Hi everyone,

Regrettably, our translation of Tranxending Vision has come to an end, and Chapter 1201 will be the last chapter posted. This isn’t a decision we have made lightly, but sadly TXV’s level of popularity is substantially below what is required to make it viable to translate it.  

Thank you to everyone who's stuck with the story until this point, especially through the semi-break it had while we were getting Doge onboard. We have plenty of other series to check out that you might also enjoy, such as Keyboard Immortal and Game of the Monarch.

by Jaspaaar

hey guys, im doge, picking up tranxending vision from where raven left. (and just remembered there's an announcement function)

txv releases will be daily at 12am new york time. 

here's to a good time together. :) 

note: i'll be introducing tiers soon! 


by dogetranslation

Hi guys! 

As you all know, I'll be finished with TranXending Vision by 7th March 2020 at chapter 754. A new translator has been found and this novel will be continued by this new person. To celebrate the end of my long trek, I've decided quite spontaneously to have a final Question and Answer session on Wuxiaworld's discord server.  

Tune in to the Storytelling voice channel on 6th March, 1700hrs (GMT+1). I plan to wrap things up by 1800hrs. 

Please post your questions below, and I shall refer to this post for the Q&A. I may or may not be doing a reading for chapter 753. 

Hope to hear/read/see you there! 


by translationraven


Thanks to a very clear-headed person's comment on ending the translation at the end of a major arc for some "closure", I decided to look for the best (and closest) arc-end to end my work on TXV. Thank you again, random citizen. I low-key love you. And you. And yooooou.


Anyway, as I was saying... I found the end-point and it's... CHAPTER 754. 


So, 2019 has been a rough year for me and I was kinda going nutsy-cuckoo. Perhaps 2020 will be better. Time will tell. 

Let's end this public announcement with a cheesy quote. 

"Remember me and smile, for it's better to forget than to remember me and cry." 

- Dr Seuss   Raven

by translationraven

I'll be on holiday starting today, going from Switzerland to Singapore to Thailand and back, attending a wedding and also some international paperwork stuff...

Chapters will come out when I actually have time to sit down for some time. Sorry guys =( 

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Dear Readers,

It is with heavy heart that I will have to bid goodbye to this novel. The long and short of it is that I have very strong objections to future plot development, I have lots of family commitments, and I will be starting a Masters course next year.

You can read about it in detail here: 


Thank you for following this story, and I hope that the next person who picks it up will be a good fit for the novel.

I shall be translating the novel till I get to chapter 800.

Thank you again. 


by translationraven

Dear Readers,

As the title says, the release speed for TranXending Vision shall increase... to 12 chapters a week! Hurrah! Look forward to more chapters, and more of Xia Lei's adventures in foreign lands and uh... foreign bodies. *wiggles eyebrows*

Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you will stay with the story till the end. It'll be a long, long journey, my friends.

Buckle up. 


Psst! The release speed applies from 1st July, and there will be two chapters per day from Monday to Friday, and one chapter per weekend day. Please show your support, and remember - you can always subscribe for more (highly encouraged)! 

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Dear Readers, Fans, and Future Friends,

As the long-time readers know, there have been several ups and downs in the chapter releases. I do my best to make it as smooth as I can and I try to do as many as I can, but I have come to the realisation that it is time. Time to build a team. Time to speed things up. Time to unleash more chapters upon the world. 

Do you have the time? 

In other words, I am recruiting translators to help with my novel. Fair warning: the payment won't be very high because I'll be paying out of pocket.  

Please click on the link below to apply: 


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Hallo dear Readers!

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates in the past week and let me assure you that it's just temporary. I was away visiting my family for Chinese New Year and the schedule was much more demanding than I'd expected. I had a horrible combination of jet lag and tired babies, plus sweltering heat...
- I was only managing to fall asleep at the local time of 0300 to 0600hrs and waking up at around 1400hrs.
- Babies were also refusing to go to sleep and staying up till 0200 to 0500hrs.
- It was -5 deg Celsius when I left and 34 deg Celsius there...
- Swiss Air didn't provide baby hammocks for infants over 8 months old, so I had my baby on my lap for the 13-hour++ flight. And the person in front pushed his seat back too... T.T Effing brutal flight, that was. 

I'd thought that I would be able to do some work while I was there but noooo.... I'd vastly underestimated the severity of the potential delays to my schedule. 

On a bright note, I went around visiting some parts of my homeland with my babies and...

by translationraven

Hello everyone!

Today marks the end of November and tomorrow will be a true countdown to the end of 2018. It sure has been an eventful year. 

Now, I'm not a Christian so I don't do any of those Santa Claus things, so don't expect bonus chapters because it's December. Sorry. 

Instead, let's celebrate a LAST HURRAH for 2018! Each chapter released in December will have a pleasing image to accompany it, be it food food porn or mature images. Either way, it'll be a feast for the eyes :D I haven't done teaser pictures in a long while since the new site made automatic text teasers and having an image plus text would give too much of the plot away. I hope my plan for December won't give too much of the story away, but hey, it's the season for spoiling yourself, right? 

Also, in other news... December also means a busy busy time. I will have a few days where I'll have to take care of my kids on my own while my husband's attending meetings in NYC, and towards the end of the year we will be in Poland visiting relatives, going...

by translationraven


I've hit another mini-goal and this means... One more chapter fortnightly! (For those unfamiliar with the term, a fortnight is two weeks.) The current release rate is 7 a week and I'll be adding ONE CHAPTER ON MONDAYS FORTNIGHTLY for September.

-----I started on Wuxiaworld with 6 a week, then added one chapter per fortnight and went up to 7 a week. 

I've also added a new tier called 'Acupuncture' which rewards 15 advance chapters!

My hope is that TranXending Vision will hit a million monthly views by the end of the year. I'm still hundreds of thousands away though. Haha :D But we have months to get to a million views...! Unfortunately (or happily?) the end of the year means festive occasions and lots of traipsing from one relative's house to another - with no laptop. *inserts face of horror*

The time to stockpile chapters is now, so that I'll have something to post on the days when I pretty much have to sit in a corner doing nothing to be polite. Sigh. Then there's having to drag a tired toddler and grumpy...

by translationraven

I've hit a mini-goal with regards to views and this means... SEVEN chapters a week for everyone! YAY! 

-----My old release rate was 6 a week, then I added two Sundays (previous mini-goal) and now there's going to be daily releases, starting 1st August 2018! 

It's been quite an eventful year so far with Wuxiaworld moving to a new platform, my little girl being born and the Wuxiaworld translators' retreat. Thank you all, dear readers, for sticking with me through it all. 

Spread the love for this novel and don't forget to favourite and subscribe! 

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Hooray! We've reached 200 chapters!

Here are the answers to the questions you, dear Readers, have posted. I translated the questions for the author and he sent them back to me, then I translated the answers. I've done my best to keep this spoiler-free but imagine the sweat I got when I read his answers…

New tiers have also been added and advance chapters go up to +10 now! Thank you all for your support and readership. =)

ahem Well, without further ado, here are the questions and answers...


Q: Who is your favourite girl? (Punch him if he says Ru-Yi.)

A: I like Liang Si-Yao the most of all the female characters in the book. She dares to love and dares to hate; she is passionate and lively. There is also 

Huo Feng


the Death World

but you haven’t seen her yet, haha!

Q: Is there anything you would change in the first 200 chapters if you had the choice to go back and change it?

A: I’d correct some typos. There’s an old saying in China that goes ‘a slight move in one part may affect the situation...

by translationraven

Hey guys, we accidentally jumped the gun on this due to a slight miscommunication, but I'm very happy to welcome TranslationRaven and TranXending Vision to Wuxiaworld!  Raven's a tremendous translator who did really good work on her previous project, which she dropped due to copyright concerns.  Happily, TranXending Vision is a Zongheng novel and this concern isn't an issue here!  This is a more modern-day novel, which answers the age-old question - what would you do if you had transcendant vision that let you see into the hearts (and bodies!) of others?  Come find out what the (not TOO pervy) answer is!

Raven's already introduced herself here, but please join me in a big Wuxiaworld welcome to her!  :D  She'll be starting with six chapters a week.

by RWX

Hallo und Grüezi,

I'm the translator for TranXending Vision, a new series from Zongheng written by Li Xianyu. The story is set in modern times in China with a twist - superpowers, mystery, intrigue and sexy times. The main character is a good guy trying to make things better in the crazy world we live in using - you guessed it - TranXending Vision!

Edit: OMG, why is the title like that?


The original is 超品透视 which roughly translates to "Super/Exceed Quality-grade X-ray sight" - which is YUCK. So for 超品, I used Transcending, then changed the middle with X for X-ray, X-men powers... and of course, the power works through his vision so 'vision' comes next.
Synopsis HERE.

I will release 1 chapter a day, Monday to Saturday.

Start reading the first chapter here!

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