Hello avid readers and Raon's fan club members!

Mrs. Rifle and I welcomed a healthy baby Rifle into the world yesterday. Let the sleep deprivation begin! Treat yesterday as break day 1 of 2 in April as I hope to still keep up with releases from here on.

Maybe this hipster baby will either 1) make life easy or 2) give the hangover baby a run for his money

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We had a roof leak so been a very busy day where I didn't get to translate. Need to use this as off day 2/3.

Thanks all for your understanding.

Edit: Patched up so hopefully it is okay the next time it rains.

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Hello, Yn5an3 here. 

It seems there won't be a chapter today. More information when Miracle returns. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

I am also looking forwards to it

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Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the character poll (in what feels like ages ago. I blame Maso for being a punk and flaking on this.)

We had a total of 4098 submissions. Anything that did not make sense (i.e. putting Amiru Ubarr for favorite male character, was turned into lemonade).

I'm happy to finally share the results!

Favorite Character

Venion Stan. (Y'all seriously got some issues)

Second place naturally went to our beloved Dragon, Raon Miru.

Best Female Character

A lot of you seem to think Maso is a girl, but, sadly, IT'S A TRAP! Maso is a boy.

God of Death had some votes too but we don't have a gender for the God of Death. I always assumed it was a male by how he whined to Cage.

Lily Henituse took first place here (first the sadist and then the loli? Come on people!)

Second place was our dearly beloved Rosalyn.

Best Male Character

Venion Stan (He got first overall so how could he not?)

Second place was the scammer, Cale Henituse.

MxF Relationship

Thank you all for the love! Mrs Rifle and I are happy to accept...

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Happy Lunar New Year! If you've been following me since Red Storm, you know that I make it a point to say Lunar New Year as it is not just the Chinese that celebrate on this day.

But I digress...

Anyways, I got this art commissioned for the patrons supporting me on patreon, and they voted for me to share the piece with all of you as well :)

Thank you to the patrons and I hope you all like the image.

This year is the year of the pig, hence the pig hats on the character's heads. Can you tell which characters are in this picture?

This piece was completed by artist ushiipurrin! I think she did a fabulous job portraying the characters' personalities! Check her other work out here: https://www.instagram.com/ushiipuriin

Please comment to let me know if you would like to see more commissioned art in the future :)

Left to Right: Hong, Choi Han, Raon, Cale, Rosalyn, On

by miraclerifle

Thank you all for your support as we reach the 100th chapter!

Click the following link to access the popularity contest. CLICK RIGHT HERE

The poll will remain open until January 31st. I hope to use this information for things in the future, so please participate!

We left a lot of "other" options so let your imaginations run wild!

There are no limits on how many times you can complete the poll. 

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Hello everyone,

As you probably have heard already, Korean novels have returned for the time being. While this is great, it means that time we thought we had to finish up the remaining chapters before the return is no longer there.

Maso also told me that he has some busy moments this month with exams and what not, as such, we will just restart the count from December 1 and go for chapters 75 - 102 for this month.

Thank you all for understanding!

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Hello my dearest lemonade afficionados!

As mentioned in the last few chapters, I will be going on vacation until the 18th. I'm still packing (cry) so I don't think I will get to the chapter tonight.

I am hoping to get some translating in every so often during my trip and will post if I am able to do so.

If not, I will make it up after I get back to still aim to meet the 28 chapters for the month.

Hope to post soon but if not, may the peace of the night always be with you.

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