Break Day 1/3 today! And if you are able to do so, please donate to the Australian Wildfire relief efforts!

In case you need a bonus, 50% of the profits for all mugs purchased in January will be donated to the relief efforts. I will also match the donation for the first 50 mugs! That means 100% profits will go to the relief efforts if you need an extra incentive to donate!

Click HERE for the mugs.

See you all tomorrow as Baby Rifle reaches 9 months old!

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Hello everyone,

As you are all probably aware by now, there is a terrible fire going on in Australia right now. I recently saw a picture of a burnt baby kangaroo...and wow, it's bad.

If you are able to donate, please do so. Here is a link that tells you different places you can donate to, as well as an image of different links as well.

Link for Donations

I was originally planning on opening MiracleRifle's Mini Mart once I had a few more items, but I thought I'd open it early even with just one item quickly created to do what I can to help. (Legally, we are not allowed to sell merchandise with fan art, so I can't really sell anything visibly novel related so I'm trying to develop more original things for it).

Visit MiracleRifle's Mini Mart HERE

For each item sold in the month of January, 50% of the profits will be donated toward the Australian Wildfire relief efforts.

In addition, I will match the donation for the first 50 mugs to get the ball rolling (That means you get a mug while 100% of the profits will go toward...

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It's the second break day of the month! Hope you have/are celebrating Christmas (if you do).

I ended up donating $50 to 10 different charities as many charities were doing a 'double or triple your impact' deal for giving tuesday where everything you donate gets matched! (6 charities were doing it so I thought I might as well do $50 each).

Some charities such as WWF and Doctors without Borders were not selected because I already donate to them.

Some suggestions were not selected (such as Make Love not Scars, Sta. Ana-San Joaquin Bahay Ampunan Foundation Inc) because there was no easy way to donate to them or their international donation site was down.

The 10 chosen were

World Builders

Planned Parenthood

Save the Redwood

Team Trees (screenshot because I had to make this comment)

Rainforest Trust

ALS Association

St. Jude

Love without Boundaries

Akshaya Patra


This was nice seeing other charities that I had not considered in the past, some other charities I support are Wounded Warrior...

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Hello everyone,

As you may have already noticed, TCF recently reached 400 chapters! Thank you all for being a part of this journey and continuing to support Raon and crew!

With this being the season of giving, I wanted to do something different to celebrate reaching 400 chapters.

If you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart, talk about it in the comments! I will select 5 of them on December 15th and donate $100 to each one.

I would say Cale would support charities that work with orphans while Raon, On, and Hong would support charities that support abused children, As for Bud... he probably should support Alcoholics Anonymous... but that's a story for another day probably.

Let me know in the comments any charities you would like to see supported and why! 


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CLICK HERE to find out if you won!

Congratulations to the winner!

Please e-mail [email protected] by September 10, 2019 at 11:59pm PST with your information for me to send the pillow case!

If I do not hear by then, I will have no choice but to pick a new winner.

Thanks all for participating and here's to hoping TCF continues strong for a long time!

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Wow! We've reached the 300 chapters mark for TCF! The raws are going strong and currently at 386 and I can honestly say that I am enjoying where the story takes us next! (No spoilers though).

I wanted to do something special for this 300 chapter milestone so I went and had something created.

The artwork for this has been shared with the patrons for a while, however, this ONE OF A KIND pillowcase could be YOURS! 

Here are some ways I came up with for you to get included in the drawing.

1. Write a review on Novelupdates (good or bad, I just want your honest opinion!)

2. Be a sponsor for TCF (more entries based on tiers)

3. Be a patron on Patreon (double the amount of entries compared to being a sponsor as patrons don't get a consistent benefit)

4. Follow Baby Rifle on Instagram 

Please fill out this google form by August 15, 2019 at 11:59pm PDT to be included in the drawing!

Once all submissions have been accepted, I will give people numbers based on how many entries they get. 

For example, if Choi Han was the first submitter...

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Just an FYI that today is break day 3/3 for July and there will be no chapter.

I will instead be helping Baby Rifle try to take over the world: HERE

See you all tomorrow!

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Baby Rifle turned 100 days old today. This is a considered one of the special days for Koreans for historical reasons (you can read more about it HERE)

Here's a video of the happy baby (maybe not so happy in this video) HERE

No chapter today while I make sure he doesn't get into mischief (good thing he can't even crawl).

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Tomorrow is June break day 2/2. Trying it this way so sponsors can see the notice as well. Let me know what you all think!

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We had a roof leak so been a very busy day where I didn't get to translate. Need to use this as off day 2/3.

Thanks all for your understanding.

Edit: Patched up so hopefully it is okay the next time it rains.

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Hello avid readers and Raon's fan club members!

Mrs. Rifle and I welcomed a healthy baby Rifle into the world yesterday. Let the sleep deprivation begin! Treat yesterday as break day 1 of 2 in April as I hope to still keep up with releases from here on.

Maybe this hipster baby will either 1) make life easy or 2) give the hangover baby a run for his money

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