Renegade Chapter 660

Here is the 4th chapter for 10 weeks ago.

Sorry for nothing for awhile, my term project kinda blow up on me and I was busy fixing it and lets just say that was way too stressful. Its done winter break starting so lot of catching up to do =D

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8 thoughts on “Renegade Chapter 660” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Are you truly fine trying to catch up? Now 10*10=100 – 4 = 96
    Isn’t it a real challenge? And there is the next weeks up of that!
    I hope you’ll not push your self so hard for this.
    just do what you can do…
    Anyway thanks for your hard work….

    1. His Patreon says 11 a week, so its more than that, unless that’s new, not that I really care, if he did 5-7 a week I’d be pretty happy. It’s just odd keeping the schedule, when he’s falling further and further behind, he should slow it down, so the chapters don’t keep piling up. I’m sure people would be fine with that, as opposed to being behind a couple months of chapters.

      Take care Rex, don’t kill yourself over the holidays trying to get caught up!

  2. 10 weeks is a total joke now, i mean about 4 weeks ago I even posted way out,
    just say I’ve got a load of rl stuff on and need to cut the releases…

    I’d have total respect for that and full understanding…

    but this is a joke now and ren doesn’t seem to give a damn about how bad this looks for the site as he didn’t even answer any comments about this in posts or the forums

    this also 100% shows why not to use Patreon and only use PayPal, as I’d be pulling whats left of my hair out paying for something and just getting blanked by the TL’er

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