Red Storm Book 2-1.9

And Chun Myung Hoon slowly started to undress Yulian…


Book 2-1.9

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  1. …and admiring Yulian fine body, like it has been sculpted by war god. But he doesn’t just stopped there, instead, he trace the outline of Yulian acupuncture point, noting the abnormality compared to normal warrior

      1. “Relax, I’m just about to prepare big injection for Yulian, I need all of you to stand outside, cause this gonna be a bit rough”, said Chun Myung Hoon while signalling to everyone to get out. Grace, gripping to her shirt while biting her red, glossy lips, knew by woman instinct that was something happening between him and Yulian, but decided to keep quiet and walked out, albeit unwillingly.

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