RWX birthday! DE B24C2 Released!

Hey guys, today’s my birthday, so I -might- go out and get stupidly drunk tonight and leave the second chapter for tomorrow or post it at a REALLY weird hour!

FYI, we are already up to 11 chapters a week and halfway to 12 chapters a week on my new Patreon. You guys are great, thank you so much for the support! As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven’t accepted donations in 1.5 years and hundreds of chapters, but all these business trips around China and copyright signings have really burned through my savings. I’m still stupid busy, but I’m willing to up my game even further and provide more chapters and some really fun stuff for those who wish to take support of myself and Desolate Era to a higher level. Hence, the Desolate Era Patreon!

Anyhow, Book 24, Chapter 2 – Spacetime Transfer Array is up. Enjoy the read!

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