SA Chapter Dump!

Hello there everyone,

It’s been a little while! Thank you all for being so patient while I continue to get everything up to speed. I still don’t have internet at the house but that should be remedied soon.

The Hurricane knocked over a lot of trees and other garbage. When I get start posting from my home computer I’ll try to get you all some pictures.

I did manage to finish and polish a few chapters which I’m releasing now en masse in a special Saturday release. I hope you enjoy, now back to the action!

Chapter 625: Deva-gati          Chapter 626

Chapter 627                              Chapter 628

Chapter 629

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  1. Your basically in the same boat as me having no internet at home still. Do you have power back at least? My house is still on generator power so I’m staying at parents office in the meantime since it isn’t strong enough to power house AC.

    In Miami at least trees were cleaned up pretty quickly and most street lights working/stores opening things practically back to normal, just those pockets of places with no power.

    1. 1.) ‘Red’- The Glutton. He’s a mancoon (sp?), so already quite a large cat. In addition he has a food allergy that requires a special diet. Sadly that diet is very high in fat, so he has ballooned into a lumbering blob of insatiability. He can be pet for eternity, will eat anything not nailed down, and really doesn’t care about anything other than his next meal or feeling good. Like kitty Biggie Smalls.

      2.) ‘Deo’- Bottled Rage. I found Deo when he was very small, only a couple weeks at most. The first time I fed him he became round and never got smaller. He’s a tabby and much smaller than Red, but a lard-ass in his own right. The two of them I call the meteor brothers. Deo has a famously bad temper and may be legitimately insane. He licks off all the hair on his inner legs and lower abdomen for no discernible reason. He has a bunch of stuffed toys and he’ll pick a couple every night to ‘kill’- meaning he picks it up and meows relentlessly until someone goes down and praises him for being such an incredible predator. He will lose his shit at the drop of a hat for the most minor offense, but seems to remember me. I get away with ten times more stuff than anyone in the house and he prefers to spend most of his time with me. I rub it in people’s faces.

      3.) ‘Iris’- The Blathering Blind Lady – Iris was also rescues when she was very small (all three were rescues). But she was VERY small, like less than a weak. She’d somehow managed to get a really bad eye infection that detached her retina. Over time the damage to her eyes has gotten so severe that she can hardly see from either eye. Her eyes are always goopy and have gone grey with cataracts. We like to say her blindness had blessed her with supernatural Sight. She absolutely loves to chatter and will talk with you for long periods if you copy her little hums. She is also terrified of absolutely everything, which isn’t a surprise since she can’t see anything that’s going on.

      4.) ‘Daisy’ – The Spoiled Little Princess. This one is a not a teacup poodle, but the next size upgrade. She fits in a mcdonald’s bag. She is the single most spoiled little shit on the face of the planet, but adorable. I affectionately call her ‘pig-rat’. She has a very clear hierarchy of loyalty that is laughably obviously. She will stick to the person highest on the pecking order and ignore everyone else until that person is gone. Then, suddenly, you’re the apple of her eye. I’ve recently been promoted to her Number Three after taking care of her through the hurricane. My sister jokes/complains that she’s the doggy embodiment of Daisy from The Great Gatsby.

      Now my favoritest baby is sadly no longer with me, but he must be mentioned. Metatron died a little over a year ago. He was a Turkish Van who thought either that he was a human or I was a cat. When he was a kitten he sat on my shoulders all the time, and he continued the practice on cold days. I’d work on the computer and he’d cuddle up across my back. Uncomfortable, but there’s no discomfort I wouldn’t suffer to make that little bastard comfortable. He also liked showers and would stand by the door and meow to have me let him in. Then he would stand under the spray and lap at the water without a care or paw at it like a goofball. He loved everyone and everything – except for Canadians. For real, I have no idea why but the only people he’d ever hiss at were BC Canadians. Chronic renal failure eventually ate away at him, and my wife and I were forced to put him down July of last year. It was the worst experience I’d ever gone through, and I still can’t really handle remembering it. He was like a son and I miss him every single day.

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