyway keep up the good work Ren.Let’s hope that your IP ban script works well and this stops soon,so that we can have our daily dose of CD. 😀

        1. Or both really. It’s possible that the scripts already in place right now might be able to contend with either one (DDoS) or the other (the scripts trying to post as the first several times) but not a combined assault. This is picking knowledge that’s off the top of my head and as such, could be wrong. But from what I remember, a DDoS attack relies on something similar to a brute force attack in that it will keep sending multiple packets while denying other packets. And if you add in scripts trying to do something similar and you got a nice little valley with two armies that can fit it side to side 10 times over trying to get in at the same time.

  2. I find it kinda funny that people are that desperate to get there names first and have the pleasure of looking like shallow little teenage girls. Like I get that its kinda like a game but the fact that you wrote a script to do it is more then a little bit pathetic.

  3. Speed? Hah…Half the time (In the last week) I get a google cached version of the site so, NOPE.(For example; This time I’ve seen the cached version with book 13 chap 2 as the topmost post) Hahahaha

    As for banning, can it accidentally ban me? (I don’t use scripts, but I do lurk at the time of estimated updates, And I do frequently Refresh home page [or preview]. And my browser sometimes reloads pages without me, looping it [Which I’ve tried to fix]…something that gives me quit(Is this the right word?) a headache[That’s why I’ve stopped opening multiply pages on the same site])

    And this is really childish (and ridicules). Although I’ve done it in the past(the “first”)…but it gets old, really quickly. And I’ve never scripted to do it. SUPER boring, that way…

  4. No worries Ren, I don’t use scripts. The most I’ve gotten was third and that’s only because people were very slow those days…

    I’m glad to hear the website is more stable now!

    1. Haha, it’s a type of game and I don’t mind it at all, but when it gets to the point of using scripts, it kinda feels…well, weird, hehe.

  5. I’m curious as to what are you using in order to detect the different connection attempt. If by chance it’s fail2ban, then that can cause some trouble some sophisticated DDoS attacks like those using reflection. AFAIK, fail2ban monitors the logs and applies regex in order to trigger the rules. The connection limits should be applied directly by conntrack, and dropped, instead of allowing the requests to hit the server, and then searching through the logs that those request generate. It may be useful to ban bruteforce attemps at a moderate rate, releasing the bans after a day or two. But to prevent being DDoS’ed, I’m not really sure… with a real DDoS, the attack is 100% likely to be proxied.

  6. just notice that some links doesn’t work for me when i’m not log in into the wuxiaworld account(when i’m browsing as guest), it redirectr me to a hello world worpress page, don’t know if i’m the only 1,
    Also it may be forced, but u can make people register to access the content so u can keep track of who is reading easier than trakking ip, and can deal with ddos attack easier=???

  7. I used a Chrome extension that refreshes and checks a site for any changes. That counted as a script so I got IP-banned until Ren unbanned me. Just letting anyone know to be careful of Firefox addons or Chrome extensions!

  8. Hi!
    I wanted to tell you that I can’t get to the mobile version of the website with my iDevices…
    So I logged in, and then the website became unreadable and un clickable unless I interrupt the loading of the page before it gets completed… There’s like a white-ish semi-transparent layer covering almost every all the content of the page…

  9. Ren! D: I can’t read the chapters on my phone at all, the page just goes white leaving the text very hard to read because of how faded it looks. Please help. :/ Sorry if i’m seeming like a spoiled brat XD

    Edit: Oh and I can’t click on the links once the age goes white

    1. I have the same problem with Fired208, I am using chrome on my phone to surf and I didn’t have any script on this phone. Yesterday when I trying to access this website, it got block with white screen. Is my ip being barred or else?

      1. kilokilalpha, welcome to the community! We’re currently having some problems with mobile; essentially, it’s broken. Please give us a few days. Thanks! 🙁

  10. ren i dont know if im the only one that have encoutered this problem when i am using mobile…….. when it is still loading u can see the text…. but after if finished loading all text color turned to almost white….. i cant almost read it due to it…

  11. i already cleared my cache on my phone did clear everything… but still the white shade upon reading text in stellar index is still there.. why do i do now? please please please help.. i read btth , stellar as well as coiling dragon.. i cant read text on my phone.. but when i tried accessing other website it seems to be fine.

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